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Thursday, January 12th, 2012

Interest is power: the rule of law in China,

Luolan Lan Li Tiezhu

From the China is also the rule of law with this kind of

Dissatisfied with the rule of law: the

Recently published 2011 is the real

320 million, accounting for the number of Internet users in China (485 million) of 66%. This 320 million people form a huge China once again to promote the rule of law process.

Microblogging questioned the credibility of the test industry. A self-proclaimed the crisis. China has a centuries-old industry and charity of the Red Cross began to reflect the existing charitable institutions and organizations. Charity legislation once again into public view.

Microblogging spread the truth the first time the accident arrived in the audience. forwarded 17 million times … … many Internet users search for truth through microblogging, pass sorrow and concern. Internet users questioning the truth of the accident, caused a national leader’s attention. State Department accident investigation team was formed, the cause of the accident and design, manufacturing, management, and the source of the problem in-depth investigation.

Microblogging concerned to promote the relevant system. Gansu nursery school car accident, the immediate safety of school buses on the microblogging fermentation. With the cause of the accident investigation deepens, public attention from the school bus accident cases in Gansu turn attention to China’s system of building up the school bus, and eventually to the relevant departments to intensify the development of school bus safety regulations.

Review these hot events the rule of law, precisely because of the presence of micro-Bo, the rule of law provides for public participation in an open platform, and thus greatly enhance the public’s enthusiasm for participatory democracy and the rule of law degree. Those who have been on the microblogging rapid spread and amplification of the events or characters, after users comments, forwarded, inadvertently opened their wisdom, to promote the progress of the rule of law in China.

Politics and microblogging: a new platform to build innovative social management

Inventory in the media highlights the political and legal work in 2011, political and legal microblogging impressively.

September 27, 2009, Mudan District, Heze City, Shandong Province, the official opening of the Court of microblogging, which has taken law enforcement authorities use microblogging to interact close to the people first.

As of now, just two years, public security, procuratorial, judicial, law enforcement authorities and law enforcement officials only in the official opening of Tencent microblogging platform reached 7101, released 132 million of microblogging, more than over 210 million fans. Political micro-Bo presents a ascendant trend.

These law enforcement authorities, the political officials or law enforcement investigators use microblogging clues, or through new media tools to enhance the public image of law enforcement authorities of the network, or with grassroots Internet users, the social elite in the heated debates on new media platforms, equal dialogue, open communication, lay out the full range of interactive Web3.0 era officials and the public, political consensus picture of the new network. Microblogging social management innovation for the law enforcement authorities provide a new platform.

Fuyang City, Anhui Province Public Security Bureau to imitate Since then, the local public security organs have wanted to make microblogging a Law enforcement authorities in the microblogging platform with the release of information forms, a change in the rigid, traditional image of seriousness.

Surrendered microblogging event is also a very typical example. Zhongshan Public Security Bureau official microblogging information from the surrender of microblogging attaches great importance to and actively mobilizing their surrender as soon as possible. In the get

In resolving social conflicts, to calm public opinion in the network, microblogging is playing an increasingly important role. Public Security Bureau in Jinan City, Shandong Province, the August 2011, Jinan, Shandong, with female officers occurred wounding, Jinan police quickly released through the official microblogging site a lot of detail, and hands-on beating of female officers were promptly punished. Situation quickly subsided.


In addition, law enforcement authorities in the use of micro-Bo public sector information, people’s livelihood and to promote the public image, legal, law enforcement investigators, etc., for a valuable exploration. These will explore the experience accumulated observe social conditions and public law enforcement authorities, to promote the network of political, social management to provide a steady stream of innovation and support.

Kin said.

Public opinion through governance: Reconstructing the interaction officials and the public law governing the new eco-

If the micro-Bo is bringing to the law enforcement authorities new enforcement tools, the concept of law enforcement, then again when we sight a little deeper, perhaps microblogging is changing the ruler of the concept of governance, is to re-build a new interactive officials and the public the form.

At present, the Central Party School, National School of Administration of the curriculum, the more and more attention of government officials.

Indeed, a growing number of government departments with the micro-Bo information, provide services, microblogging has become a convenient platform for open government information. Meanwhile, microblogging for public scrutiny the government’s legal power to provide a new way. The public can exercise their microblogging

November 17, 2011, .

