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raw material

Friday, September 30th, 2011

The entire profession is an organic union body, regardless of which part comes apart cannot the normal formation biological cycle, but regarding the enterprise, the post-sale service is for without doubt enterprise’s creditworthiness big awarded marks, already developed the quite mature economic form in now the developed country and the medium developed country, China is receiving the unprecedented attention.

After specially China joins WTO, the enterprise faced with from global economic’s pressure of competition, the market independency is getting bigger and bigger, the supply-demand relation is also getting more and more defined, the pure product and the technology already no longer could meet the multi-level needs.

In recent years the coating profession raw material, the labor force price rises, the technology to innovate unceasingly, the enterprise homogenization to create intensely unceasingly the market competition and so on various aspects influence, the pressure which the coating enterprise faces is also day by day getting bigger and bigger, the profit space is in the declining trend.

The service station displays value, what already no longer was simple is the product brings the influence, our Tu Qi is not exceptional, implements the service strategy to become the important origin which suitably the profit grows. In the past in the product economy age,Tips for jewellery
our majority of enterprises was sells take the product as the goal, now entered the service economy age, the coating is in itself also the half-finished product, it needed to have the good service to manifest its product characteristic and the value. Let us have a look at the following several classical cases.

The post-sale service is a coating enterprise marketing sharp sword Now, coating profession condition of business a little similar same year’s electrical appliances profession, foreign capital brand unusual strong trend, domestic enterprise, regardless of being unable in the scale or in the specialized technology with the Foreign-funded enterprise to contend with.

Domestic enterprise’s outlet what in? This is stranded around a domestic numerous small household electrical appliances enterprise’s heart knot. Was precisely in by now, as head’s domestic electrical appliances enterprise lifts up the service flag take Haire to rush out a way out for the Chinese Electrical appliances Enterprise.

Is precisely this kind to really, most sincere, the ultimate good high-quality service, causes Haire has realized the complaint ratio for zero to serve the competition goal, the Haier Group also becomes Asian first to have the honor to receive the international star-level service top honor – - five-star diamond prize the electrical appliances enterprise, the Haire product also firmly occupied the market hegemonic position ……Now, but also many once regarded as the manufacturing industry giant’s enterprise also already started the attention to change service industry.

Spreads business service level universally low The China nat’l resources can become the profession recognition a brand, is not only benefits in enterprise’s product quality is perfect, the China nat’l resources grade of service is wins universal praise.T8 LED Tube light From for a better service in the furniture enterprise, the China nat’l resources takes the lead most early in the national each important region establishment service center, organically unifies the service and the service. Lays down one for the coating factory and the furniture manufacturer cooperation “the green passage”.

Service center’s service is through pre-sale, sells, the post-sale entire process initiative, positive, the fast work, prevents the question occurrence, suppresses the question symptom, maximum limit lets the customer achieve satisfaction. Afterward, the China nat’l resources takes the lead in the nation to promote the airless spraying, free to match colors, to invite the customer to participate in the experience and post-sale pays a return visit and so on services regularly. “creates the name brand service to escort” the China nat’l resources is also precisely relies on these slight services to be able the rapid development, steady hold coating profession leading position.

Various aspects’ pressure already gave the building materials profession to suffer the serious pressure, the sur- Japanese big earthquake suffers raw material rising in prices, the petroleum price rise promoted raw material price dramatic rise, the coating price several nearly to hang upside down, the coating profession faced with mixed the cards greatly. Statistics indicated that the Chinese Coating Factory has 7,000 every large or small.

The commentary which mixes the cards greatly about the coating profession has hearing frequently. Around the financial crisis, some people proposed that the coating profession will mix the cards greatly. But, because of the Chinese government 4,000,000,000,000 investments, has led in 2010 the Chinese coating industry rapid growth, enables China to become the coating first great nation.

biggest benefit

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

Consumer: Becomes the price basin biggest benefit   The new intersection jewelry core business circle formation, speaking of the consumer is without doubt biggest “the advantage good news”. Residential Miss Nie indicated: “new intersection transportation, dining,
oil stock
leisure and so on necessary entire, here has the bead mausoleum wall, the market, the exclusive agency, we in purchase jewellery ornaments’ time may back and forth several contrast, product design, quality, price, post-sale service and so on clear, clear expense.

As the consumer, we hoped certainly that various businesses can compete, like this may squeeze out the price moisture content, regarding the consumer, because does not understand to the jewelry, purchase time has the pressure originally, expected that the suitable competition lets the jewelry profession be public transparently, causes the consumer to buy the best product by the lowest price.”

