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The South Sea pearl

Monday, July 4th, 2011

Since the development of pearl culture technology, the black pearl oyster found in Tahiti and many other Pacific Island areas has been extensively used for producing cultured pearls. The rarity of the black cultured pearl is now a “comparative” issue. The black cultured pearl is rare when compared to Chinese freshwater cultured pearls, and Japanese and Chinese akoya cultured pearls,tahitian pearl
and is more valuable than these pearls.

However, it is more abundant than the South Sea pearl, which is more valuable than the black cultured pearl. This is simply because the black pearl oyster Pinctada margaritifera is far more abundant than the elusive, rare, and larger south sea pearl oyster Pinctada maxima, which cannot be found in lagoons, but which must be dived for in a rare number of deep ocean habitats or grown in hatcheries. In fact Black pearls are very rarely black: they are usually shades of green,purple, aubergine, blue, grey, silver or peacock (a mix of several shades, like a peacock’s feather) Black cultured pearls from the black pearl oyster – Pinctada margaritifera – are not South Sea pearls, although they are often mistakenly described as black South Sea pearls.

In the absence of an official definition for the pearl from the black oyster, these pearls are usually referred to as “south sea pearl
black Tahitian pearls”.

The correct definition of a South Sea pearl – as described by CIBJO and GIA – is a pearl produced by the Pinctada maxima pearl oyster. South Sea pearls are the color of their host Pinctada maxima oyster – and can be white, silver, pink, gold, cream, and any combination of these basic colors, including overtones of the various colors of the rainbow displayed in the pearl nacre of the oyster shell itself.

South Sea Pearls are produced in various parts of the world.

White ones tend to come from the Broome area of Australia while golden ones are from the Philippines Pearls are also produced in the Cook Islands and one farm in the Sea of Cortez, Mexico,from Concha Nácar , the rainbow lipped oyster.These pearls fluoresce red under UV light.

Ming Dynasty Lee’s Jean of hour more values the pharmacology function of the pearl, think the efficacy of medicine of the pearl is in the beautiful skin, as a result specially write the way in 《 this grass outline 》 :”the pearl flavor is salty and sweet cold and not poisonous, the town heart orders the eyes;pearl TU2 MIAN4, make the person’s lustrous and good color.Is lanky,freshwater pearl
going to the negative 胪 of the skin;fall to the phlegm, in addition to the noodles spot, 泻 ;BE surprised in addition to the child hot, Anne’s psyche; the nocturnal emission gonorrhea, solution pox 疗 poison.The …… make sheen pure”etc..

In the meantime, it various methods that still jots down the pearl medicine to use. Ming Dynasty Chen derives after the 儒《only different ambition 》say, Tang 武 When a LI3 YAN2 reign, prime minister LI3 DE2 YU4 takes the fried juice of the jewelry powder,red orpiment,pearl factory vermilion cinnabar as the thick soup, eating a cup to invite each time expensive 30,000, lead three fry to then leave its residue.Spread to make pill the 术 at that time, the people think, pearl powder,red orpiment etc. thing, take after refine can longevity, healthy in old age.