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adjust Renmin

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

The luxury goods customs duty should the lamination adjust Renmin University of China China reforms and development research institute professor Song stands Song Li: Along with the Chinese economy’s development, already marched into the crucial stage which now the expense promotes.

The overseas experience is, as soon as when after the per capita national income achieves decides the level, will present the leaving country traveling rise and the large quantity commodity expense rises two tendencies, but to China, what “unfortunate” is,color department
the study abroad toured with the expense growth collects one, the growth power of consumption has toured along with the study abroad flows out, has not become the domestic demand.

In does not affect the domestic related industry under the premise, the partial luxury taxes may surrender to the state suitably, some may maintain invariably, but also some may decline, for instance A kind of luxury tax may surrender to the state suitably, B kind of motionless, C kind of customs duty decline. Avoids expending the outflow luxury goods to classify cuts the tax World luxury goods association China chief delegate Ouyang Kun

Ouyang Kun: The world luxury goods association suggested that the luxury goods customs duty lamination adjustment, the Chinese 85% young consumers are willing to use the overseas perfume, the cosmetics and so on, these commodities gradually had already become the essential item, is also must expend. Because the domestic and foreign price margins are big, the domestic consumer rather goes abroad the purchase, but to make up the airplane ticket, the hotel expense, while convenient buys a pocket and so on to come the balanced disbursement.

Therefore,trade fair
to avoid expending the outflow, the luxury goods which the perfume, the cosmetics and so on must expend should first realize cuts the tax. Enters in July, each big luxury goods brand spreads in abundance rises in prices the information: On July 1, Cartier 300 many patterns product entire line rise, average increase scope 9%; Louis?

The wieden average increase scope is 6%, a section of black champagne package of price rises to 19,000 Yuan from 16,000 Yuan; A Xiangnaier section of classics female package rises to 37,500 Yuan from 30,000 Yuan, the increase scope surpasses 20%. In addition, the elegant poem blue black eyebrow coloring serves under somebody’s banner the product to raise the price generally 5%~8%, 50 milliliter immediate repair and maintenance Run essence dew rises especially from 880 Yuan to 940 Yuan, increase scope 7%. Regardless of import duty whether to adjust, high-end brand business can adopt the corresponding strategy, locks the product in the high-end market.

The Taishan jade both has the Hetian jade mildness and the insincerity, and has jadeite nimble and resourceful and gorgeous,JADEITE ORIGINAL
has the Fujian pagodite nature color and noble, it is one kind may enjoy may play, permanent lives the splendor the jade. Because only appears on the market is too late, also not widely person knowledge, but has been deep the jade public figure and the real power faction collector’s favor.

In recent years, the Taishan jade collection elevated temperature suddenly. The rare and precious Taishan Chrysanthemum bay seed jade price compared ten years ago to rise suddenly 200 times. At present, Taishan jade price still in unceasing rose, is called in the jade by the collectors “the promising youth”. The experts believed that some day, the Taishan jade meets to raise the world finally,Mover Company becomes our country another precious jade variety.

in 1999 The selling price 3000 Yuan already were the day prices The Taishan jade produces in the Taishan Shibei steep town that qin surrounding area several dozens kilometer rocky mountain mountain rock seam, once “raised in the boudoir person has not known”. Before the mid-1990s, in native eye Taishan jade and other ordinary stones and not different.

in 1996, a Chaozhou merchant’s arrival, changed native’s view. That merchant called in that qin south tip of’s to disperse Shiwan’s place to discover a golden yellow stone, then asked the local fisherman to help him to collect. Just started, the native also ridiculed these outside areas purchase the stone the human, thought they “the money are many, the human is silly”, but hereafter several years, along with buy the stone the Chaozhou people increase gradually, everybody only then realizes this kind of stone is a treasure.

Suddenly, does not use the mobilization, the nearby farmers impatiently to disperse the Shiwan, the Chrysanthemum bay to excavate the jade subsidy home use, afterward evolved all the people to develop greatly gradually. Actually does the Taishan jade have what charm? Jiangmen Taishan Jade Association President Ling Wenlong said: “the Taishan jade’s granular structure is thinner than other quartzose jade, thus the jade nature is more exquisite mildly. As soon as many people see the Taishan jade, one kind inexplicable excited and holds impulsion. Taishan jade charm and this.”

design investment

Monday, August 29th, 2011

For transfer cost rise pressure, since this year, regardless of being the sporting goods enterprise, the family spins, the men’s clothing as well as the leisure clothing enterprise, raised the price already became at an its meeting for the placement of orders’s key word,fashionable peak
also became the important attribute which some textile clothing enterprise achievement depended grows. But industry in also worried that the price rise has certainly certainly to the sales volume squeezes out the effect, raises the price the impetus which grows to the profession sales volume also with difficulty for a long time to continue.