In the near future the American economy will be worn out and the European debt crisis’s proliferation will cause many scholars to forecast that the global economic will march into the double bottom decline stage, the turbulent periphery economic environment made many profession prospects to be worrying,public figure
however the jewelry luxury goods market will as if receive influence really micro, even some “will swim against the stream” imposing manner.

Hong Kong professionals believed that the jewelry luxury goods market’s development present is being at the stage which accelerates to rise, but the China this expense community will become impels one of global jewelry industry demand biggest powers.

Hong Kong jewelry jade manufacturer meeting President Liu Weiguang believed that although Hong Kong’s jewelry export is under the European and American economic crisis’s slight impact, but the Chinese market has the formidable supplies to do uses. He said that the Chinese economic development has been very in recent years steady, in addition the Chinese common people have the deposit custom generally, the huge fund source can support them to the jewellery ornaments and so on luxury goods day by day earnest demands,The suppression he thought that in the future the China buyer’s purchasing power can be getting more and more exuberant.

The global largest-scale jewelry exhibition “in September Hong Kong jewellery ornaments exposition” opens in Hong Kong, this item by Asia heard abundantly the Limited company sponsors the jewelry field year grand meeting has attracted from 46 national and the local 3454 exhibitors, the scale crown of for all previous years.

Asia abundant President Wen and chief executive liked the new gram introduction saying that this display registration’s buyer population broke the record achieves the over 45000 people, rose 32% compared to the same period. And, surmounts Hong Kong for the first time from China’s buyer population, occupies the whole approximately 21%, is situated first, further demonstrated the emerging market pushes the movement which gets up in the jewelry industry to use.

besides color

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

Chooses the Xinjiang Hetian Baiyu, besides color, but also whether there is can pay attention to the slight defect. At the same time, but must pay attention to it Pi Se. Some Hetian jade also has ” Sweet osmanthus watermelon with a spotted rind ” , ” Bordeaux b skin ” , ” Autumn pear skin ” With ” Wu Yapi ” And so on. This is also a Hetian jade big characteristic. When manufactures the jade carving, the skillful color skillful vulture, its artistic value will enhance large scale,
the collector can also add an appeal.

Regards the jade not to carve good-for-nothing. Each jade carving has its shape. When choice, should pay attention to its shape not to look like likely, is completely incomplete, whether there is artistic personal status. More is with the good jade material, it is thinner, the value is also higher. But some jade carvings have, the fissure incompletely, some are raw material factors, after some are the artificial collision’s damages.

Distinguishes the decorative design in a utensil people jade decoration, very emphatically decorative design in a utensil. Because, the decorative design in a utensil has its specific meaning, or auspicious, either avoids evil influences, either blessing,getting fewer
either offers birthday congratulations, either lofty writer breath, either greatly rich greatly expensive, either small and exquisite, should display explicitly.

Which states as follows searches makes the industry is ” Labor ” . ” Labor ” Namely artistic carving. When chooses the jade carving, ” Labor ” Very important. ” Labor ” Good, refers to the carving technique to achieve the reach a high degree of proficiency degree, the artistic ingenuity can express well from the work. The character, the zoomorphism are expressive, the line is smooth; ” Labor ” The difference, the decorative design in a utensil modelling is unsatisfactory, might not take.

The Hetian Baiyu, has nearly 8000 history in China. Elaborated the Chinese society’s history, has the profound understanding to China traditional culture, has the rich historical culture value.

The modern jade carving work, inherited the Chinese tradition jade to play the part of the culture, looked like ” Good fortune and an official position complete in both ” , ” Happy life more than three ” , ” The unicorn delivers the child “vision approached
And so on traditional jade carving accessories were still deep people’s affection; Innovates unceasingly in the carving craft skill the development, the character who the relationship of form and spirit has both, flower-and-bird, the beast and so on, appears generation of craft exquisiteness.

The Xinjiang Hetian Baiyu from Shang Dynasty time until now long-term mining, the output is getting more and more low, the price skyrockets, particularly mutton fat Baiyu, because its resources scarce and are non-renewable become the incomparable items, in the near future its value will be inestimable.

1st, distinguishes the color law. With the eye observation, seems pure white, has the gloss, does exquisitely, and is printed with the shop number on the jewelry, for quality high silver jewelry; Has a liking for the decolorization micro yellow, works roughly, for quality low silver jewelry; The luster is bad, non-gloss’s many are the false silver jewelry. 2nd, knee bend law. Bends at the knees the silver jewelry with the hand, soft glutinous, Yi Wan Yi Duan quality is not the high; Stiff, or the reluctant booklet moves,UPS Power some are even unable the quality which moves with the finger booklet to be low;

Will knock what after the knee bend or with the hammer several will split will be the guarantee of wages jewelry; Light does not have the knee bend, what and Yi Duan is the counterfeit goods. 3rd, nitric acid distinction law. With the glass rod the nitric acid drop in the silver jewelry file mouth place, assumes the coarse cream color, steady green or the emblem green quality is high; Assumes deeply green, even the black, does not have the froth or the file mouth has the froth quality to compare the bottom.

