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Custody purebred dog or hybrid dog

Friday, February 27th, 2009

In China, the family dog are the trend of recent years. With the deepening of the trend, people are starting to pay attention to the pedigree dog. Often hear people say “so and so raise a good dog!” Well, what is a good dog it? Most people also seems to have half-baked knowledge, often to the appearance of beautiful, rare, expensive as a good standard, dog traffickers were fabricated with their own species more than a few people deceived. Even more unfortunately, a lot of people do not understand in a variety of personality, habits, the blind fashion, the outcome of custody for a period of time, dogs and people can not adapt to each other, claimed the lives of innocent puppy abandoned tragedy.

And hybrid dog hybrid dog

Speaking of purebred, we can first run, said hybrid dog hybrid dog and two different concepts. The former two are different species of dog or a purebred dog mated with another species to be generated. The origin while the latter is unsystematic, and can not be accurately classified. Dog hybrid dog is provided by two unnamed species from mating.

Hybrid dog health and plain smart to win the respect of the owner. Dog hybrid color usually gray or pale yellow-based, and generally is moderate, independent by nature, are excellent hunting dogs, their coat color with camouflage sex.

Benefit from a variety of pedigree background, dog hybrid was the most optimized genes, good genes much higher than the inferior genes, and recessive.

Negative effects of genetic diversity is not to ensure good genetic characteristics to the next generation. Moreover, even if carried out mating dog hybrid dog father and mother both have good features, but also more difficult to predict the offspring of morphological and physiological characteristics.

Although people often think of hybrid dog agility smart, strong, courageous, but in fact the reviews are not applicable to all hybrid dog that only those who are lucky and the genetic quality ‘product’ in order to find a place in society.

What is a purebred

For breeds certification, a lot of Kennel developed countries have their own standards. Currently, China’s implementation of the American Kennel Club are the standard varieties. Referred to as the Club AKC, founded in 1884, the existing 150 species have been identified, grouped into 7 major categories, namely, working dogs, hunting dogs, rope dog, sheepdog, dog sports, non-exercise dogs and dog toys. Classification criteria are based on the initial development of the species identified at the time of use.

The so-called varieties, AKC is defined as “by the Human Development and maintained within the same species is relatively similar to one type of animal.” “All dogs, purebred and non-purebred, and several of their wild relatives, such as wolves and foxes, all belong to the same family. Each species are created by human beings through selective breeding methods to obtain the necessary human quality. The result is surprising diversity of breeds. Such diversity led to the same species breeding dogs will be a new species. Over the years, human beings according to their own needs, design can be hunting, herding or guarding dog, a new species of certification by the AKC Board of Directors decision. Now, a new breed to be in other countries, the breed has been certified by the local bodies has been a long time to establish a solid, will it be possible to receive AKC recognition. ”

It is worth recalling that the standard introduction of the characteristics of only the representation of the characteristics of the breed. And the inherent individual differences and acquired experience, training can change certain characteristics. So if you have chosen a dog do not seem to fit, but also is entirely possible through the cultivation of the feelings of and training in order to change the status quo is not satisfactory, with sincere love and scientific approach to completing this.

The fit is the best

Trend in the changes in market ups and downs. As a smart dog owners should be in accordance with Kennel own experience, living environment, energy and local laws and regulations, select their suitable partners, we can enjoy the fun of Kennel. Whether purebred or a string of species, the fit is the best. Prior to the Kennel, through authoritative channels to fully understand the breed standard, you can in accordance with their respective personality, size, care requirements and so on, to identify suitable varieties of their own family situation, make a smart, Kyosho sensible dog owner.

Lovely working dogs

Monday, February 16th, 2009

Normally feeding animals rather than people working for them is for meat production. Dog is an exception, it is dogs, mostly just to make companion. In many cases, people are out of dogs just love it. However, there are some dogs, they are trained to help people to complete a number of special work, they made great contributions to mankind can not be ignored.

In Australia, the herding dogs work when people are essential partners. Australian response to the local climate and natural conditions to produce two of the most adapted to local conditions breeds, namely, dog monsters (Kelphie) dog and livestock (Cattle). The former is the world’s most outstanding one of Shepherd, a good dog can be worth six monsters shepherd.