The sports brand rises in prices together The Li Ning Company announced the other day that the Li Ning brand in 2011 in the fourth quarter the new product meeting for the placement of orders has ended in June, at the meeting for the placement of orders determined the order form amount grows compared to the same period according to the retail price computation surpasses 5%, the clothing and the shoes product average retail sales fixed price grows surpasses 10%.

Other domestic product sporting goods brand like An Ta, especially step, gram and 361 degrees and so on meetings for the placement of orders also spread rise in prices the news, rises including the athletic shoes and clothing’s product average price 10-20%.through presents
Sporting goods enterprise related people in charge indicated that because the shoes clothing product renewal is quick, at the meeting for the placement of orders promotes is the new product, can only say, because the synthesis cost rise urges the new product price to have the adjustment, but the company old funds product present selling price has not changed. This person in charge also said that this sports brand shoes clothing collective rises in prices the reason contains many aspects:

First, including raw material, labor cost product cost rise; Second, the cost of operation increases, the terminal shop rent rises largely; Moreover, stemming from the adjustment product mix and the promotion brand value’s consideration, various enterprises is big regarding the new product’s research and development and the design investment.

As the labor-intensive form profession, the sports brand is more sensitive to labor cost’s change. Since last year, national multi-provinces and cities announced many times raises the minimum wage standard, but was still difficult the solution “to recruit workers difficultly” the question, various enterprises’ employing labor cost also therefore rapidly promotes.Dina international
At the same time, including the cotton, the cotton yarn raw material price’s top digit movement also becomes urges the clothing private costs rise the primary factor.

Guang Fa negotiable securities (000776) Ma Tao pointed out that raw material cost, the manpower cost and the commercial real estate hasten the gate shop rent cost rise which the tropics come, the enterprise can only through raise the price shift, but the shop rent rise is the principal means.

At present the domestic movement clothing is in the mature period, both has Adidasi, Nike and so on international brand channel submersion, the price impact influence, and receives the labor cost and the shop rent rise pressure, will therefore raise the price excessively will be inevitable will suppress the terminal demand.

The Li Ning Company then pointed out that in the fourth quarter clothing and the shoes product volume of order drop ratio approximately is the high number of units, style=”color: #333333; text-decoration:none;”Mover Company the company estimated the whole sales revenue drops about compared to the same period in the first half of the year 5%. Another sports brand China trend also estimated that in the first half of the year the income drops approximately 45% compared to the same period.

Or suppresses the sales volume to grow In fact, besides the sporting goods profession, since this year, the cost inches higher the rise in price which brings in other textile clothing enterprise’s terminal retail price also to be able to manifest comprehensively.

Regardless of being the brand spins the enterprise, the men’s clothing brand, the leisure clothing enterprise, raised the price already became at an its fall winter meeting for the placement of orders’s key word, also became the important attribute which some enterprise achievement depended grows. The trust date stock (002083) estimate belongs to the first half of the year in to be listed shareholder’s net profit grows compared to the same period 50%-80%, the market share expands as well as the product selling price enhancement is the substantial clause unceasingly.

Some men’s clothing brand enterprise people in charge were also honest, raise the price already became the entire profession common phenomenon, since last year the men’s clothing brand has raised the price generally 10-20%, at present the company sells in the growth 2/3 to come from rises in prices, 1/3 come from the quantity growth. Ministry of Finance indicated the other day, authorizes the unified clothing department by the State Council in 2011 to supply the clothing variety the purchasing price, may enhance 25% according to 2008 purchasing price level.

Ministry of Finance pointed out that since 2010, the international finance crisis and the bloating pressure’s influence, raw materials and the fuel rise in price scope and so on domestic market’s petroleum, cotton, wool has been big, simultaneously enterprise’s labor cost and the managed cost also have the great scope enhancement, causes the unification clothing department’s clothing purchasing price to grow quickly.

indoor range

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

The indoor range pole system is short of Foshan should snatch drinks “to feed the soup” “takes is constructing the market, does not have the fixed electrical bill use target, how to determine that the energy conservation income the basis of calculation, we have not seen clearer limits.”Sea abundant East environmental product city person in charge Chen Jun said.

