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interface damage

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

One. “computer starting when does not search the keyboard” the breakdown to service to cause “computer starting when does not search the keyboard” the factor to have many, for example the connection unreliable, the keyboard interface damage, the line have question,strict stipulation
motherboard damage and so on, but the main questions nearly are in the connection (probability about 60%).

The method which we usually use regarding this kind of breakdown is closes down first, then captures the keyboard attachment, then makes an effort to insert on motherboard’s keyboard interface then. two. “the keyboard pressed key malfunction” the breakdown services the question which “the keyboard pressed key malfunction” this is we meet frequently. Presents this kind of phenomenon is generally because has the dirt on the line board or the electric conduction revertex, thus causes between both to be unable to put through normally. Other factors also have the possibility, for example: The keyboard plug damage, the line has the question not normally, the motherboard damage, the CPU work and so on, but by no means primary cause. Therefore we only need to carry on the removing dirty stuff work then to be possible.source appears
the operation’s step is as follows:

Keyboard’s disinfection 1. whips the keyboard. Switches off the computer, takes down the keyboard from the main engine. Puts a newspaper on the table, turns over under the keyboard faces, is away from about the tabletop 10 centimeters, whips and sways. 2. blows down the sundry goods. On the use air blower alignment keyboard pressed key’s slit blows, blows down adheres to stick cohere in sundry goods, under then turns over once more keyboard faces and sways whips. 3. scours the surface. Dips the detergent which with a soft cloth dilutes (attention soft cloth not to too wet), scours the pressed key surface. Then attracts again with the vacuum cleaner the keyboard.

4. disinfection. After the keyboard scours cleanly, might as well again dips the ethyl alcohol, the disinfection fluid or for medicinal purposes hydrogen peroxide solution and so on carries on disinfection processing, finally uses to do the cloth to dry the keyboard surface then. 5. thorough clean. If you want to give the keyboard to come a thorough general cleaning,quite high
must open down each pressed key’s hat. The ordinary keyboard’s keycap part is dismantable, may use the small screwdriver or pull out the ear bucket to skid down them. The space bar and the carriage return key and so on big are difficult according to the keycap to reply the home position, therefore do not open as far as possible.

Should better use the camera to pat first down the keyboard layout or draws a schematic diagram. Dismantles after the keycap, may soak in the detergent or the disinfection solution, and scours the keyboard foundation carefully with the flannelette or the disinfection paper goods.

3. examination pressed key malfunction part electric conduction revertex, if above saved massive dirt, similarly the use ethyl alcohol scours.哮喘 The supposition electric conduction revertex has damage, then the author suggested that you may trade not the commonly used pressed key’s on electric conduction revertex already the part which damages, although this kind “robs peter to pay paul” the action is unable to let the keyboard display all functions, but may lengthen the commonly used pressed key’s life most at least.

4. eliminates in the keyboard in the corner the dirt, the tool available writing brush, the small brush and so on, but must pay attention to the movement to want gentle somewhat. 5. examination welding module whether there is faulty soldered joint or unsoldering, if you will use electric iron, may carry on the patching work. Certainly this step will only be suitable to will use electric iron’s friend, will not use the friend, please jump over this step. 6. installs the keyboard. Here has a point to pay attention, after that is must certainly wait for the ethyl alcohol volatility cleanly, carries on again.

Taiwanese businessman

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

The keyboard is glorious, as early as in 1714, started to have national and so on UK and US, France, Italy, Switzerland people to invent the multiform typewriter one after another, the earliest keyboard was uses at that time on these technical also not mature typewriter. Until 1868, “father of the typewriter” – - American Kelisituofu · Lasson · Shores (Christopher Latham Sholes) obtained the typewriter model patent and obtains the right of management management, also in several years later designed presents the generation of typewriter’s practical form and for the first time the standard keyboard, namely present “QWERTY” keyboard.

why can become the keyboard standard now such “QWERTY” the keyboard pressed key layout? This is because at first, typewriter’s keyboard is defers to the alphabetical order arrangement, but the typewriter is the entire mechanism typing tool, if therefore the typing speed is excessively quickly, certain key’s combination is very easy to have the card key problem, therefore Kelisituofu · Lasson · Shores (Christopher Latham Sholes) has invented the QWERTY keyboard layout, he the most commonly used several letters will place in the reverse direction, maximum limit slows down knocks the key speed to avoid the card key.environmental protection
Shores applied for the patent in 1868, in 1873 used this layout the first Taiwanese businessman put in the market with the typewriter success. Why does this have today keyboard’s arrangement way.