Since then, the Shanghai Municipal Government Press Office accredited real name .

For government departments and officials have opened to it, users will respond with warm, with the microblogging platform, interaction between officials and the people increasing. Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Party Secretary Zhang Chunxian become due to open microblogging network Reds, with tens of millions of fans. Microblogging officials and the public dialogue in the flow channel, officials and the public closer to the distance, close to the people shaping the image of government agencies generated tremendous intangible benefits are obvious.

In the eyes of many, perhaps microblogging brings innovation and not just means of communication, more important is to promote the administration’s concept of change, will not only open to the public after seeing the contents of the computer, will the government for the public service model is a huge change, we wait and see.

It is gratifying, objective, impartial, rational voices are increasingly in microblogging. More and more people began to accept the microblogging real names. Public dissemination of information to speak of courage and responsibility, which has been a good uniform. More and more people began to send a constructive voice, propelled the government to improve governance.

Micro-power test of the government scientific and democratic governance and level of ability, also, of according to law will penetrate deeper influence.

Micro-Bo, is a rational attitude, for everyone in the hustle and bustle to provide an objective and impartial perspective, according to suggestions of a gesture. This, perhaps for the moment the rule of law is the micro-Bo, the most valuable contribution to contemporary politics.


24 years of age

Monday, January 9th, 2012

Xinhua military, In chronological order as follows:

1, F -20
successful maiden flight

January 11, developed by China itself, the outside world as a new generation of stealth fighter F-20 in Chengdu, Sichuan successful first flight. This is China’s military aviation industry following the F-10 flight in 1998 after another milestone, marking, following the United States and Russia, China became the world’s first self-developed three fourth-generation fighters to the country. F-20 flight, causing the Chinese military fans of the collective However, we still need to see clearly, from the first flight to officially installed, F-20 is still a long way to go; to China from the Air Force F-20 weapons and equipment to improve the overall level of China, there is a long way to go.

2, the Chinese navy,

March 1, the Chinese navy, This is China’s first use of military force evacuation of overseas staff. From the Gulf of Aden to the Mediterranean, record.

3, the Chinese Ministry of Defense to establish a regular press conference system

April 27, Defense Ministry in Beijing held its first regular press conference, Defense Ministry spokesman Geng Yansheng announced that from April 2011, the Defense Department last week of each month will be Wednesday afternoon, the Ministry of National Defense Foreign Affairs Office held a regular press conference, briefing by the Defense Ministry spokesman, to answer media inquiries. Wonderful monthly Q, is the timely dissemination of China’s national defense and army building important information to better explain to the world an important measure the Chinese army.

4, large-scale online games

June 26, developed by the Nanjing Military Region, PLA’s first large-scale networks with independent intellectual property rights of military games It is reported that The military soldiers of the network game will combine skills and training, simulated training not only to expand the space and channels, and means to rely on information, officers and men to meet the new era novelty music features, will help the soldiers in the game enhance military training, but also enrich the military training methods.

5, the military academies for the preparation of structural adjustment reforms

In early July, the four PLA held a joint meeting of the Sixteenth military academies, the main task is to study the deployment of military academies and training institutions to adjust the task of reform, planning reform and development of military education over the next decade. Adjustment and reform, the military institutions of professional education institutions will form a joint command, armed services command (System) institutions, arms (professional) institutions and non-commissioned officers of the institutions structured school system.

Of particular note is that this adjustment and reform in the military, some new arms (professional) institutions there. Among them, the strategic early warning of Comparative concern. The training objectives will be gradually shifted from land, sea, air, access to information, to the land, sea, air, and space all-round full-time personnel training strategy for change, especially space-based early warning information to enhance the training of personnel. The readjustment and reform, both the construction of military information, winning the information war needs, but also our military accomplish diverse military tasks and needs.

6, China’s aircraft carrier platform

July 27, Defense Ministry spokesman Geng Yansheng said China is currently using an aircraft carrier platform used to transform, for scientific research and testing and training. August 10, the first Chinese aircraft carrier platform for sailing test, return to the shipyard for modifications and testing. After this, and for two sea trials. This indicates that China has completed the outfitting of the aircraft carrier, into the testing phase.