This is a present interior lighting EMC promotion big difficulty. “outdoors LED already had the range pole system, but the interior lighting did not have.”conduction realize
The Guangdong illustrious letter person in charge told the reporters.

It is reported that Guangdong Province promoted LED last year the illumination range pole system, but this system mainly aimed at the outdoor lighting, the interior lighting was one piece. “the outdoors system is a entire province chess, but the indoor range pole system does first by each place, afterward carries on the entire province to be unified again.”Yesterday at the forum,breakthrough overseas
a Huanan University of Science and Technology professor believed that this is the Foshan opportunity, should snatch the system indoor range pole system, in the hold industry leading position.

From last year to this year, “crazy” is the LED profession pronoun nearly. Is following the consumer demand release, huddles together the capital, blots out the sky the advertisement, the galloping-horse lantern resemble change job also become this profession most dominant footnote.

The LED profession is being in the Warring States dispute’s time. In the such impetuous environment, each LED enterprise more or less is experiencing the worry which grows. Is growing fast the seal enterprise has encountered such bottleneck: The industrial fast expansion actually meets the market price war, the seal product price continues to slide. Facing this kind of aspect, whether to expand becomes suspends in front of the small and medium-sized enterprise a difficult problem. The fast expansion lays down the shadow in 2010 the Chinese LED middle reaches seal industry output value has reached 27,000,000,000 Renminbi.

The LED price range of fall huge influence, in 2011 China’s LED seal output value will reach 35,000,000,000, 2012 this data grows the force to 55,000,000,000, the reason will be next year whole world illumination market development will be more objective,PERIOD PROMOTION and the overseas big enterprise’s seal industry will speed up toward the China shift.

But the so attractive achievement could also not cover the domestic LED seal profession small and the scattered embarrassing situation, the data demonstrated that the native place probably had more than 1000 LED seal enterprise, year earning 100,000,000 Yuan above only more than 40, the majority of enterprise earning was only thousands of Yuan ranks. “in the gross profit somewhat low situation, the formalization is seals the enterprise survival the basis, the seal is only a LED middle working process, only then the formalization can fall to lowly the production cost, only then has the possibility to fall the profit maximization.”

Senior engineer LED industry research institute inspector general Zhang Hongbiao so expressed. The industrial fast expansion brings the price downward risk, the professional pointed out that raw material rise in price, but the seal product price actually has been dropping, the domestic seal enterprise is entering into the low price homogenization the Red Sea.

conservation lamp

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

Analysis: Tertiary pressure when? Three primary color luminous powder rise in prices after the rare earth rises dramatically, truly is conserves energy the lamp industry chain “the big earthquake”. But some LED factory indicated that the luminous powder rose in prices only further promoted the LED light bulb replace tradition photo source advancement.

Although the present LED light bulb price is high, just like but the same year incandescent lamp bulb only needed several dollars,conservation lamp
but conserved energy the lamp product to need several 20 dollars, but the majority of consumers gradually will still choose the energy conservation lamp to be the same, the present LED light bulb was opposite in the price gradually the long energy conservation lamp says, was similar to repeats conserves energy the lamp and incandescent lamp bulb’s replace process.

From the rare earth rises in prices, is the opportunity is also challenges. Taking advantage of this rare earth rising in prices crisis, conserves energy the lamp enterprise to be possible to carry on the industrial chain conformity, eliminates these not to have the core competitiveness, to lack the proprietary intellectual property rights the enterprise;

Further promotion conserves energy lamp’s national standards, enhances the energy conservation lamp profession the threshold,energy lamp’s
realizes the market purification. But after LED conserves energy lamp’s new generation photo source, the market gradual growth, is fighting in one place after another the LED illumination domain is also conserves energy the lamp enterprise to be good chooses. No matter this is suitable regarding the factory or the businesses.

Moreover, on August 3, the Jiangxi Ganzhou rare earth market purity is 99.9% yttrium oxide selling prices is 400,000 Yuan/tons, the oxidized cerium price is 165,000 Yuan/tons, but one month ago, their maximum valency has respectively amounted to 500,000 Yuan/ton and 230,000 Yuan/tons. This may also say that is the present domestic rare earth price entire line falls a miniature.