The QWERTY keyboard pressed key layout way does not have the efficiency. For instance: The majority typists habitually use the right hand, but uses the QWERTY keyboard, the left hand has actually borne 57% work. Two little fingers and the left ring finger are most do not have the strength the finger, actually repeatedly must use them.

Arranges in a row letter, its utilization ratio only occupies the entire typing work about 30%, therefore, to hit a character, often must move the finger. in 1888 the entire US held the typing open competition, court tachygrapher horse Garing has demonstrated his touch typing technology extremely according to the explicit fingering division of labor, the mistake only then three,system energy
caused the person on the scene surprised, according to the record horse Garing’s bonus was 500 US dollars, will imitate this kind of touch typing from this later many people, also started in the US to have raised typist’s school specially.

as a result of the touch typing technology’s appearance, causes to strike the key speed to satisfy the routine work sufficiently the need, however 60 years later (in 1934), Washington was called Dewolake (Dvorak) artificial enabled the right-hand man to stroke more words to invent one new arrangement method alternately, this keyboard might reduce the training cycle 1/2 time, the average velocity enhanced 35%. The DVORAK keyboard layout principle is: 1st, the right-hand man strokes alternately as far as possible, avoids the single-handed double hit; 2nd, more excludes and attacks the key average migration to be away from is smallest; 3rd, arranges is leading the key position to be the most commonly used letter.

Is more reasonable than what the DVORAK keyboard, is more highly effective than is principle · Moult (Lillian Malt) invents the MALT keyboard continually. It changed originally the staggered key ranks, and causes the thumb to obtain more uses, to cause “the backlash key” (Backspace) and other is far away from the keyboard center the key to be easier originally to touch. But the MALT keyboard needs the special hardware to be able to install on the computer, therefore has not obtained the widespread application.

to the mid-20th century, the keyboard have been also many an opportunity – - to take computer’s basic input device. On the other hand, until now,obvious superiority “QWERTY” the keyboard is still the use most keyboard layout way, this is very typical “the inferiority product defeats the superiority product” the example. in the history two kind of keyboards innovate the defeat in-depth reason analysis: says from ours general knowledge, the inferiority product must by the superiority product substitution, many people analyze eventually has produced this kind of reverse side phenomenon each kind of reason, is familiar with the strength and the pipeline dependence is the most popular view.

However, we might analyze at that time the situation and discover in-depth reason. the 1. market limited was of substantial clauses the computer demand is limited to computer’s demand, the formation thing in were very at that time few some people to be willing to change, the big company was so. We knew, when the demand is limited, any enterprise innovates the power to be small, the attention key lies in has with does not have, but does not lie in the performance to be whether best.

scientific innovation

Friday, September 9th, 2011

2010 Shanghai worlds leave behind too many splendid recollections abundantly for us. The people already experienced to the most front modern scientific innovation, lets the human remember You Shen, when is many exhibition halls brings the visual grand feast through the phantom technology for the people. At the sea world abundant opening ceremony the length 57 meters, select the distance are 6 millimeters, the total area 10,000 square meter newest ultra greatly high clear semiconductor light emitter diode (LED) the large screen become this World Expo biggest luminescent spot.

in October,LED Spot Lights
2010 31, 184 day-long Shanghai World Expo drops the curtain officially, various exhibition halls shut the hall in 22:30, the campus in 24:00 closes. 20:10 pm, the Shanghai World Expo closing ceremony starts. When closing ceremony long approximately is 1 hour, the content including the procedural ceremony and the theatrical performance part, the ceremony part including falls the World Expo meeting pennant, turns over links and so on meeting pennant, the theatrical performance including the three places across two shore numerous major suit stars and the non-specialized volunteer.

