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central anticipation

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

Next year’s regulative policy I will think can also severely. Including will limit purchases makes also to expand to the national 23 cities, to will develop the loan, the mortgage loan limit and so on, possibly can continue severely. Looked from the first half of this year’s data that regulation before has not achieved central anticipation.

The present regulative policy main nothing but is ‘ limits the price ‘, ‘limits purchases’, ‘limits the loan’, if the future will be severer, will have the possibility ‘ by a set time ‘, also will be cancels sells in advance the system, will only sell the present room, certainly such policy comparison ‘ the terror ‘, will not be supposed not to implement to situation as a last resort.

As for these years industry in continuously at discussion’s property tax question, at present looking from Chongqing and Shanghai’s experiment site,channel construction
does not have the too big effect, but its collection link, the collection standard and so on had the difficulty truly, therefore more was to the market psychology one kind of influence, perhaps from now on the experiment site scope will expand, but very difficult to become future key regulative policy.

The house price enters the downward channel Regarding the house price trend, the downward channel’s tendency is quite obvious. Recently Wan Keyou announced that puts out 10,000 anteroom reduction sale, although the reduction scope is not very big, but has certain influence to the market confidence and colleague’s competition, will have the demonstration effect.

Regarding the developer, produces goods is the hard truth, may the effective addressing cash flow question. Now many financial organs made loans the annual interest to achieve 20% even 25%, cited an example saying that the developer paid the such high interest with it to melt 5 hundred million funds, the might as well reduces 25% costs to sell 500,000,000 Yuan houses to come out, to reckon up this account, in the future the developer will reduce prices the scope and the popularization will further also increase.

After market spatial gambling has refused to compromise period of time, reduces prices the possibility has. Now some people forecast that next year the house price will fall 20%, theoretically speaking, will drop 10%, 20% to have the possibility, but must look that which place concrete will be, because looked from the nationwide scale, between the local difference will be very big.

’100,000,000,000 clubs ‘ meet dilatancy Regarding strength Fang Qi, reduces prices not to be able to affect their sales result, looks like Wan Ke permanently, big and so on developers, the first half of the year’s sales volume compared with the same time last year has the very big growth, the present market demand objective existence, is only is constrained temporarily,hotel interior design
if the price appears becomes less crowded, the consumer will get rid.

Looking from the present situation, Wan Da, Wan Ke, permanent big, green space these room business the sales volume has the possibility to break through by the end of the year 100,000,000,000, next year’s situation has the possibility to compare this year fortunately, but these Fang Qi profit margin will drop. But grasped 78 plates, 3,000,000,000-4,000,000,000 Yuan fund scale medium Fang Qi regarding these hands, possibly faced at present the situation will be quite painful.

In the hand has 1-2 plate’s den business on the contrary easy to do somewhat. The overall, should have more business next year to present the merger and acquisition, the transfer or the withdrawal phenomenon, but I thought that will not present large quantities of Fang Qi who some people forecast to die ‘ frigidly ‘ the aspect. The market segmentation will be the future tidal current Next year, the commercial real estate will enter a superheating the competitive stage.

jin 1-2 nian lai,development spring more and more developer investment commercial real estate domain. The overall, the housing real estate is the disposable expense, but the commercial real estate involves the surface is broader, including the investment, the operation, has and so on each link, is been small the market environment influence, moreover many place’s commercial sizes are Local authority’s requests forcefully, will become next year possibly a big hot spot.

Moreover, in the segmentation market, will look like the industry real estate, the retirement real estate next year and so on, will have the possibility to present some changes. Some will not be able to open up the perspective in the housing market the developer very possibly to seek reforming.

sport concept

Friday, August 5th, 2011

During the Villanovan Era, there was very little jewelry which has remained for discovery in modern times. The Villanovan Etruscans seem to have had left few items of luxury and thus appear modest.

Yet Villanovan jewelry proves and confirms that in Etruria great effort was placed in the production of decorative arts. Jewelry was a status symbol and represented,sport concept
like in present times, wealth and prosperity.

They used the same patterns as on their pottery. Swastikas, zigzags and triangles can be observed on their jewellery.

Orientalizing Era

Gold jewelry started spreading rapidly during the Orientalizing era. It allowed a great deal more stylization and showed splendid workmanship. Geometric design was such a regular motif that archaeologists refer to this motif as the “Orientalizing geometric”.

The Orientalizing period was especially flourishing for Etruscan gold jewelry due to the very affluent trading system which had evolved during this time. The Etruscans did not invent their decorative techniques. Indeed, the Mediterranean influences had brought such techniques as granulation. Syro-Phoenician jewelers settled in southern Etruria and taught local apprentices the art of granulation and filigree.