 4th, throws the law. Top-down throws the silver jewelry on the platen, bounces not high, what and has “puff clatter” the sound is really or quality high silver jewelry; Throws jumps on the platen high, and the sound point is bright, for false or quality low silver jewelry.

emotion experience

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

Regards work after the agate depth research and development – - “the winter chain sentiment” series success going on the market, US and Iraq promote 2011 fall winter series new product once more “Heart Rhyme Agate” the series, has made up the disappointment which the silver crustification agate fall winter seasonable product is insufficient.   ”Heart Rhyme Agate” series specially for independent,
public figure
understands the fashion, pursues young woman who oneself savors to design.

Manifests “the heart” in the design, “the rhyme”, “the makings” three to gather is one, transmits the rhyme spirit new student, the emotion experience which the heart rhyme unites, guides in the consumer to repair the mood, outside to model the tone, by, but the outside areas send out beauty the feminine.

“Heart Rhyme Agate” the series uses red, yellow, green, black, waits in vain colored material qualities and so on agate jade, copper, steel, alloy. In the extension is former “the national customs” in the brand style foundation, the style is more fashionable and is pretty, has the very strong clothing compatibility.

This time promotes “Heart Rhyme Agate” the series by a set of chain primarily, altogether has a set of chain, the ear ornament, the wristlet and Che Guagong four broad heading 57 designs, wrapped the chain series more to highlight the functionality and the compatibility in the design, for example might the four seasons wear the wrap chain, might long, the short chain as well as the necklace and the waist chain transforms mutually wrap chain. These multi-purpose wear the method, showy at the same time,The suppression
in the sale is a prominent selling point.

Moreover, “Heart Rhyme Agate” the series uses specially the 361L fine steel, is internationally most popular does not change color at present, the anti-allergic popular accessories timber wood. The early 316L fine steel utilization in Rolex and on each well-known fashionable brand’s wristwatch and the precious fountain pen, its fine steel unique metallic luster and the material characteristic has become the popular fashionable accessories’ focal point gradually. Internationally, the 316L fine steel accessories are with the gold, the diamond and so on upscale jewelry are in the identical product area. Does not corrode completely, does not change color, does not fade, not allergy.

In the evening,massive investors the genuine and fake model alternates the mix in the shop to demonstrate that NE · the TIGER standard collected print high-quality Chinese dress’s unique charm, four wear the noble elegant Chinese dress’s model to perform extemporaneously in the display window, takes to the guest infinite pleasantly surprised, built really also has been also imaginary, antique and the fashion elegant shopping atmosphere.

NE · TIGER had custom-made the Chinese dress to deduct black, red, blue, green, the yellow these five big national beauty brand-new high-level, blended together the Chinese tradition to weave the technique, ingeniously unified the successive dynasties all previous dynasties’ ceremonial dress culture and the modern fashion’s modern element, has formed the broad sharp Chinese dress charm. The time overflows the color Chinese dress just likes world good wine, makes the guest to be unable to restrain to immerse in which. In the evening, in the shop opens the manufacture entire process which the special area demonstration Chinese dress has custom-made high-level, makes one sigh that each working procedure having a special inventive mind with has custom-made the service fine high-level graceful.

The VOGUE modern lively district this time presents a Shanghai hundred year business street, is for the purpose of demonstrating the Chinese fashionable competitive power comprehensively. NE · TIGER takes the Chinese top luxury goods brand representative, always devotes to emerging, revives the Chinese luxury goods civilization, this time VOGUE, has demonstrated the Chinese luxury goods civilization once more hand in hand in the contemporary remarkable graceful bearing.

kitchen gate

Monday, September 26th, 2011

1st, hinge: The kitchen door switch number of times, reaches several does over ten thousand times, door hinge’s fit and unfit quality appears much ten point important, the practice proved that causes the nature speaking of the kitchen cabinet, speaking of the kitchen gate arrangement accuracy, in addition the kitchen gate itself weight, the domestic each kind of hinge very inaccessibility kitchen cabinet must quality requirement.