7, the Chinese Air Force aerobatic team of two new

August 25, include This indicates that China has formed a flight demonstration team as the main force of three flight demonstrations. August 28, three demonstration team together in Changchun open day on the first space dedicated to a visual feast. Three flight demonstration team chose China has independently developed the use of aircraft as a performance machine. By


October 29, the Eleventh National People’s twenty-third session of the Standing Committee voted through the After military service, the main changes made three adjustments: First, adjust the scope of collection, by deleting the existing military service on full-time school attendance is strict attention to the requirements of students, graduates of colleges and universities will be relaxed to the collection of age, 24 years of age; The second is clearly a national registration system for the implementation of military service, before December 31 each year over 18 years of age male citizens should register for military service; third is clearly the government and the relevant social responsibility work in recruitment. The newly revised .


and finally finished

Friday, January 6th, 2012

Twenty-Fourth Session of the Eleventh National People’s Congress held joint meetings on the State Council on the implementation of the

He Keng of members: teaching evaluation and acceptance, the Ministry of Education about a decade out, the school complaining. When assessing the school made two or three years in advance notice, two or three school principals First, grasp the money to improve the look of hardware conditions; second is the relationship with the future assessment of the time, can you speak; third is fraud. What lesson planning, lesson plans how to write, test examination paper is how you do it completely is to spend a lot of strength to fraud. To do these three things, and finally finished, gone, so the schools have strong views.

Yuan Guiren responded that the assessment on universities, colleges and universities to assess the implementation of undergraduate education is the education of higher education law duties of the executive branch, through the assessment of teaching in the school to consolidate the work of the center, to promote the improvement of school conditions, in order to promote teaching management institutionalized. Assessment in the past there are some shortcomings, such as evaluation criteria, assessment tools relatively simple, there is work simplification formal tendencies. In the future we need to do is to further improve the assessment program to improve assessment methods, to improve the quality of evaluations to reach the target of evaluation.

One is to strengthen self-evaluation. Improve the school self-assessment system, the quality of undergraduate education in public schools, the annual self-assessment report, accept social supervision.

The second is to carry out professional assessment. The depth of the industry in professional certification and evaluation of cooperation, and promote personnel training and social needs of the school to adapt.

Third, the implementation of classification assessment. Different types, different levels of schools to adopt different standards and methods, and promote the school to do their own characteristics.

Fourth, explore the international assessment. Some professionals can follow the international standards by the international agencies for evaluation.

Fifth, the establishment of normal database. Full use of modern means to enhance the transparency of the assessment, to reduce the assessment on the order of interference with normal teaching university.


Chinese Hegemony and American Hegemony different

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

Gaosuibuyou Thailand


A year ago

Friday, December 30th, 2011

According to the Associated Press reported Dec. 28 , 28, said U.S. officials said the Obama administration will soon announce the sale to Saudi F-15 fighter program .

Unnamed U.S. official said, according to the United States and Saudi Arabia a $ 29.4 billion U.S. dollars (about 185.5 billion yuan ) of the sales agreement , the United States will sell 84 new fighter Saudi Arabia , and Saudi Arabia to upgrade 70 aircraft.

This agreement will greatly enhance the Saudi ‘s military strength, and now Saudi Arabia is the Gulf Arab region, the most powerful military country , is the world’s richest countries. Saudi Arabia is a key U.S. ally in the Middle East , energy security is essential for the United States , it is America’s third largest source of oil imports .

A year ago , the U.S. Congress passed and Saudi Arabia on a 10-year , $ 60 billion (about 378.5 billion yuan ) of the sales agreement , involving F-15 fighter jets , helicopters, missiles, bombs and launch system , in addition to early warning radar systems and night vision goggles and other equipment .


the Department called for cross-boundary passengers plan their journeys

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

BEIJING, Dec. 23, according to Hong Kong’s Wen Wei Po reported, 24 is the series 4 days Christmas even on weekends, holidays, Hong Kong ushered in the port of entry and exit near the peak of 7.8 million people.