But the real estate regulative policy affects the profession situation most important factor. According to the people’s net reported that “not yet determined, what but may be affirmative will be limits purchases in the year not to cancel.”In view of constructs to draft newly round limits purchases the urban name list view, lives constructs an official to indicate that in the second half of the year the policy relaxes the possibility does not have nearly.

Therefore,LED photo source the government only possibly enlarges in the policy carries out dynamics, the partial businesses expected that in the second half of the year the real estate market declined urges the profession return to warmer weather the probability estimate is miniscule. But the Universiade period control construction project construction’s measure brings the influence is throughout gradual, some parts of businesses also indicated that perhaps crossed in August, instead will bring the new round growth.

technical support

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

(4) the volume is exquisite, the handsome appearance, the use is simple.   Because the compact fluorescent lamp has teaches the high power termination,technical support
therefore its volume exquisite artistic, also has teaches the good decoration to do uses. The integration conserves energy lamp’s lamp holder specification exploitation conditions and the ordinary light bulb basic same, therefore may replace the ordinary light bulb use directly, its market absorption capacity is huge, easy to promote the application.

May say that the compact fluorescent lamp has concentrated the daylight lamp electricity saving, the long life and the incandescent lamp volume are small, the coloration is good, the use simple and so on merits are a body, has no qualms is the modern interior lighting typical photo source, becomes the international green lighting source to live the recommendation product, has the giant potential market and the prospects for development.   How to choose and the reasonable use compact fluorescent lamp:

(1) chooses conforms to the photo source characteristic lamps and lanterns, if uses in the ceiling inserting lamps and lanterns being supposed massively to have the good light index of reflection, moreover radiates is friends with well ventilated, chimney’s reflector curvature caliber and the depth must with the energy conservation lamp match, conserve energy the lamp not to be suitable generally in adjusting the light lamps and lanterns, is not suitable in being smallVolume enclosed type lamps and lanterns, also cannot use in easily by Shui Pendao place.

(2) the power supply flutter scope should conform to our country city network voltage fluctuation <+10 requests, the individual area voltage hunting is too big, to will conserve energy lamp’s performance to have the very tremendous influence.

Those who conserve energy the lamp to refer to is uses the rare earth three primary color luminous powder the energy conservation lamps and lanterns which becomes for raw material development, (it uses electronic rectifier actuation generally).

At present, the lamp entered a recent development phase with the rare earth three primary color luminous powder’s application, the energy conservation photo source trend of development is the photo source geometry size more does is smaller, the light effect more does is higher, by the few electrical energies,demonstration design
obtains the highest luminous flux. A 7 tile’s three primary color energy conservation lamp brightness is equal to a 45 tile incandescent lamp, but the life is ordinary incandescent lamp bulb’s 8 times.

However, in the practical life, many people to conserves energy lamp’s impression to be actually getting more and more bad, namely the people usually said that “the province electricity does not economize”. Some so-called energy conservation lamp, just started to use brightness to be also good, soon slowly is dark down, moreover the life is short, like this calculated down instead was inferior does not need to conserve energy the lamp to come worthwhile.

Its reason is: These people possibly used the fake and shoddy energy conservation lamp. Because, really has some manufacturers to flaunt is conserving energy lamp’s banner, replaces the rare earth three primary color luminous powder with the halogen powder, produces ” Halogen powder lamp ” (attention: The three basics toner’s price is halogen powder 30 times), caters to low-grade by it, low end market.

It is estimated that every year flows in the market the halogen powder lamp probably to account for the market sale total about 70%.hotel interior design Not only this has harmed consumer’s benefit, has attacked the responsible producer’s enthusiasm, also gives ” The green illuminates ” The promotion has brought the negative influence, causes the general consumers to be very difficult minute clear anything is the true energy conservation fluorescent lamp.

The test data indicated that the halogen powder lamp simply cannot enter the market as the commodity. A 9 tile’s halogen powder lamp, after the test, zero hour luminous flux is only 323 lumina, the colored index is only 65. 100 hour light fades reaches as high as 23%, namely the initial luminous flux is 248 lumina, according to the national standards determination, the effective life is zero.

According to the national standards, compact energy conservation fluorescent lamp 2000 hour light passes the maintenance rate not to be able to be lower than 78%. But a high quality energy conservation lamp, the initial luminous flux reaches 560 lumina, to 10,000 hours, still maintained the luminous flux is 431 lumina.