Early Jewelry design commissions were often constituted by nobility or the church to honor an event or as wearable ornamentation.manufacture’s process
Within the structure of early methods, enameling and repoussé became standard methods for creating ornamental wares to demonstrate wealth, position, or power. These early techniques created a specific complex design element that later would forge the baroque movement in jewelry design.

These techniques first developed in the South of Etruria. It consisted of working designs onto a surface with tiny granules of gold. Care had to be taken not to melt the little granules onto the surface but instead, to solder them on with a tiny heated point.French fashionable
The various omissions and imperfections, made on purpose, gave the piece of jewelry the artistic character. Soldering was done using (most likely) arseniates and reducing the solder to an impalpable dust.

The Syro-Phoenicians brought in other techniques of workmanship. Many jewelers were influenced by their recurrent themes and symbols. Sacred emblems like the solar disc and the half moon were incorporated in the Etruscans’ fast-growing repertoire. Later Etruscans loosened up their very stern geometric standards and added in their designs floral and figurative elements of oriental inspiration. The finest jewellery was still mainly centered and focused in the southern city-states such as; Cerveteri, Tarquinia and Vetulonia.

Gorgons,interior design pomegranates, acorns, lotus flowers and palms were a clear indicator of Greek influence in Etruscan jewelry. The modelling of heads, which was a typical practice from the Greek severe period, was a technique that spread throughout the Etruscan territory. An even clearer evidence of new influences is the shape introduced in the Orientalising era: The Bullae. A pear shaped vessel used to hold perfume. Its surface was usually decorated with repoussé and engraved symbolic figures.

gold price inevitably

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

Takes refuge from danger the mood to elevate temperature “to take refuge from danger the demand under the impetus, the international gold price on 25th jumps spatially opens high, direct impact history new high.”Some bank international managed finances Shi Fangjun saying that this was during the anticipation, was also strange. During the anticipation, is the beautiful debt Europe debt crisis pushes the high gold price inevitably;

Strange, was after the last week low call-back jumped creates new high spatially. or will rush to 2000 US dollar the international gold to rise all the way,The Jiahua jewelry
causes the gold the trend even more to attract attention in the future, some related personnel predict that the gold rate continually will also rise, or will attack each ounce 2000 US dollars in the year “the ceiling”.

“I thought that 1580 this spot positions are quite reasonable.”A professional believed that although after the organization favors the gold price generally city, but the call-back is also inevitable, affects the gold price the primary factor to take refuge from danger the mood. Although said that the breakthrough earlier period’s historical high spot often means new round rises start,jewelry settles
but this time situation slightly has the difference, because the gold passes through the long time the rise but not to present the very obvious adjustment.

The latter city settles on 1580 Fang Junchi the similar viewpoint. “in August, price, if adjusts to 1580 spots about time, has not presented the large change, the investor may consider that constructs the warehouse.

If continues to come to a stop 1580 points, the best choice continues to wait and see.”He believed that the investor should the rationality treat the gold to be hot. reminds the high price high risk to suggest that “although leaves field temporarily the present situation good, but pushes high along with the price, the risk also grows day by day.”

Gold dealings Manager Zhang analyzes, August 2 is the node, the American debt, if breaks a contract, the gold will continue to rise suddenly; Otherwise, will then present the large call-back, should above 50 US dollars. Mr. Lei leaves the field equally temporarily likely “the stealth”, is the unwise choice. “I do not favor this time the investment in gold, the price am unstable.”

In the interview, many bank financing teacher believed that if is really the investment is cherished, might also as well the static under heart waits and sees gets rid again. To the heavy warehouse, suggested that full agile bag for peaceful, may consider to get rid the majority, keeps the few great advantages.

Material the gold price 10 years rose several fold in the recent 10 years, becomes incorrigible the gold rise in price tendency analogy not for,Las Vegas is paid attention to the degree is also the straight line rise. it is known that in January, 2002, the international gold rate was only 290 US dollars/ounces, domestic on-hand merchandise gold dealings price each gram less than 63 Yuan.

But is highest to July 25 the time 1623.49 US dollars/ounces, the domestic transaction price sets the record of historical new high to arrive at each gram 350 Yuan similarly.