Hong Kong Immigration Department is expected during the Christmas and New Year’s Day 778 million people out of air and sea control points in Hong Kong increased by 11% over last year. Assistant Director of Immigration Chenmeng Lin said that 70% of passengers will travel by land, Lo Wu is the busiest control point, a daily average of 30.5 million people out, Sunday (25) is the exit peak, the peak New Year’s Day is the entry . In order to relieve congestion, the Immigration Department in various ports, open 378 In view of Mainland pregnant women without an appointment,

Hong Kong Immigration Department expects from today to next Tuesday’s Christmas holiday and New Year’s Eve to January 3 next year’s New Year holidays, a total of 7.78 million people out of Hong Kong, increased by 11% over last year, is expected to with 70%, or 5.44 million people by land and out of Hong Kong. Which at the Lo Wu Control Point, is expected on Sunday (25) is the peak period leaving an estimated 185,000 people left Hong Kong; New Year’s Day is the peak of arrivals, with 17.5 million people expected to come to Hong Kong. Other control points such as Lok Ma Chau Spur Line and Shenzhen Bay of passenger traffic will be heavy with a forecast average of about 105,000, respectively, 118,000 and 9.5 million passengers travel.

Assistant Director of Immigration Chenmeng Lin said that in order to ease the long holiday traffic, the Immigration Department has to reduce the front-line staff on leave, and additional counters and improve pedestrian and vehicular access. Immigration is also additional security personnel to provide crowd. On the other hand, the Immigration Department will join with the Police, Customs and the Hong Kong MTR Corporation Limited in Hong Kong at Lo Wu Control Point set up a joint command center to closely monitor the land boundary control points of the flow of visitors during the holiday season in order to make appropriate arrangements, to ensure smooth movements across the boundary.

to intercept non-appointment of Mainland pregnant women to take advantage of many people during the Christmas and New Year, Chenmeng Lin explained that Hong Kong immigration counters at ports in front position, front-line staff with the Immigration Department and the Department of Health medical staff in port, to visual form ;, will not cancel the arrangement, and mainland visitors .

In order to avoid boundary control points in the morning and evening peak hours, congestion, the Department called for cross-boundary passengers plan their journeys, and choose later in the morning or early afternoon non-peak hours pass; and pay attention to traffic control points on the broadcast.

lawful source

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

Next year, the deputy director level and above all the officials of Macao will open their property status, subject to public view. Recently, in the general discussion of the Macao Legislative Council, the official property of public bill unanimously by members present.

The expense of privacy corruption prevention

Macau has been the implementation of civil servants to declare the property for eight years, their spouses have to declare their assets. However, according to current law, officials declare the property information is not public. Chui became Chief Executive of Macao, the government proposed the concept of the sun, the property declaration system began the process transparent.

The bill from the Legislative Council after the first discussion point of view, political Macau property for public officials did not dispute the general direction, and attended by 10 members all voted for, several members said that the property declaration is an important aspect of anti-corruption should be sacrificing, sacrifice some privacy.

Thus, the focus is not amending the law The current version, public officials include deputy director level and above. A member said, the details of the provisions of the Bill further amended, is expected to adopt and implement in the first half of next year.

Intimidation effect stronger

Previously, Macao Dharma people on the evaluation of the property declaration system has long been corruption played a huge role in intimidation, and to declare the property bill takes effect, the public may query official assets, which will allow the system to further enhance deterrence.

Macau regulations, not to declare or deliberately false declaration can impose criminal penalties, than in Hong Kong, Europe and the administrative penalties are more severe. Under the current law, the Macau Court of Final Appeal President or the Commissioner may order disclosure of information for non-payment by regular, non-compliance will commit a crime of disobedience, a maximum one year in prison or fined. Deliberately made inaccurate declaration will touch the Penal Code, In addition, the property of unknown origin and without reasonable excuse, lawful source, can be sentenced up to three years in prison. Failed to explain the origin of the property or proceeds, the guilty verdict to the Court declared the seizure and return of Macao SAR All.

Macau’s first case of a conviction, according to financial disclosure, that is the case of Ao Man Long. In November 2007, Macao ICAC identified the couple’s assets Ao Man Long as high as 8.5 billion, which is 2 61 times the statutory income. Accordingly, Ao Man Long couple accused of reporting inaccurate and property assets from unknown sources, two counts of all the establishment.

Also supporting measures

For this repair method, Macau Commissioner Fong Man Chong said that the repair method is to implement the Sunshine Government’s policy to ensure compliance with . He said officials could open the property

Macao ICAC also said the measure is not a panacea, a cure-all, and therefore need to make the entire administrative system support. To this end, the ICAC will recommend to the Government a number of policies or measures, remedy, blocking the source of corruption.