Because lacks this aspect the specialized knowledge, often does not understand ” The light fades ” The principle, is mistaken ” Also the bright lamp will be still good ” . Actually a 9 tile energy conservation lamp, lights one, 200 hours later, it consumes the electricity was still 9 tiles, but brightness actually can only be equal to 3 tiles. But because is gets down darkly slowly, people’s naked eye looks up with difficulty thinks.

possible ingeniously

Friday, August 19th, 2011

Wears the jewelry to coordinate in own build characteristic to have is fastidious, chooses the jewelry even to be possible ingeniously to cover the awkwardness which the stature brings insufficient. Obese Stature stubby, extremely fat, neck comparatively obviously short.ideal design
Wears when the jewelry should make every effort to weaken the bodily both sides.

Therefore, the earring, the ring, the bangle and so on suitable choice tone is gloomy, the modelling is succinct. The rubber person’s arm and the skill are inevitably quite thick fat, the bangle or the bracelet elect suitably wide and extravagant, if has worn thin and small, will set off the arm to be thicker. The fat person’s hand finger is generally speaking short and is flat, therefore chooses Dai Zhaibian the ring suitably.

This kind of build appears frail, emaciated, the neck is tall and slender. Therefore chooses jewelry’s principle is central superficial, but both sides brilliance. In order to cause the neck appears short, the necklace with hangs falls chooses tiny and succinct suitably, and not suitable has been long. The earring, the ring, the bangle and so on suitable selection is more magnificent some.

If binaural wears has hangs slightly in a big way plays the part of the area to swing the link, wrist department Dai Youshao the thick bangle,pattern design
then may cause binaural, the double arm and the hand seizes the person eye to cause the human to think that is not too thin. Short This build’s person chooses jewelry’s principle is wears away the rock with water, dilutes the unyielding addition slender and delicate feeling. The necklace elects tall and slender suitably succinct, should better hang with the elegantly simple pearl falls the appropriate match, as for the earring, the ring should thick thin appropriate, makes one think you excessively thickly to be short and stout, crosses the regulation not to be also symmetric with it thick finger.

How wears is US, how or can fully coordinated builds the human and the jewelry one kind of most beautiful boundary, human who is each has the jewelry hoped knew matter.

Must produce this kind “US”, following several aspect wearing needs to pay attention.

Jewellery ornaments and environment coordination   Here environment is situation, professional custom the factor and so on refers to the wearing individuality and wears syntheses.

The individuality is lively, but the personality irritable easy to impulse the human, is not generally suitable wears the bright red series the jewelry, like ruby, red agate and so on, because like this will strengthen “irritablily” this kindIndividuality characteristic. On the contrary, wears some cool-colored series the jewelry like jadeite, the sapphire, the grandmother to be green,hotel interior design the olivine and so on, will be helpful to the well distributed balanced individuality extremeness.

Individuality steady or quite introverted female, wears some bright color series the jewellery ornaments, is advantageous in builds a livelier upward image, like makes by the ruby hangs falls, the earring, the diamond series jewelry and so on.

In some for the grand party situation, like the party, the wedding banquet or the special meeting, may wear the bright color series, the modelling magnificent unique jewelry generally. If partner diamond ruby ring, viridis jadeite earring, modelling prominent diamond coverall and so on.

But in the daytime ordinary working conditions, wears the big bright color series the jewelry, had the flavor which exaggerated and shows off. This time wears some face pigment to be static, the modelling elegant simple cool color series gem jewelry, is suitable, like the sapphire hangs falls, the amethyst ring and so on.

bagpipe music

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

Scotland Celts has the unique marriage vulgar culture. For instance at the wedding ceremony, the bride and the bridegroom tears down their plaid separately, is in the same place, symbolizes two family unions; In May or in the moon by the circle gradually the owing time marriage is inauspicious. The Celts common custom is, in the wedding ceremony the bride and the bridegroom must wear the respective family the checked woolens, the bridegroom want to wear the wool leather bag and the double edge stiletto.bright satin
The bride in buckles in the eye to insert a bunch of Chinese photinia flower expression to be lucky.

The bagpipe plays the melodious bagpipe music to greet the guest, then plays the bagpipe to invite the bride and her father again attends the wedding ceremony ceremony. On evening hold social gathering, the people may the revelry, until play the wedding ceremony marching song heartily, all only then announced finish. Anvil pastor Ge Turner Grimm the prosperous marriage registration service led on the small town trade activity, the residents for the lovers who went to marry has provided the hotel, the hotel and the wagon service.