The Shanghai market appears the approximately 50 kitchen cabinet brand use hinge situation is as follows: A: Austria “the glass” the (GRASS) hinge,
specification hypothesis
belongs to the European name brand, its excellent in quality, the price is expensive, is scale highest hinge best quality goods which the present Shanghai market appears. The Shanghai market use “the glass” hinge’s kitchen cabinet company only accounts for about 2%. B: Germany “the sea rich happy”, “Haiti tribulus”, Taiwan produces the hinge, is also the quality good hinge, the price is slightly higher than the domestically produced hinge.

Limits uses in the Taiwanese businessman Sole-source investment enterprise, approximately composes about entire kitchen cabinet company’s 3%. C: The Shanghai market appears the kitchen cabinet brand overwhelming majority use domestic product hinge, uses broad Dongxiang county to manage the hinge which especially the enterprise and the individual enterprise produce.

Has many Guangdong to produce on the hinge to be printed with the Italian letter, is actually the typical fake and shoddy product, asks the consumer to select and purchase time the kitchen cabinet. Takes seriously specially hinge’s verification, you do ten thousand do not believe that “Italy” produces bullies the deceitful trick, you must appraise Italian what kind of brand?many operators
Whether or not certificate of confirmation?

The approximately 95% kitchen cabinet company service performance bad hinge main starting point reduces the kitchen cabinet production cost, cuts the kitchen cabinet selling price, by this achievement main competition method (one Austrian glass hinge and German domestic product hinge price: 8.50 Yuan 122.00 Yuan. The home produces or a joint capital hinge each price l.5 Yuan 12.50 Yuan).

2nd, drawer guide rail: The guide rail is one in kitchen cabinet hardware important hardwares, its importance is only inferior to the hinge, the Shanghai Kitchen cabinet Company selects guide rail’s condition and the ratio is similar in the hinge. The approximately 95% kitchen cabinet company use the price inferiority bad guide rail. Compares superior and the poor by no means outward appearance which and the use way establishes comes up differentiates.

Its main difference lies in the material,authorization approbation the principle, the structure, the equipment, the technique of production and so on not with the difference which produces. So long as you take seriously slightly, you pull the drawer then reveal the truth. Austrian glass and German guide rail each price: 18 Yuan ~48 Yuan, domestically produced guide rail each price: 4.5 Yuan one 7 Yuan.

In recent years, because the man-power, the physical distribution, sold the field rent the rise as well as under the upstream real estate policy influence, the entire integrated suspended ceiling market faced layer on layer is challenging.

How wins in the middle of such stern market environment tests the integrated suspended ceiling enterprise’s key, particularly is the competition is increasingly intense to the cost pressure rise’s entity marketing channel, can win in the limited cake belongs to own appropriation market then to become the winner. Recently, the author had visited the Hangzhou each everybody shopkeeper field, in visits in the process to discover that has the strong point respectively in them in the sales way, no matter what is by consumer’s angle embarking, looks for the accurate consumer’s heart movement spot.

special characteristic

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

Now in the family profession market the variety is diverse, however the consumer is choosing, feels helpless facing business’s recommendation. Today 11 wooden doors have under your understanding the solid wooden door, the log gate and the solid wooden compound gate difference. Solid wooden door: 1500 Yuan – - 4000 Yuan The solid wooden door’s special characteristic lies in the high quality and the relative low key. The solid wooden door deadening is good, and has functions and so on temperature adjustment,Chongqing lamps
humidifying treatment, also has the strong absorption to the ultraviolet ray, in the indoor scale is very high.

The solid wooden door is consistent on the lumber with the log gate, inside and outside uses the homogeneous lumber, therefore does not have the obvious difference externally, after the coating, also very close log gate. Log gate: 6000 Yuan to ten thousand Yuan different The log gate, as the name suggests, raw material is a log, namely directly the board which breaks with the wood, the entire leafed door uses one kind of lumber, and thinks the same way.

The log gate belongs to the solid wooden series high-end product, in the processing process, must carry on a series of dehydrated, drying as well as mechanical properties processing to the lumber, the important target – - moisture content between 6~12%, only then can guarantee the entire fan wooden door the stability. Because the log gate is not only “the pure wood”, is “the aniseed” makes,illumination product
inside and outside is the identical kind of lignin, therefore requests in the craft to be higher, the price is also more expensive.

Solid wooden compound gate: about 1200-2300 Yuan different The solid wooden compound gate is present most sells well in the market, is also a variety which favors. In the market among the most common reality wooden compound gate pastes the density board for the solid wooden grid keel outside to add purely natural solid wooden barks the suppression to become, the modelling is generally artistic, the design diversification, can suit the different style the family repair. The reasonable price, the main merit does not crack distorts, sound-insulated, the environmental protection, the durability, to bear the hit good, the price to be expensive, easy to repair, has the very strong reality wooden feeling and feel.