According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website news

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

International online news: According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website news, Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Weimin on recent U.S. statements on human rights issues answered reporters’ questions .

Q: U.S. Secretary of State Clinton in the U.S. Ambassador Locke has made ​​similar remarks . What is your comment ?

A: The Chinese Government attaches great importance to safeguarding the fundamental rights of all ethnic groups , legal protection of citizens’ freedom of religious belief . China’s human rights cause has made great achievements in the world to see . We would like to on the basis of equality and mutual respect on human rights dialogue with the United States , but strongly opposed by the United States and human rights issues to interfere in China’s internal affairs . We urge the U.S. to stop meddling , a lot to reflect on their human rights.

China is a country ruled by law , according to the law of the case . The United States no right to interfere in China’s internal affairs and judicial sovereignty.

The Chinese government attaches importance to developing and managing the Internet according to law .


the United States’ own ability to maneuver and combat the development of the shot from Guam

Friday, December 9th, 2011

Dimension changes slightly

Australian troops, for the United States so smooth, but no one had thought China had a variety of media, shows that the Chinese people’s view, still too rigidly adhere to the old geographical scale. We are too much attention to the first island chain, in fact, this island chain of modern warfare, the long look stingy. Recently a small number of U.S. military in South Korea forces (such as George Washington aircraft carrier) is very active, almost the entire coast of China stirred, but the focus of its military deployment in the Asia-Pacific is still in the back. This has the pressure of Okinawa in Japan, but the pressure from the U.S. military not stay still passing, especially in Japan’s national interests, how could leave the U.S. military? So the U.S. military in Okinawa have been relaxed, focusing on business in Guam, and another for two reasons.

First, China’s long-range strike capability and the intent was for these two strategic points, as China only crippled the airport here, a major strategic objective can be achieved, accounting for some technical cheaper deterrent effect is obvious;

Second, the United States’ own ability to maneuver and combat the development of the shot from Guam, the Pacific coast to maintain effective strike capability is becoming increasingly feasible. For example, The effectiveness of China’s fight against Guam, Okinawa, and also compared to the sharp drop, after all, this distance is much greater need for a missile.

Therefore, 250 U.S. marines stationed in Australia, is not that much ability, but rather attitude, it launched a new strategic direction. Even if the force to 2,500 people, is estimated not to play a role in the amphibious landing force, whose mission is to prepare the battlefield, they will be closer alliance with the Australian Army, to ensure wartime intelligence, bases, logistical support, to the time the United States delivery to the Asia-Pacific military power of imagination is much larger. Moreover, Australia affluent, stable, easy to protect, move overseas, the U.S. natural base, which is over the Pacific War has shown the value. The only difference is that World War II, starting from the Australian attack to Japan, went to great lengths, now take off from here, follow the Okinawa off the difference is not too large, especially for the South China Sea and Malacca is such a potential battlefield.


to achieve the cadres and the masses

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

Recently, regional leaders and Deputy Secretary of the Central United Front Work Department Zhu Wei had a discussion group in Lhasa, Tibet’s development and stability of business plans.

Autonomous Region Party Secretary Chen Quanguo presided over and addressed the forum, the autonomous regional leaders Qiangba, Pema Lin, Wu Yingjie, Yang Jinshan, Cui Yuying, Lausanne Village, Jinshu Bo, Yin Deming, the civil servant Tashi, Qin Yizhi, Qizha La, Deng Xiao-gang attended the forum.

Chen Quanguo on behalf of the regional party committee, government guidance to Tibet for Zhu Weiqun warm welcome given to the Central United Front Work Department of the Tibet’s development and stability of care and support work to express my sincere thanks. Chen Quanguo said a long time, the Central United Front Work Department of Tibet leaps and bounds and long-term stability to provide scientific guidance, great help, so our work directed, Xinxin Zu, make great decisions, measures are practical, effective, to maintain the scientific development, harmony and stability, improve people’s livelihood, national unity and a good situation.