The gold sale price, now already was 2002 more than 5 times. like for the past year, its upward trend lets many investors pursue it to be inferior. on June 21, 2010, the international gold price set the record at that time historical new high, arrived at 1264.9 US dollars/ounces, afterward climbed high successively, on the 25th of the month is on 1623.49 US dollars/ounce top digits.

order management

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

“looking from the standard profession’s management behavior and the innovation development model aspect, the market is urgently needed the big jade carving management brand the appearance.”East the Beijing jade beautiful jadeite skill chain-like Limited company total agents inspired expressed heavyheartedly the other day to reporter.

it is known that along with the economical development and the people consumption level’s enhancement, the jewelry jade carving becomes after the housing, the automobile the Chinese common people’s third big consumption hot spot. in the industry authoritative source forecast that to 2010,Private solicited
the Chinese jewelry jade carving year sales volume will amount to 300,000,000,000 Yuan, becomes the global most competitive jewelry jade carving processing and the consumer center hopefully.

however , what is uncoordinated with this, at present jade carving’s management is also at the dispersion disorder the condition. Hundreds of thousands of practitioners disperse in the land, mostly is the individual action, the brand rallying point is very low, does not have to be able nearly to affect processes and manages the sales enterprise to the nationwide scale jade carving brand production.

The nation only has a Wuhan’s jade carving Operation of business to succeed in A going on the market. “the jade carving profession cannot look like other profession such healthy development the primary cause is, many deep loves because of questions and so on price,big resources
truth gave up.”East business inspires believed that “this proposed the serious proposition to the profession: Good faith order management.”

“the jade carving profession cannot look like other profession such healthy development the primary cause is, many deep loves because of questions and so on price, truth gave up.”East business inspires believed that “this proposed the serious proposition to the profession:

Good faith order management.” it is known that for the single market, the standard profession, in the national development alliance business, the composition united front, Beijing Jade Beautiful Green jade Company have carried on the conformity to the profession resources, from the material production, the technological design, the product processing to sells the terminal, has established the complete industrial chain.

Because had the sufficient source of goods safeguard, may provides the bountiful product take the low price as the seller and alliance business.east regarding the current alliance chain-like industry chaotic elephant, business inspires indicated that for the profession development, the jade beautiful green jade headquarters decided does not charge any fee to the alliance business,hotel interior design and free provides the brand right of use, the shop front design, the advertisement promotion, the marketing plan to the alliance business,

lifelong to train and to draw back unconditionally exchanges goods and so on mechanisms, and pledged that the terminal sale is lower than the market average price 30%. “the company argues vigorously with 5 year makes the jade beautiful green jade in the undertaking board going on the market enterprise, becomes the profession the symbolic brand.”East business will inspire is full of confidence to the future.

system supposes

Monday, August 1st, 2011

Bobby Touran returns to one of strength company’s all people, is known as the essential target is the brand which has carries on imagines.

As Montreal Mcgill University’s classmate, Bobby Touran and Alex Fraenkel receives is all the rage China to return to the strength shoes’ influence, therefore the decision and Fraekel childhood partner Danny Danesh cooperates together, has purchased the property rights,system supposes
and has led this brand the US.

But takes a Finnish photographer as well as person of Chinese descent’s designer, Shumeng Ye has also joined this team, is responsible for the project work. this team with returns to the company which the strength is at to reach the agreement, allows to seek the inspiration from this brand file, makes the adjustment to the existing some forms, and uses the new material quality and the color meets customer’s need.

This brand will explore uses the new material, and on the approximately 40 dollars to 60 dollar neutral style shoes increases the style which in the selling price some attrition corrode, they are good in Philadelphia’s Ubiq and Amsterdam’s Patta retail merchant there sales volume.

The sneakers were also hoping that can have the expansion in the style style: Since spring has promoted oneself design in 2007, founder Ben Walters slowly is also promoting some new designs.

The facile high gang canvas shoe series originally (based on original Chinese sneakers style), has also joined some cold-resistant shoes and the low gang design in this spring. However, he still favored maintained sneakers’ original style. The previous month,United Nations I
this brand conducted “arrogant China in its official website to make” the activity.

But this website is also the price in 48 US dollars the main channel which to 73 US dollar neutral sail cloth shoes sells. regarding the headquarters in Los Angeles’s people’s shoes founder Anton Brandt, makes its classics the green is the belt worker shoes is his mission. Spring has promoted since 2008, the brand simple design, as well as 42 US dollars the price which to 48 US dollars may withstand like this, promoted it in the tidal current market sale, and starts to seek for the environmental protection rubber and the material quality.

the recent several years,hotel interior design the athletic shoes had already been far away from the exaggerating expressive force, but the consumers also hoped that they look like low key some. But looks like from the esthetic appreciation, these Chinese brand displayed one kind of anonymous, was similar to each person looks like is the same.

In addition, what the consumers want to express, they are in the world citizens, but is not the sports athlete. Behind these has the rich historical small story Chinese tradition brand canvas shoe, has been satisfying European and American customer’s these demands.