The gate, it is tenant its for the person’s first impression, the visitor has not always entered the family foresight gate. The gate is not only the spatial room partition, but also has demonstrated the home master’s personal status and the pursue. The wooden door type has many.machine manufacture
One kind is the solid wooden compound gate, this kind of gate’s gate core many by the pine lumber, the pine composite wood suppresses after the high temperature becomes.

Outside pastes 3 millimeter Austria yellow deals and solid wooden barks, after high temperature thermo-compression makes, and uses the solid wooden line edge sealing. Generally the high-level reality wooden compound gate, its core many are the high quality white pine, the surface is the reality wooden veneer. Because the white pine density is small, the weight is light, and easy to control the moisture content, thus the end product gate’s weight is light, is also not easy to distort, the dehiscence.

Moreover, the solid wooden compound gate also impact, being flame-resistant characteristics and so on has the heat preservation, to bear,electrical appliances moreover sound-insulated effect with solid wooden door basic same. Because the solid wooden compound gate’s modelling is diverse, the design is rich, either fine western-style carving flower, either Chinese type classical assorted puts together the flower, either the fashionable modern age, decorated the style the gate to give the consumer differently the broad choice space, thus also called the solid wooden modelling gate. The upscale reality wooden compound gate not only has feel to be smooth, soft colors characteristic, but also unusual environmental protection, firm durable.


Other one kind is the solid wooden door, selects material from the forest natural log makes the gate core, undergoes the drying process, then after the yummy treats, digs the light, to operate the tenon, to drill, working procedure science processings and so on high speed mill shape to become. The solid wooden door selects many are the precious lumber, like the cherry, the walnut, the common teak and so on, have after the processing end product gate do not distort, anti-corrosive, do not have characteristics and so on crack and heat insulation heat preservation. At the same time, the solid wooden door because of has the good sound absorption, but played the sound-insulated role effectively.

The solid wooden door natural wood grain texture and the luster, to advocated the return natural repair style the family, without doubt was the best choice. The solid wooden door is passing one kind of tender feeling since the ancient times, not only the outward appearance is magnificent, the carving is fine, moreover the design is diverse. The ester paint has the moisture-proof function, therefore only then chooses the good paint vehicle only then to be possible to prevent the wooden door because to be affected with damp distorts.

The wooden door because of selects the tree seed the difference, but presents the changeable lignin texture and the luster. The vandyck brown walnut feels honored for the human steady, but the light brown cherry lets the human think warmly comfortable. Therefore, chooses with the room decoration style consistent wooden door, will be added color many room.

renovate constructs

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

Not only the batch wipes the ceramic tile cementing agent on the old ceramic tile, must wipe the cementing agent thinly at the back of the new ceramic tile.technical department
Case: Reader young Le wants to renovate constructs joyful park plot Lao Fang, this preparation is the parents has lived as the marriage room’s old home, the ceramic tile maintenance is good, only needs to clean up the greasy dirt simply then. But young Le, for with family in overall style appropriate match, wants to brush a green on the kitchen wall to imitate the cloth coating the wall.

Therefore she hoped that does not demolish the old ceramic tile and the mosaic, but may carry on the wall surface with the coating to renovate fast. Kibitzing: Coates the coating on the old ceramic tile or the mosaic, has a higher request to the wall surface smoothness and the putty level.

Must first the mosaic face brick surface finishing agent watering agitation, divide two time even batch to wipe in the old ceramic tile basic unit. Reporter saw that this kind of mosaic face brick surface finishing agent looked resembles is similar with the tradition cement mortar, but is actually and so on inorganic gelled material increase high polymer is made by the cementdifficult choice
, approves wipes in the old ceramic tile or the mosaic surface, after dry and hard, then may carry on the new ceramic tile shop to paste or the coating construction.

In the implementation also needs to carry on the inspection, patching to the old wall surface, cleanly, the use mosaic face brick surface finishing agent divides two time even batch to wipe, after generally 48 hour finishing agent dry and hard, on the use flexibility water resistant putty’s constructs after doing finishing agent, after the putty processes, may carry on the coating construction. Prompt: The flexible water resistant putty’s use, has avoided the wall surface coating coating dehiscence, the spatial drum and falls off.

operating guide price: In the market condition the common mosaic face brick surface finishing agent is the 25kg/package, the ceramic tile cementing agent 40kg/package, the reduced expense approximately pastes 40-50 Yuan for each square meter shop, the expense slightly is higher than the common cement mortar shop to paste, usually is suitable in the small area renovates the shop to paste. But may omit eradicates the old brick’s labor cost and trash handling fee, the overall disbursement increases not many.