Chen Quanguo on behalf of the regional party committee, government, Zhu Wei Qun to development and stability in Tibet work. He said that this year, the regional party committee and government to seriously study and implement the Party’s Sixth Plenary Session of the seventh session, in-depth implementation of the Chinese Communist Party General Secretary Hu Jintao to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the establishment of an important speech on the Assembly and the work on a series of important instructions Tibet spirit, to implement the central working conference on Tibet and the fifth Vice President Xi Jinping attended the 60th anniversary of Tibet’s peaceful liberation celebration of a series of important speech, implement Premier Wen Jiabao, Jia Qinglin, Zhou Yongkang, secretary of the recent reports do Tibet’s development and stability of the important instruction. In a series of effective measures have been taken on the basis of the new situation, new situation, around the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Hu Jintao as general secretary of the clear, study to a specific deployment. Led by the party responsible comrades from the regional to the prefectural (city) and county (city, district) and township (town), the village was established step by step and make economic development, maintaining stability of the two working groups, hold on two major events, the election two aspects of a good starting point for the establishment of two long-term mechanism, established at every level, layer upon layer implement the responsibility system, the formation of a region struggling to advance by leaps and bounds up and down the long-term stability and good momentum. To maintain stable and rapid economic development, adhere to the development as the key to solve all the problems in Tibet, with Chinese characteristics, unswervingly, the characteristics of Tibet’s development path, firmly grasp the development, transfer mode, maintaining stability and promoting harmony, increase vitality improve people, to achieve the cadres and the masses, seeking long-term strategy, the line strengths of the move, just get the next good move, based Zhuazao, grasping a small, fast catch, grasp, in-depth campaign against the Dalai clique to split the motherland and the struggle to build a long-term maintenance of stability mechanism to achieve the overall social stability; further improve people’s lives, insist all the work to improve people’s livelihood as a starting point and goal, so that people of all nationalities to education, workers with income, medical services, a sense of security, and housing, more to feel the party and the government’s care and warmth; continue to strengthen party building, successful completion of the party has changed with depth excel activities, strengthen grassroots organizations to continuously improve the scientific level of party building, consolidate the basis for the ruling party in Tibet.

Zhu Weiqun fully affirmed the development and stability of our region has made remarkable achievements. He pointed out that this year, the Tibet Autonomous Region Party Committee, government cadres and the masses of all ethnic groups to unite and lead the region to overcome the interference and sabotage by Dalai clique, defeat earthquakes and other natural disasters, all work entered a new stage.

stable and rapid economic development, people’s livelihood has been significantly improved, urban residents and 农牧民收入 a substantial increase in stability and constantly consolidate and culture flourish, to further strengthen Party building, to achieve the start. In particular, recently, the Tibet Autonomous Region Party Committee, the Central Government under the new era rule Tibet strategy, in close connection with the reality of Tibet, issued a series of promoting development and maintaining stability and improving people’s livelihood policy measures, and has been noticed, and leap-forward development in Tibet laid a solid foundation for long-term stability.

Zhu Weiqun party cadres in Tibet and hope people of all nationalities confidence and do solid work, with the central spirit of the Fifth Forum on Work in Tibet, unified thinking and action, push forward, development and stability of the work. On the issue of the struggle against the Dalai clique, he said, the central characterization of the Dalai clique will not change, the struggle against the Dalai clique policy will not change. We struggle with the Dalai clique is a long-term, acute, complex and sometimes very intense. Must keep a clear mind, enhance national security awareness, sense of responsibility, sense of urgency, good long-term struggle mentally prepared and ready to work, must not have any illusions, must not have any paralysis. In-depth analysis to maintain social stability, the struggle of the Dalai clique’s new situation and new problems, closely rely on the cadres and masses of all ethnic groups, firmly, quickly, decisively and completely crush all damage Tibet’s stability and endanger national reunification attempts. He said that to organize Party members and cadres to seriously study the central work on a series of policies in Tibet and on the strengthening of the instructions of the struggle against separatism, the party’s principles and policies of the faithful executor of the reunification of the motherland and national unity of the faithful defenders; in achieving and maintenance of most practical interest, based on the masses to carry out mass struggle against separatism and ideological education, build a strong opposing separatism and maintain stability of the mass base; to maximize the unity of patriotic religious people, and expand the patriotic united front, they play in promoting development, and positive role in maintaining stability, to do a lot of our people, the hostile forces who do a bit of. Zhu Wei

group concluded that the Central United Front Work Department will continue to care for and support the work of development and stability in Tibet, to build a united, democratic, prosperous, civilized and harmonious socialist new Tibet to make a positive contribution.