Originated in the south of France Pyrenees region can play a big white bear sentry dogs and sheep care mission. Big white bear dog has a strong adaptability to large polar bear domesticated pet dogs caring, extremely loyal to the owner.

In snow-covered polar regions, but also live in a different dog that is dog sled (Sled Dog). In dogs, they assume the most onerous tasks: drag sled. They can dragging a heavy sled, in the arctic region 500 kilometers stretch run. The most common are the Siberian Husky sled dogs and Alaskan Malamute.

Ling TERRIER are competing to run the first race in the 20th century, the rise of the United States, now tens of thousands of enthusiastic audiences all over the world are obsessed with this sport. These spirits are owned TERRIER innate ability to quickly start and lightning speed. They are talented canine athletes, and to love their career.

In all dogs, the guide dog’s work is undoubtedly the most noble. Views of a trained guide dog strode confidently leads the pace of the masters of the shuttle in the busy flow of people and streets are a supreme pleasure. In the guide dog and its owner, between the inter-flows not only love, but also a convergence of selfless dedication and extraordinary trust.

In addition, the dog was also in police stations and army service, customs patrol members to play. Hound hunters are still the best assistant. Many varieties of working dogs by the decision, but also has acquired the training results.

Note that not all are suitable for working dogs as pets. Some nature extremely active dogs, such as sled dogs, shepherd dogs and cattle are easy on the narrow space are tired. Therefore, in domesticated dogs work before it can seriously consider necessary to adapt to the living environment, or to listen to experts and professionals recommendations.

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How the selection of healthy dogs

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

Dog’s life is generally about 10-15 years, is rich in emotion, but also very good at communication and is very suitable as a human companion animals.

They are many kinds, there are also great differences in personality. Who have a masters like quiet, do not love sports, because dogs do not understand the character of the election and a love of barking dogs active and lively, the results of dog’s personality and his lifestyle is a serious conflict. Later, he had worked hard to raise their own dog tears gave others, very sad.

So when in the selection, you must choose their own personality, living conditions and lifestyles breeds to avoid similar situations. In addition, the selection of a healthy dog is also crucial. How do you teach the following observation and selection of a healthy canine companion.

Actions and mental state

Should first observe the dog moves and mental state. Move lively, brisk gait, responsive, dynamic dogs, usually healthy. Manic sluggish or disturbed is a symbol of unhealthy. So buy a dog, do not immediately pick up the point of view, bear with me, and carefully observe the actions and gestures dogs. Focus on the best in the dogs at the front of it a little far behind or toys, to guide it forward to run or head to see its reaction agile, flexible movement, Wan step and whether the natural beauty, or limp, you can determine whether there are any problems. Bone problem dogs, many of inbreeding and genetic caused, should not be kept. These problems on our own observation, not a certificate of origin can be explained. Able-bodied dog health, nutrition, if too thin, exposed spine and ribs, or too fat, too much , None of the purchase of the object.

Hair – soft, bright, clean and tidy, no tie, but no obvious unhairing phenomenon.

Nose – moist, cool, there is no runny nose and sneezing for health. Rhinoscope drying not to buy. Eyes – bright God, eye black and flexible. To less than the white of the eye, mostly bad, right and left eyes to deal with that. If the eye white, dirty and ashamed Ming tears, eye secretions more persons, are unhealthy.

Ears – ears activities flexible, but to clean up the canal, there is no smell, ears to the inside of pink health. Do not have dander to prevent parasites. Rejection often ears, may be sick ear.

Mouth – teeth, gums, tongue rosy for health, pale, there are bad breath while sick.

Skin – soft and flexible and can not induration, hypertrophy, it is necessary to pay attention to whether there are lice, scabies mites and other parasites or other skin diseases. Skin or parasites dogs, in the short term must with claw scratch lesion, but more than once, many times consecutive. You want to see it scratch the site, and then you will find detailed examination of skin problems.

Tail – dogs should pay particular attention to the bottom of the tail, if the “yellow-Indian” had suffered from the recent signs of diarrhea or diarrhea, do not stay to buy. We have to see whether there is any swelling or anal phenomenon fester.

Foot pad – soft, not chapped is healthy.

Character – like it or not close to observe the dogs and get along with others, and not nervous, timid, emotional instability dogs.