Artificial: Generally the old ceramic tile wall surface pastes the new ceramic tile to belong to the partial repair, has the partial repair service repair company like day abundant, seven surnames precious to be possible to carry on this service, the labor cost approximately for each square meter 25-30 Yuan. Thin brick: Although renovates the method to be suitable fast for each type facing old mosaic and the porcelain brick wall ground, but the new shop pastes the ceramic tile should better use the thin brick which in the present market condition promotes, thickness approximately is 5-6mm, like this is helpful in saves the space,energy conservation does not have the ad hoc request regarding the mosaic or the coating facing.

Old paint wall: Regarding wall surface which varnishes newly, theoretically may also use the ceramic tile cementing agent to paste the ceramic tile; But regarding the obsolete paint surface wall, needs to demolish the finish coat and the putty level, after revealing the cement mortar level, can use the mosaic face brick surface finishing agent processing wall surface, uses the ceramic tile cementing agent tiling again.

doubt blows

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

The construction energy conservation is one which of basic state policies China develops. The housing and the city and countryside ministry of construction “about Development Energy conservation Province Housing And Public building’s Instruction Opinion” is without doubt blows to the construction curtain wall profession spring breeze, it expedites childbirth unceasingly suits the construction curtain wall profession development the new technology and the new product, the promotion new curtain wall material industry development.

In fact, “Public building Energy conservation Design standard” the GB50189 implementation, already set a higher request for the construction curtain wall profession, thus impels the Chinese building curtain wall profession the technology advancement.

Many new building material’s use, enhanced the construction curtain wall energy conservation target, expanded the construction curtain wall use scope, increased the construction curtain wall connotation and the extension greatly, causes the curtain wall to evolve into the structure by the original sole wall to be novel, facing material sharp new multi-purpose construction structure.table pastes
These product application, both can satisfy the construction outward appearance and to be able to satisfy the construction energy conservation request, has broken a lot of year plain concrete wall, the brick wall, the ceramic tile old face completely, without doubt is constructs the profession a revolution.

Did not take seriously the hardware fitting, to reduce the windows and doors curtain wall reliability and the security, the immediate influence windows and doors curtain wall’s quality, brought the hidden danger to the personal safety, must therefore take the hardware fitting’s security specially.

To the hardware fitting security understanding insufficiency, in 1999 Xiamen 15 level of typhoons, over ten thousand trees are blown down, the telephone pole, the tower crane is blown down, more than 20 glass curtain walls and the aluminum window have not been blown break down,landscape illumination
many window sashes not firm are blown because of the hardware fitting fall. Around the window sash has clevis pin’s multi-spot lock, has not blown down.

The windows and doors curtain wall hardware fitting backwardness aspect has existed many years, probably the hygienic sanitary equipment is the same, knew backwardness is cannot solve, this was any question, mainly to fitting’s important understanding insufficiency, displayed in: Is very low to the hardware surface cosmetic request, this is affects the development a factor. Does not take the hardware fitting’s cosmetic, the hardware fitting is a windows and doors curtain wall whole part, outward appearance US is a windows and doors curtain wall important request part. Some people thought that the hardware fitting can use the line,domain expansion
the artistic request difference, the common window blind low-cost crescent moon locks many, the high and low clevis pin window locks many.

For uses the functionality understanding insufficiency, our country windows and doors window blind’s hardware fitting several year invariable recent development, the market has not had any enterprise to buy anything, the important project majority of use high quota’s import hardware fitting, overseas has the enterprise to study each type hardware fitting specially, therefore the different variety, the different performance’s hardware fitting emerges one after another incessantly, our lock is two lock spots generally, overseas produces the multi-spot lock, divides into three spots, four spots, six spot locks,hotel interior design the hardware fitting may improve the windows and doors function, may manufacture the automobile equally to be likely slippery pulls the folding gate the hardware fitting, because has the upscale multi-purpose fitting to be able to have the multi-purpose windows and doors.

Must establish a hardware factory to want the great investment newly, whether and does the overseas factory gather does, the joint capital in domestic runs factory together, domestic some ordnance aviation distribution depot, because line of business immovable property quantity cannot eat to the full too small, may invest the advanced idle equipment the upscale hardware production to not have the question. In brief, must change the windows and doors hardware fitting backward phenomenon as soon as possible. The domestic several big some fame’s hardware distribution depot equipment is old, is not advanced, the factory scale is small, manages the difference, many are the Rural enterprise, has not been separated from the manual workshop.