The theatrical performance stage top of the head is one by 6 group, more than 60,000 LED is composed 7560 cubic meters “the starry sky matrix”,LED Flood Lights
theatrical performance near last act, the numerous singer affection has sung hand in hand “for Tomorrow”. Instantly, “the starry sky matrix” the secret, dense and numerous, fluctuates infinitely, has provided a color vision grand feast numerous for the people.

According to the Xinhua News Agency reported that this more than 60,000 LED lamp by the computer accurate control, every one “” the lamp may completely “aerosol” in the stage sky different position, thus demonstrates each kind of modelling. Actually, these ten thousand beacon lights by no means true aerosol in airborne, but develops by the Shanghai Donghua University new high performance textile fiber rope institute “hauling”. This kind of rope weight is not only light, the tension is high,LED Ceiling Lights
the flexibility is good, moreover may willfully the turn color.

Therefore, the audience naked eye does not look at the traction rope nearly, but can only see that “the stars” drifts to ten thousand spots on the stage vault of heaven fluctuates. Besides the opening ceremony and the closing ceremony, many facilities have used the most advanced most environmental protection LED display monitor, deducts the multi-colors for the people the picture.

Beijing hall has utilized the LED screen, after the exhibition ended, the exhibition hall disassemblage has not become the very tedious question, the staff already various part of module silk thread business code, certainly the LED big screen had not been beforehand exceptional.

World Expo’s conclusion indicates “the later generation abundant time” oncoming. Later generation abundant time, LED industry what course to follow from? LED becomes the illumination development the main tendency, this is without a doubt. The LED power consumption small,Patch Panel Manufacturer
enjoys the life long, characteristics and so on non-toxic environmental protection to manifest the modern people to the low-carbon life pursue, these characteristics promote LED to walk into the ordinary common people family. LED widely is applying in indoor domains and so on outdoors, automobile, electron, decided that its market is huge, the LED industry was considered that is pillar industry which future our country will develop.

The Shanghai world abundant whole world used LED to take the landscape illumination massively for the first time, the LED technology already broke through the question which brightness and the light faded, the color conditioning technology also had the very big improvement.哮喘 But, the domestic LED enterprise universal scale is small, the technology is weak, the product quality bad and so on becomes our country LED to develop the bad factor, simultaneously the market competition entered “the price war” vicious circle.

In the LED market, our country mainly concentrates in seals and the downstream industry, but core technologies and so on high efficiency chip and luminous powder still grasped in the foreigner hand. In the LED industry chain, the core technologies occupies the profit 2/3, but seals and the downstream industrial profit has 1/3.

The technology researches and develops into our country LED industrial development to need the key breakthrough the factor. In the future market excellent situation, the disorderly investment will also become hinders the market development the primary factor, will be the most important factor. Regarding the steep competition market, the enterprise needs not solely is the technical progress, but also needs a good investment and the living environment.

marketing experts

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

Furniture profession success key five essential factor The furniture enterprise’s management and the management are the science and the artistic unification, how hasn’t the ready-made formula told the operator to succeed, the most marketing experts to this profession very deep understanding, have not applied mechanically the related theory simply, the result often defeat the purpose, country sea
let the human not know whether to laugh or cry.

In view of the fact that furniture profession these particularities, furniture profession successful key five big essential factors: The design, the brand, the direction of management, the service, the knowledge and the method, these five big essential factors constituted the furniture profession successful essential essential factor.

First, design In recent years to lived at the thing along with the people the demand more and more ‘ the functionalization ‘ and ‘ the personalization ‘, but the intelligence was the direction which throughout the people pursued. Therefore the intellectualized design will become in the future furniture’s mainstream direction. Intelligent design in practical artistic foundation,present represent
also unified its marketing directivity, enables the user to feel comfortableness and the conveniences truly. I thought that in the future such furniture can promote the sale and the market competition.

Second, serves Regarding the customer purchase commodity’s time service is most important. Now some customers reflected that ‘ why I do select and purchase the good brand the product, is spends buys a service ‘ when the customer shopping shop employee’s manner, as well as the shop employee is the customer selects and purchases the product to own product’s understanding degree the most important principle.