At that time the most renowned marital registrant was in the town a senior blacksmith. The blacksmith and pastor originally are the occupations which has nothing to do with one another, but its work actually has wonder the equally good results from different methods.bride’s home
The blacksmith must two pig iron heats, place on the anvil to strike in the same place, but pastor is reconciles two people a family. Therefore, uses the senior blacksmith hammering the anvil regards the church the chancel to hold the wedding ceremony for the new person, becomes the excellent creativity. Henceforth, “the anvil wedding ceremony” has helped a right new person. The people said that this senior blacksmith is “anvil pastor”, but that anvil also becomes “luckily zhen”.

Retired when to 1962, “anvil pastor” has altogether presided over 5147 pair of new person’s wedding ceremonies.

Marries daily Now the time already changes, but Ge the Turner Grimm’s wedding ceremony custom still retains. Every year had more than 4000 arrives at Ge Turner Grimm to the lover from the world to marry, occupied the Scotland marriage 13%, certainly married the human mostly no longer was eloping. In addition, also has more than 70 ten thousand tourists to come this feeling original taste and flavor every year “Ge Turner the Grimm type wedding ceremony”.

Therefore, on the small town is lingering daily the moving bagpipe sound, prays for heavenly blessing all world feeling emotion person to become the family member finally! Ge Turner Grimm type wedding ceremony Scotland small town Ge Turner Grimm, is a very commonplace place, but because it actually the unique wedding serves but broadcasts far in Scotland and even the world reputation.

The bridegroom greets the bride, except requests to open the door the red package, the bridegroom must rush to the layered test which bravely the sisters roll, proved that takes new bride’s other half sharp-eyed. But, these passes, how many bridegroom can you rush to?hotel interior design Loving it and everything that comes along with it Loves her words, can love her all naturally, including her all relatives and friends relatives and friends. Looked at bridal and relative’s group photo to the bridegroom that has a look at him to be able to recognize bridal how many relatives!

Not loses not looks The groom, must certainly achieve the perfect score for the new bride. May pour into one pot 355ml only to be able happily to be filled with the 400ml water in the cup, then wants the bridegroom to take the cup, arrives at the downstairs from the new maternal home medium-distance running staircase, runs back the gate before again, and wanted in his hand’s cup still to have 350ml to be possible to be happy at least, how many have a look at him also to be left over to be possible finally to be happy?

The sentiment pulls one Bridegroom and bride’s other half whether to be an intermediary by the month grandmother on mother’s side? Nobody can know. But the bridegroom for beloved her, is certainly willing to kiss the strength to kiss is, even if in three minutes, a line alternates at one go in sends on the foam rubber in nine needle’s pinholes, is willing for her to work.

electric circuit

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

Exhibition pin seal. Inserts installs one of seals, its bottom surface’s vertical pin assumes the exhibition shape arrangement. The seal parent metal basically uses the multi-layered ceramic integrated circuit porcelain foundation plate. In had not expressed specially in the material name’s situation, most is ceramic PGA, uses in the high speed large-scale logical LSI electric circuit.

The cost is high. The pin center distance usually is 2.54mm, the pin number from 64 to 447 about. To reduce the cost, the seal parent metal available glass epoxy resin printing foundation plate replaces. Also has 64~256 pin plastic PG A. Moreover, but also one kind of pin center distance is the 1.27mm short pin surface pastes installs PGA (to bump welds PGA). (sees surface to paste installs PGA). 40th, piggy back   Animal transport seal. The assignment has plug’s ceramic packaging, the shape closes with DIP, QFP, QFN is similar.current magnification
When the development has microcomputer’s equipment uses in the evaluation program confirmation operation. For example, carries on the EPROM insertion plug the debugging. Is this kind of seal basically decides the product, how in the market not circulates. 41st, PLCC

(plastic leaded chip carrier)   Brings the lead wire plastic chip carrier. The surface pastes installs one of seals. The pin draws out from the seal four sides, assumes the T-shape, is the plastic products. The American Texas Instrument Company first and 256kDRAM uses in 64k in position DRAM, now already popularized uses in logical LSI, DLD (or regulation logic component) and so on electric circuits. Pin center distance 1.27mm, pin number from 18 to 84.

