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The luxury goods customs duty should the lamination adjust Renmin University of China China reforms and development research institute professor Song stands Song Li: Along with the Chinese economy’s development, already marched into the crucial stage which now the expense promotes.

The overseas experience is, as soon as when after the per capita national income achieves decides the level, will present the leaving country traveling rise and the large quantity commodity expense rises two tendencies, but to China, what “unfortunate” is,color department
the study abroad toured with the expense growth collects one, the growth power of consumption has toured along with the study abroad flows out, has not become the domestic demand.

In does not affect the domestic related industry under the premise, the partial luxury taxes may surrender to the state suitably, some may maintain invariably, but also some may decline, for instance A kind of luxury tax may surrender to the state suitably, B kind of motionless, C kind of customs duty decline. Avoids expending the outflow luxury goods to classify cuts the tax World luxury goods association China chief delegate Ouyang Kun

Ouyang Kun: The world luxury goods association suggested that the luxury goods customs duty lamination adjustment, the Chinese 85% young consumers are willing to use the overseas perfume, the cosmetics and so on, these commodities gradually had already become the essential item, is also must expend. Because the domestic and foreign price margins are big, the domestic consumer rather goes abroad the purchase, but to make up the airplane ticket, the hotel expense, while convenient buys a pocket and so on to come the balanced disbursement.

Therefore,trade fair
to avoid expending the outflow, the luxury goods which the perfume, the cosmetics and so on must expend should first realize cuts the tax. Enters in July, each big luxury goods brand spreads in abundance rises in prices the information: On July 1, Cartier 300 many patterns product entire line rise, average increase scope 9%; Louis?

The wieden average increase scope is 6%, a section of black champagne package of price rises to 19,000 Yuan from 16,000 Yuan; A Xiangnaier section of classics female package rises to 37,500 Yuan from 30,000 Yuan, the increase scope surpasses 20%. In addition, the elegant poem blue black eyebrow coloring serves under somebody’s banner the product to raise the price generally 5%~8%, 50 milliliter immediate repair and maintenance Run essence dew rises especially from 880 Yuan to 940 Yuan, increase scope 7%. Regardless of import duty whether to adjust, high-end brand business can adopt the corresponding strategy, locks the product in the high-end market.

The Taishan jade both has the Hetian jade mildness and the insincerity, and has jadeite nimble and resourceful and gorgeous,JADEITE ORIGINAL
has the Fujian pagodite nature color and noble, it is one kind may enjoy may play, permanent lives the splendor the jade. Because only appears on the market is too late, also not widely person knowledge, but has been deep the jade public figure and the real power faction collector’s favor.

In recent years, the Taishan jade collection elevated temperature suddenly. The rare and precious Taishan Chrysanthemum bay seed jade price compared ten years ago to rise suddenly 200 times. At present, Taishan jade price still in unceasing rose, is called in the jade by the collectors “the promising youth”. The experts believed that some day, the Taishan jade meets to raise the world finally,Mover Company becomes our country another precious jade variety.

in 1999 The selling price 3000 Yuan already were the day prices The Taishan jade produces in the Taishan Shibei steep town that qin surrounding area several dozens kilometer rocky mountain mountain rock seam, once “raised in the boudoir person has not known”. Before the mid-1990s, in native eye Taishan jade and other ordinary stones and not different.

in 1996, a Chaozhou merchant’s arrival, changed native’s view. That merchant called in that qin south tip of’s to disperse Shiwan’s place to discover a golden yellow stone, then asked the local fisherman to help him to collect. Just started, the native also ridiculed these outside areas purchase the stone the human, thought they “the money are many, the human is silly”, but hereafter several years, along with buy the stone the Chaozhou people increase gradually, everybody only then realizes this kind of stone is a treasure.

Suddenly, does not use the mobilization, the nearby farmers impatiently to disperse the Shiwan, the Chrysanthemum bay to excavate the jade subsidy home use, afterward evolved all the people to develop greatly gradually. Actually does the Taishan jade have what charm? Jiangmen Taishan Jade Association President Ling Wenlong said: “the Taishan jade’s granular structure is thinner than other quartzose jade, thus the jade nature is more exquisite mildly. As soon as many people see the Taishan jade, one kind inexplicable excited and holds impulsion. Taishan jade charm and this.”

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