As furniture product, because it has had the too many user-friendly things, including the shutter, a handle even very small hardware fitting must solicit the customer the agreement, not only therefore is the customer, leads buying together with the furniture and the design can think that the entire operation is very troublesome. Therefore the good service can manifest this brand the image.哮喘 Third, brand Present’s Chinese is getting more and more intense to the brand concept, because a good brand will bring the good service, the furniture will take one to have custom-made, also will be a regular use product, will have the unexpected situation unavoidably.

Therefore he would rather to go to the flower as the customer to surpass the ordinary 15%~20% price to purchase the brand commodity. But has the quite partial consumers to know the furniture brand through each kind of medium dissemination effect the popularity and the enterprise strength. But as market creation brand benefit’s another goal, may in the national start chain-like alliance shop, come the to further promote their brand popularity fast.

Fourth, marketing direction Not only as a major and medium enterprise, their sale channel must in the domestic market, be supposed also to move toward as far as possible overseas.

Because compared in the overseas expensive personnel wages, they will have custom-made furniture’s price in China to be possibly lower. But the overseas furniture’s product quality must be higher than the domestic market slightly, but the corresponding its price may also obtain the promotion. So long as therefore we complete own product quality, from now on the overseas demand can also be getting more and more.

Fifth, knowledge and method Doesn’t the furniture profession have the knowledge which how many very difficult to understand, how the key to grasp does? For instance, how do we deal with the designer and administrative personnels not on the scene field installation question and so on, as well as how furniture’s good and bad points perfect union elements and so on.

energy profession

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

The material demonstrated that the solar-powered water heater sales volume already amounted to 12,000,000 square meters in 2007, the profession output value surpasses 13,000,000,000 Yuan, and by every year 20%~30% speed rapid development. But the marketing channel efficiency is low,bead chooses
the market cultivates crisis on top of crisis, the professional extreme deficient concealed worry actually to cause our country solar energy profession the overall condition to be unoptimistic, if our country solar-powered water heater profession wants to complete does strongly does in a big way, must eliminate the above three big concealed worries diligently.

The marketing channel efficiency is low At present, the solar-powered water heater mainly has the following several kinds in the domestic marketing channel: The dealer acts, the factory direct sale, to enter and be stationed in the building materials market and the electrical appliances sells field, architectural engineering and so on. The above channel pattern during the help solar-powered water heater enterprise has realized sales target, has made the great contribution for the solar-powered water heater profession’s rapid development.

However, looking from the entire solar-powered water heater profession fast development’s situation, the above channel pattern efficiency and the function actually has the place which is unsatisfactory.

First, the dealer acts the marketing channel operating efficiency is not high, because and the artificial reason easy to come apart. Many Production enterprises act this marketing channel’s development regarding the dealer, besides holds the multiform investment promotion meeting, what mainly adopts is “sweeps the avenue” the way, is also dispatches the clerk to its to govern in the region through to establish the agency factor channel to goal shop visiting house to house.

Business agent who and dealer found through this way, had quite a part is through the individual operator who in the local sale hot-water heat equipment, five golden building materials or the kitchen health sanitary equipment developed. Because these business agents and dealer in sells the factory product in the process often to lack system’s management and operation idea, in addition they one-sidedly pursue the short-term profit, their sales behavior when many caused the solar-powered water heater Manufacturer marketing channel’s efficiency not to be high.

This kind of situation displays the outstandingly in two third-level markets. Moreover, because this kind “sweeps the avenue”experimental result type businessmen are invited to open companies way randomness to be strong, the clerk completes the market development mission the psychology easy to let a part eagerly have the intense speculative business agent and the dealer enters to the channel. These business agents and the dealer reduce in the profit or is poor management, then does everything possible to leave to retreat, thus causes the factory the marketing channel to be blocked, even causes the factory to present the break phenomenon in certain market marketing channel.

This kind of channel pattern efficiency’s low, also has the relations with the solar-powered water heater enterprise’s post-sale service: At present, in the solar energy enterprise, “establishes the channel positively, maintains the channel negatively” the phenomenon is common. , because many dealers after hitting the funds, take delivery of goods, construct the shop cannot have the Manufacturer following support, in addition promotes sales the method and the terminal plan reasonable not really, the product the phenomenon which piles up is occurred repeatedly in the channel, thus causes the marketing channel to be blocked.