The J shape pin is not easy to distort, is easier than QFP to operate, but after welding the viewing test is more difficult. PLCC and LCC (also call QFN) similarly. Before, both’s difference only lay in the former to use the plastic, the latter used the ceramics.current refers
But already presented the J shape pin seal which and with the plastic manufacture non-pin seal now manufactures with the ceramics (mark for plastic LCC, PC LP, P – LCC and so on), was already unable to distinguish. Therefore, the Japanese electron mechanical industry association decided in 1988 that draws out the J shape pin from four sides the seal to be called QFJ, has the electrode salient point seal in four sides to be called QFN (to see QFJ and QFN).

Four side I shape pin flat packaging. The surface pastes installs one of seals. The pin from seals four sides to draw out, assumes I character downward. Is also called MSP (to see MSP). Pastes installs with prints the foundation plate to carry on bumps welds the connection. Because the pin not outshot, pastes installs the occupied area is smaller than QFP. The Hitachi manufacture behavior video frequency simulated IC to develop and uses this kind to seal. In addition, Japan’s Motorola Corporation’s PLL IC has also used this kind of seal. Pin center distance 1.27mm, pin number from 18 in 68. 45th, QFJ

(quad flat J-leaded package)  hotel interior design Four lean the J shape pin flat packaging. The surface pastes installs one of seals. The pin from seals four sides to draw out, assumes the J glyph downward. Is name which the Japanese electron mechanical industry association stipulated. Pin center distance 1.27mm.

The material has the plastic and the ceramic two kinds. The plastic QFJ most situations are called PLCC (to see PLCC), uses in electric circuits and so on microcomputer, gate exhibition, DRAM, ASSP, OTP. Pin number from 18 to 84.   Ceramic QFJ is also called CLCC, JLCC (to see CLCC). Has the window seal to use in ultraviolet ray cleaning EPROM as well as to have the EPROM microcomputer chip electric circuit. Pin number from 32 to 84.

electric circuits

Monday, August 15th, 2011

Diode’s recognition is very simple, low power diode’s N (cathode), mostly uses one kind of color circle in the diode semblance to section out extremely, some diodes also use the diode special-purpose mark to express P extremely (positive electrode) or N extremely (cathode), also has uses the sign flag is “P”, “N” determines the diode polarly. The light emitter diode positive and negative may distinguish extremely from the pin length, long foot for positive, short foot for negative.   1: Crystal diode’s recognition methods and function   The crystal diode commonly used “D” adds the digital presentation in the electric circuit,electric capacity
for example: D5 expressed that the serial number is 5 diodes.

1st, function: Diode’s principal characteristic is the unilateral conductivity, is also under the direct voltage function, the breakover resistance is very small; But under reverse voltage function breakover resistance enormous or infinity. Because just the diode has the above characteristic, in the non-rope telephone often it uses, in the rectification, isolates, the constant voltage, the polar protection, the encoded control, the frequency modulation modulation and static chirp and so on the electric circuits.

In the telephone uses the crystal diode may divide into according to the function: Rectification diode (for example 1N4004), isolating diode (for example 1N4148), Short base diode (for example BAT85), light emitter diode, zener diode and so on.

2nd, recognition methods: Diode’s recognition is very simple, low power diode’s N (cathode), mostly uses one kind of color circle in the diode semblance to section out extremely, some diodes also use the diode special-purpose mark to express P extremely (positive electrode) or N extremely (cathode),accommodates
also has uses the sign flag is “P”, “N” determines the diode polarly. The light emitter diode positive and negative may distinguish extremely from the pin length, long foot for positive, short foot for negative.

3rd, test matters needing attention: Measures the diode when with the digital avonmeter, the red table pen meets diode’s positive electrode, the black table pen meets diode’s cathode, this time obtains the resistance number is diode’s forward breakover resistance number, this and the indicator type avonmeter’s table pen connection is just opposite.

In diode inspection common bad item

The diode expects in the inspection the common bad item mainly to have: The packing distorts, the breakage; Indicates unclear or does not have the indication, the errors and omissions; Most, minority; Size and specification not symbol; The diode main body damages;voltage elevates
The pin pine, breaks, the oxidation; The polar indication is not clear about, the polarity instead; The puncture short-circuits, the internal opening; The photo tube is nonluminous, is dark; The stabilovolt constant voltage value is high somewhat low;

Test matters needing attention: Measures the diode when with the digital avonmeter, the red table pen meets diode’s positive electrode, the black table pen meets diode’s cathode, this time obtains the resistance number is diode’s forward breakover resistance number, this and the indicator type avonmeter’s table pen connection is just opposite.