To the windows and doors curtain wall’s hardware fitting benefit understanding insufficiency, windows and doors curtain wall hardware fitting everybody acknowledges backwardness, but why does nobody develop, some people believed that the hardware fitting profit is too thin, is not worth investing, moreover invests too few also cannot complete the hardware, therefore for many years nobody has had the big investment, the hardware fitting dependence overseas aspect has also extended down.

The same scale with the horizontal hardware fitting, many which must lower compared to the overseas cost, the entire benefit is not big, but is considerable. The hardware fitting, the low scale’s window blind profit is not high, but the high scale’s profit is not thin, we have studied, the overseas hardware fitting profit accounts for the overseas cost 20%~30% (including import duty) the new short line hardware fitting profit not to be high.

unceasing expansion

Monday, September 19th, 2011

The economic globalization causes each kind of element of production and the resources globally flows, the disposition and the reorganization, the internal division of labor which the enterprise produces also unceasingly toward crosswise and the longitudinal expansion for the global division of labor. Now, the emerging LED display monitor profession also already obviously displayed this tendency to come out, but industry in still spread should do about the enterprise should extend specially the industrial chain to create a clamor the sound.

In recent years,game’s characteristic
domestic many had the certain scale led display monitor enterprise not only to limit to produced can the unceasing expansion, but started to step in middle and upper reaches the industrial chain’s component seal on own initiative, even invested the chip, the extension domain. Yao believed peacefully that now the LED display monitor profession resources are in the global scale dispose, the industrial chain division of labor is day by day obvious, will step in the industrial chain in many ways to have too many problems to tackle unavoidably blindly, to the enterprise not necessarily is the good deed.

He said that the association constructs is makes the high-end display monitor product, the reason that the present did not have to make the seal,lamp’s combination
has the technological strength, but how places the core attention spot to complete above the demonstration effect, but completes the component. Although the recent years, the domestic LED component seal level had the unprecedented promotion, but the foreign product still had certain disparity in the performance, at present the higher order display monitor needs to use the import component or the domestic apex component.

The antithetical couplet constructs says, the overseas component purchases directly, but uses according to the customer demand that part of domestic products may make the buying pattern the innovation, for example chooses Taiwan, the home best factory for its generation of labor,possibility reduction
even invests opposite party factory, regarding the product special request, proposed, can also satisfy. Makes the seal initiative as for display monitor enterprise to be able the big spot, is more nimble to the delivery date assurance some.

Yao thought peacefully this is an erroneous zone, “first, demonstrated that the profession the component is not out of stock; Next, if you do must result in the question which the consideration can be able to complete. Now the industrial chain division of labor is that thin, you complete this, but must complete that some quite to be on the other hand difficult. For instance, NICHIA and CREE almost only sell the lamp, does not sell the chip, oneself seal with other chips cannot achieve others’ performance.”

The Tsinghua University, the Jiangsu North Pole sky science and technology Limited company on August 20 holds LED grandly in the Jiangsu Yixing economic development zone the R&D center 塈 high efficiency high luminance LED chip project cornerstone-laying ceremony. This item will have the proprietary intellectual property rights high efficiency semiconductor illumination by our country (LED) to produce the project first period plan to complete in next May and to go into production.

The Jiangsu North Pole sky science and technology Limited company is an emerging privately operated comprehensive nature High-tech enterprise, she depends on the Jiangsu Yixing economic development zone East China photoelectron Industrial base, uses the Tsinghua University and the company core technologies team’s LED innovation and the invention, devotes in the photoelectron industry, 哮喘 key making high efficiency high luminance LED chip project.

According to the Tsinghua University and the Jiangsu North Pole sky signs “LED Patented technology Transfer And Long-term Cooperative agreement”, the Tsinghua University not only has transferred two close international advanced level LED patented technologies to the North Pole sky, moreover also for a long time provides the production, the research and development and the training of manpower support to the North Pole sky.

Project investment construction side Jiangsu North Pole sky science and technology Limited company’s Chief Technology Officer Dr. Sun Runguang told the reporters, has in the North Pole sky in the LED patented technology, some item of LED patent is produces the blue color light emitter diode on the yellow illumination substrate to realize the white light lighting techniques, is different in the traditional white light technology, broke through for the first time overseas in this domain to China’s patented technology monopoly.

The Jiangsu North Pole sky has ability to have the confidence puts in the Tsinghua University and the technical core team in the semiconductor electro-optic domain advanced scientific and technical payoffs transformation for the productive forces the market, white hits the Jiangsu North Pole the day to make diligently has the international advanced level LED industry chain Upstream Enterprise.