Next, the building materials market and the electrical appliances sell the field by no means solar energy product sale the well-loved place. Because the solar-powered water heater product’s volume is huge, it sells the field in the building materials market and the electrical appliances the situation to be very awkward. In building materials market, regardless of which corner the solar-powered water heater is placed, can let the human have the nondescript feeling, because looks like in many people, it already does not belong to the building material, also belongs to the kitchen health product not completely.

But regarding the numerous building materials markets, sells the solar-powered water heater to be inferior that sells products and so on floor, ceramic tile to be easier, to be free from worry. Too can the positive water heater this kind of awkwardness which encounters in the building materials market, similarly appears in the electrical appliances special performance: At present, the specialized electrical appliances sell the field not to sell the solar-powered water heater product.

On the one hand because the solar-powered water heater product’s volume is oversized, will occupy market more spaces, will give the market management and the management increases the burden; On the other hand is because the number not poor approach expense causes the solar-powered water heater enterprise to shrink back at the sight;

In addition, electric boiler, fuel gas water heater and so on vicarious the products also affected the solar-powered water heater with the Taiwan competition’s pressure as well as consumer’s buying habit to sell the field in the large-scale specialized electrical appliances entry and sell. But favors generally regarding the current field solar-powered water heater and building integration marketing pattern, because receives factor and so on urban construction plan and profession barrier influences, this kind of pattern also has the very great difficulty in the operation.

system illumination

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

(4) th, will construct LED popularization foundation the South Korea to enlarge to the LED core material and the spare part research and development, the LED lighting attachment’s efficiency will promote, and the price can also drop. Will impel in the future also to use IT the technology personalization high-level lighting techniques and so on LED system illumination research and development.

to promote the consumer to the LED illumination confidence, the government will expand the LED standard as well as the authentication product type unceasingly,concrete manifestation
the optical efficiency, the color, the life and so on aspect quite high quality LED lighting attachments will become the LED product which the consumer is glad accepts. In the future will promote the LED illumination product comparison measure results disclosure system, strengthens the LED product the post-sale service management.

at the same time, will also set up by the ordinary populace’s LED product forum primarily; Strengthens responsibility assignment as well as the organic cooperation system between the LED big enterprise and the small and medium-sized enterprise, impels the big small and medium-sized enterprise the common growth, is the LED industry seeks for a successful enterprise development pattern.

The product modulation, is the industrial finished products technology is mature, the standard unified centralism manifests with the inevitable result,real estate
the LED street light’s development is not exceptional. Beijing green time electro-optic science and technology Limited company (below Jian Chengwei green time company) when the domestic LED street light market belongs to gradually by initial making noise with the tumult is quiet, for domestic and even the international LED street light market has brought the new dawn.

the product’s modulation, is the industrial finished products technology is mature, the standard unified centralism manifests with the inevitable result, the LED street light’s development is not exceptional.

The reason that the LED street light’s modulation the difficult labor, is until now because in the radiation, the waterproofing, the distribution of light, the part may replace at will, adaptive and so in many key links have the technical barrier with the random sodium lamp lamp case, thus has hindered the LED street light’s modulation formation. So long as has solved above worldwide basis technical difficult problem, the LED street light modulation question was easily solved naturally.

The Beijing green time electro-optic science and technology Limited company (below Jian Chengwei green time company) after having been established in two years has not advanced into the LED illumination market eager for gain, but dives the heart to put in the massive research funds to carry on the scientific research experiment, the technical attack, has made finally the historical breakthrough on all technical link, the thorough settlement has restricted the LED illumination popularization application the technical difficult problem,

when the domestic LED street light market belongs to gradually by initial making noise with the tumult is quiet, for domestic and even the international LED street light market has brought the new dawn. first, in the heat dispersion, the green time company researches and develops has the completely proprietary intellectual property rights nanometer radiation coating, this coating spray coating on the radiator surface, 哮喘 may make radiator’s heat dispersion to enhance 30% again in the original foundation.