Using diode’s unilateral conduction characteristic, may use the amp to measure that its forward and reverse resistance, judges its quality. The test method is puts in the indicator type amp R×100 the files or R×1k the files, measured that diode’s resistance, then replaces the red table pen and the black table pen measured again. If two times obtains as soon as the resistance one big is small, and big that one time tends the infinity, may conclude that this diode is good. Simultaneously may also conclude the diode both sides positive and negative. Namely when obtains the resistance number is small, the black table pen meets that end namely for diode’s positive electrode.

1st, rectification diode Hotel interior design contemporary style Using the diode unilateral conductivity, may the exchange transistor diode mark which and the material object changes alternately the direction transforms the sole direction the pulsating direct current.   2nd, on-off element

The diode the resistance is very small under the direct voltage function, is at the conducting state, is equal switch which puts through in one; Under the reverse voltage function, the resistance is very big, is at the closure condition, is similar to switch which separates. Using diode’s switch characteristic, may compose each logic circuit.

3rd, restricts the part

After diode forward breakover, its forward voltage drop maintains basically invariable (silicon tube is 0.7V, germanium tube is 0.3V). Using this characteristic, the achievement restricts the part in the electric circuit, may the signal scope limit based on this.

4th, following class diode   In switching power supply’s inductance neutral relay and so on perceptual in loads following class function.

5th, detector diode   In radio detecting action.   6th, varactor   Use in television’s high frequency tuner.

Special classification

Friday, August 12th, 2011

Launch   The launch is one kind of common natural phenomenon, the ray which the sun four shoot is the launch. The launch has the direction regularity, the launching center for the most important visual focus, all images are centralized to the center, or by central dispersing,work mission
sometimes may create optics person or household who refuses to move and bargains for unreasonably high compensation when the land is requisitioned for a construction project, will have the detonation feeling, will have the intense visual effect.

Launch classification:   1. central point launch: From the center outward or concentrates from outside to inside launch.   2. screw type launch: The spiral fundamental mode circle’s arrangement way has carried on, the circle primitive form expands gradually forms the screw type launch.   3. concentric launch: The concentric launch is a focal point is a center, layer upon layer surrounds the launch, like target graph.

Special   Special is refers to the integrant part to have in the order relations, intends to violate the order, causes the minority individual essential factor appears prominent, breaks the regularity.

Special classification:

1. shape peculiarity: In many redundant or approximate primitive form, has a small part of special shape, forms the difference contrast, becomes in the picture the visual focus.

2. size peculiarity: In the same primitive form’s constitution, only makes a special contrast in the size, but should pay attention to the primitive form special to be moderate in the size, do not contrast too disparate or is too similar.

3. color peculiarity: In the similar color constitution, advances certain contrast ingredient, breaks monotonously.

4. direction peculiarity: The majority fundamental modes have the order arrangement, in the direction consistent, the minority primitive form has the change in the direction to form specially the effect.

5. skin texture peculiarity: In the same skin texture sense of reality, creates the different skin texture change.


The contrast sometimes is in the shape contrast, sometimes is the color and the sense of reality contrast. The contrast may have, the affirmation, the intense visual effect bright, for human profound impression. Has filled the contrast in the nature, the world, Lu Hai, the red flowers and green leaves is the contrast phenomenon. Constitution contrast relations, including: Size, light and shade,information construction
sharp obtuse, weight and so on.   Contrast classification:

1. shape contrast: Completely different shape, no doubt has certain contrast, but should pay attention to the unified feeling.

2. size contrast: The shape is different in the picture area size, the line length different forms contrast.

3. color contrast: Because the color the appearance, the light and shade, the shade, the changes in temperature different produce contrast.

4. skin texture contrast: The different skin texture felt, like thick thin, smooth, the texture concave-convex feeling different produces contrast.

5. position contrast: In the picture the shape position is different, like high and low, about, the high low status different position produces contrast.

6. center of gravity contrast: The center of gravity stable, unstable, the weight feeling different produces contrast.

7. spatial contrast: In the plane positive and negative, the chart bottom, far and near and around the feeling produces contrast.

8. actual situation contrast: In the picture has the true feelings graph to call that it solid, the space is empty, the empty place mostly is a bottom.

What needs to pay attention: In the contrast use,hotel interior design
requests the unified associative perception, visual essential factor various aspects to have the certainly total tendency, some key point, contrasts mutually. If everywhere contrasts, instead cannot emphasize the contrast factor.