The Jiangsu North Pole sky high efficiency high luminance LED chip project’s operation construction, obtained Local government’s full affirmation and supports vigorously. Wuxi Municipal party committee member, Yixing municipal party committee Secretary Jiang to pointed out loudly and clearly at the project foundation laying ceremony that the North Pole sky and the Tsinghua University builds the LED R&D center hand in hand, on the new high efficiency high luminance LED chip project, has manifested the cooperation both sides foresight, the mettle and the wisdom fully.

The Yixing municipal party committee, the municipal government will spare no effort to support the North Pole sky the growth and the development. He hoped that the North Pole sky leaves steadfastly only then gathers, road of the innovation actuation, seizes the technical high ground rapidly, the expanded industry scale, the construction sends the superiority first, makes the North Pole sky has the core competitiveness to command troops the enterprise.

drive failure

Friday, September 16th, 2011

SSD Solid State Drive Description: solid state drive SSD (Solid State Disk, IDE FLASH DISK, Serial ATA Flash Disk) by the control unit and storage unit (FLASH chip), with simple, that is to use solid state electronic memory chip arrays made of hard drive (currently a maximum capacity of 1.6TB), solid-state hard drive interface specification and definition, function and use an ordinary hard drive with exactly the same.

Shape and size of product is also fully consistent with the normal hard drive, including 3.5 “, 2.5″, 1.8 “various types due to solid-state hard disk is not an ordinary hard drive media rotation, and thus excellent shock resistance,circuit structure
and wide operating temperature, extended temperature electronic drives can work in -45 ℃ ~ +85 ℃. widely used in military, automotive, industrial control, video surveillance, network monitoring, network terminals, power, medical, aviation, navigation equipment and other fields.

According to Xing Qing authorities say it: hard drive failure before will have the following performance: 1. Prompted the SMART failure. This is a built-in hard disk drive manufacturers themselves in the automatic detection function at work, this occurs computer hard disk (15) prompt indicates that your potential physical drive failure, soon there will not work from time to time running. 2. Crashes in the Windows initialization.

This situation is more complex problems should first rule out the possibility of other components such as memory, poor quality,TWIST IS”
the fan stops overheat or damage caused by viruses, etc., and finally if it is determined if the hard disk failure, and then dealt with separately. 3. Can enter the Windows system, but run the program error, but also can not run a disk scan, the scan time is often slow and stagnant or even crash.

This phenomenon may be the problem disk, Windows may be constant, daily soft fault, if you exclude the software set up the possibility of problems, you can certainly have the physical failure of hard disk. 4. Able to enter Windows, run the ScanDisk found errors or bad sectors directly, I do not say this, Windows will be detailed inspection procedures of reporting. 5. Suddenly in the BIOS can not recognize the hard disk, or even to identify, with the operating system can not find the hard drive, this is the most serious failure.

1 reading and writing process and avoid large power drives are 5400 RPM and 7200 RPM, SCSI hard drives at 10,000 to 15,000 more turn,conversion efficiency during read and write, the entire disc in a high-speed rotation state, if the power suddenly cut off, head and the disc will make violent friction, leading to even damage the hard disk bad sectors, but also often result in loss of data streams. So off, be sure to pay attention to the chassis panel is not on the hard disk light is flashing, that is hard to read and write operations have completed before you can turn off the computer in accordance with normal procedures. Hard disk light is flashing, must not cut off the power.

If the mobile hard disk, remove the hardware security implementation best first, only after successful pull. 2 hard to maintain a good working environment for higher demands on the environment, and sometimes severe dust or air humidity, can cause short circuit or interface oxidation of electronic components, causing instability or damage to the hard drive performance.

3 is very hard to prevent shock by sophisticated storage devices read and write operations, the head floating surface of the disc height of only a few microns; does not work even when the head is in contact with the disc. Hard at work, in the event of a large shock, it is likely to cause head and data relative to the impact area, resulting in damage or scratch the disc information area disk, lost disk file data stored within.

So, at work or shut down until after the spindle motor has not stopped, do not move the computer or mobile hard disk, so as not to have hit the head and disc platter scratches the surface of the magnetosphere. In addition, the hard drive installation, demolition process must take extra care to prevent excessive shaking or violent collision with the iron chassis.

4 to reduce frequent long-running operation if a program (such as large-scale software or play games), or other long-term use BT to download software, then we should pay attention, this will be a long head with a hard disk read and write position frequently (ie program where the sector), leaving the hard disk have bad sectors.

In addition, if prolonged use of an operating system, but also make the hard disk sectors where the system files (not move) in long-term reading state, thus speeding up the rate of damage to the sector. Of course, it is best to install two or more alternate operating system in order to avoid the hard disk read and write to a sector long term operation.