In addition, in the lamps and lanterns radiated on have also used ‘ high and low insightful, the use natural air convection radiated ‘ the innate patented technology. In these two patent radiation technology applies after the LED street light, LED street light’s in outdoor actual use environment operating temperature constantly in 45℃ below, thus the thorough settlement hyperpyrexia has affected the LED street light light to fade with the life world difficult problem, causes, regardless of the multi-high efficiency’s LED street light, the green time company can guarantee that it uses 10,000 hours not to present the light weaken.

Next, in the waterproof performance, the green time company has used photo source COB seal way at the same time, but also creates the photo source which is in sole possession, the cathode design in the foundation plate place above patent seal way, thorough settlement photo source waterproof question.

Because the independent photo source may be fixed through the screw and the circlip fixed and so on many kinds of fixed ways fix on the radiator, moreover might also enable each independent photo source through the patented technology the illumination angle to carry on the adjustment according to the actual need, the photo source power may according to need to adjust at will, causes the LED street light’s photo source to realize the modulation thoroughly, easy to maintain the replacement.

third, in other structures, the green time company the LED street light’s power source, the driver, the radiator designs the modular structure which may install independently disassembles, moreover can also makes the simple processing transformation after the existing each kind of modelling sodium lamp lamp case adaptive, maintains the sodium lamp lamp case incompleteness and artistic, saves the massive renewal cost,

has the very significant practical significance regarding the urban street light transformation. the Beijing green time electro-optic science and technology Limited company through 18 patented technology’s synthesis application, has realized the LED street light’s standardization and the modulation thoroughly, its technology’s sophistication is leads in the world, has promotes the popularization value enormously, will have the huge economic efficiency and the social efficiency.

spanning-like growth

Monday, September 5th, 2011

Except the government, who is also willing to be led pays? “100,000 in the project taste the EMC pattern in the great distance” (contract energy management mechanism) the benefit imperial sacrifices city, is planning by EMC “the distortion” pattern, to interior lighting market introduction LED.

Reporter learned yesterday at the Foshan LED interior lighting business model seminar that the imperial sacrifices city plan by GEMC, G2EMC,expert forecast PEMC and so on is different “the variety” EMC to promote the indoor LED illumination. However, regards as the best energy conservation LED as if is facing an embarrassing situation: Except EMC, LED facing terminal market not in the least means. “the national illumination alliance announced last year the LED sales volume amounts to 120,000,000,000 Yuan, but we carry on the inspection when the terminal market actually discovered that the terminal does not understand nearly to LED.”

Guangdong Illumination Electric appliance Association president entire said healthily that the LED majority of order forms have flowed to the government project, face the terminal market’s business model may say that at present is zero. The price fall opportunity has come?

The LED price has been falling. Foshan Illumination Lamps and lanterns Association President Wu the afforestation told the reporters, in recent years the chip price by every year the approximately 20% speed drop, “the present conserves energy the lamp price to stabilize in 6-10 Yuan, the LED lamp price generally fell from 50-300 Yuan to more than 30-100 Yuan.”

According to United States Department of Energy’s predict that the white light LED seal’s lumen cost (kilolumen) will drop from 2009 25 US dollar /klm to 2015 2 US dollar /klm, the average every year’s cost drops above 30%. Yesterday at the seminar, some professionals believed that 2011-2012 years will be LED and the traditional illumination price margin drop the quickest time section, the LED illumination penetration coefficient will have the spanning-like growth.

However,expert forecast the LED price still with the energy conservation lamp existence several fold’s price margin, this caused to conserve energy the insensitive ordinary resident to accept with difficulty, even if the enterprise users do not dare to easily speak to use. “The LED energy conservation effect is obvious, but the procurement cost is too really high, we also are only attempt the use in a newly built sanitary equipment exhibition hall, has not dared to unfold comprehensively.”

East huge mythical bird sanitary equipment General Manager the Cai rising sun said. Some data demonstrated that the LED illumination cost will drop to fluorescent lamp’s two times about 2012, if the LED relative fluorescent lamp the approximately 2.5 time of life computations, will cause about 2012 the LED illumination unit ability will be before the fluorescent lamp illumination.

This enables the enterprise to anticipate urgently “Chinese Elimination Incandescent lamp Road map” can draw a charge as soon as possible. Industry in believed that the LED development speed surpassed the market cultivation greatly, the traditional lamps and lanterns still occupied the mass markets, only then eliminated forcefully, could be LED sets aside the market space.

EMC “distortion”: Interior lighting preferred plan? Does not have the state-level popularization policy, the LED idea in advance not to be able to accept for the market, EMC becomes the straw to grasp. “the imperial sacrifices city completes 12500 LED street light replace, the effect is good, 1 lunar new year’s season can 9,000,000 Yuan electrical bills, we plan entire “35” the period completes 57,000.”
Imperial sacrifices city economy promotion bureau routine Assistant Commissioner Li Juzhen said. The LED street light promotes the key is the EMC contract energy management mechanism, provides the guarantee by the government, the LED enterprise obtains benefits from the energy conservation benefit. However, the government impossible to sell the field, the general merchandise, the hotel and so on indoor commercial lighting to provide the guarantee again. EMC “the distortion” the plan produces from this.

The imperial sacrifices city proposed that GEMC, G2EMC, PEMC and so on are different “the variety” EMC, buys in into the Bonding company to provide the guarantee for commercial character EMC, and substitutes the energy conservation company take the thing tube company as the income main body, uses LED by the EMC contract. It is reported that above new pattern in sea abundant East environmental product city use.

EMC is aims at the LED price to be expensive, the user is not willing the market characteristic which spends to apply, but has the enterprise to think that at present is not EMC enters the interior lighting best opportunity. “The LED lighting-up time is longer, the energy conservation benefit are more, the investment returns-ratio is more obvious, this is the EMC characteristic.

Compares lightens the time is every day 10 hour LED street light, the interior lighting time usually has for several hours, the EMC pattern effect is not obvious.”A Guangdong illustrious letter person in charge thought.

millennium comes

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

And the rhyme inscription on stone tablet and bronze has won the numerous owners to welcome, the list sale has realized 10,000,000 gratifying result, this model of product may widely utilize in the star-level hotel, the villa, multiple, commercial place spaces and so on wealthy and powerful family, has 600*600, 800*800, the 1000*1000 specification,

uses the green environmental protection raw material, utilizes to flushes the frequency conversion cotton material promotion technology,Asian Nations
three-dimensional layered to make the crystal technology, the kiln stove gradation heat preservation technology, lets the crystalline pellet mount in Yu Zhuanti, the size shape varies, and the level is rich, resembles like “the gold” thin the light embodiment, the nature mild, has both the top stone material pulse, brings the brand-new three-dimensional light shade experience, the gold life, no longer is vainly hoped for.

In addition, “Lived at with Ceramic tile 2011 Reports” has also enumerated especially ceramic Longyan, along the splendor ceramic tile gold thread jade, east the huge mythical bird ceramics, Nobel, the champion bead ceramics, Mengnalisha and so on many brands and serves under somebody’s banner the well-known product, and included to each section of institute the product has carried on the detailed introduction, the specialty and has enumerated the market appraisal and the network oral traditions objectively, to the different hobby, the different consumption level, had the different viewpoint consumer saying that might choose the brand which and the product oneself most favored.

The white enamel is the Chinese tradition chinaware classification (celadon ware, blue and white porcelain, decorative porcelain,therefore presents
white enamel) one kind. By the iron content low biscuit for ceramics, serves with purely bakes with glaze the system to become transparently.

The product picture provides: Sinosaurus porcelain The sinosaurus porcelain brand was recalling permanently under ceramic Limited company general manager the forest great fortune and the Chief Art Officer, China Ceramics master of art, high-level fine arts Shi Yang Jianmin, China folk ceramic sculpture master of art, senior industrial artist Lian Deli, China traditional process master, the province senior industrial artist marshal the ranks one and so on to lead,

has inherited the artistic style which and the unique system porcelain technique the Chinese Jindezhen Dehua ceramics millennium comes, the union modern idea, innovates the development, to create the rich art and the economic value unceasingly, is characteristic with undergoes the ceramic series high-quality goods which the synonym porcelain compares favorably with, the vitrified pot resembles the jade pure white, yun belt moist red rhyme, embryo bone close diaphanous, glazed surface crystal clearBright,哮喘 modelling novel unique, the craft works with great care.

The traditional sculpture craft porcelain she has inherited the traditional sculpture technology which the Jindezhen millennium comes, has formed oneself unique artistic style, the product pure white hard, the luster shiny smooth, the carcass of tire lubrication is compact.

Glazed surface crystal clear luminous, was the Chinese white (BLANCDECHINA) Dehua white enamel still, valuable thing of porcelain Eastern.

The traditional sculpture craft porcelain she has inherited the traditional sculpture technology which the Jindezhen millennium comes, has formed oneself unique artistic style, the product pure white hard, the luster shiny smooth, the carcass of tire lubrication is compact. Glazed surface crystal clear luminous, was the Chinese white (BLANCDECHINA) Dehua white enamel still, valuable thing of porcelain Eastern.

competition investment

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

Under the making energy conservation environmental protection’s low-carbon economical mentality, our country led industry “the cake” does in a big way fast. The CSA material demonstrated that estimated to 2015, the domestic LED market size will amount to above 500,000,000,000 Yuan, the year compound speed-up will reach 38%. So big market absorption capacity and magnificent prospect, attraction massive capital competition investment.

Illuminates brightly,
concept emergent
take the thunder gentleman can as Representative’s Traditional enterprise in abundance layout LED domain, beautiful, German bold Run reaches and so on electrical appliances giants also to rely on its customer, the channel superiority to contend the LED profession.

Take light as illumination for representative’s new undertaking enterprise, also has found the opportunities for investment from this domain. This family founds in July’s, 2007 high technology and new technology enterprise, from the very beginning places the energy the LED illumination domain, from the LED lamp bead seal start, develops the Chengji led seal and LED the illumination product manufacturing, the research and development, the sale, the service is a body’s enterprise. Its founder Zhou Tanyu is the calligraphy amateur, he hangs the big signboard which in the office write – - “to add the light for the Chinese”,ANHUI PROVINCE
by this drove that oneself are potential achievement in the light domain.

He is the typical Chaoshan merchant, the low key is assiduous, the market sharp nose, excels at the resources conformity. “the very few some profession is may move toward the world, LED is one, this is I enters the LED profession the reason.”Zhou Tanyu said that all LED enterprise, does not have the absolute competition, only then absolute cooperation. In his opinion, the LED market is very big, needed to find the appropriate partner to realize the survival of the fittest, to find altogether wins the spot, was very single-handedly difficult, faced with the risk was also big. But his goal establishes a widely known national brand, even if this process has filled difficultly, can be very long, be very lonely.

Illuminates general from the seal to the production in 2009, Zhou Tanyu starts to ponder that the development corporate business, enters the LED general illumination market comprehensively. “the reason is very simple, the light develops truly for the illumination in the chip seal service well, but the LED illumination spring’s arrival is also very far, will illuminate the product opportunity scale will be general over a thousand hundred million counts, will prepare for hits major battle’s to be very important.”

Zhou Tanyu graduates from Beijing University’s country trade specialty, in contacts after the school some illumination domain’s expert, realizes LED is “may move toward the world” the profession, has established the light in July, 2007 is the illumination,new predicament the main attack LED market. A complete LED industry chain constitutes by several big links:

From the upstream substrate material, the extension piece and the chip manufacture, to the middle reaches seal, arrive at the downstream again the application, the technical feature and the capital levy difference are very big, the profession enters the threshold to reduce gradually. The upstream extension piece and the chip production’s patented technology grasps in Japan, the US and Europe And so on Some countries LED Enterprise.

It is known that China are few in the profession upstream’s extension and chip domain patent quantity, looked from the application time, upstream industry generally compared to overseas late 10 years about.

The upstream core technologies is very difficult to have the breakthrough in a short time, thus in the undertaking initial period, Zhou Tanyu looks at the vision to the LED seal service, investment manpower and resources research seal core technologies. “the seal technology vivid spot said that is with the same vegetable, the meat as well as the ingredient, lets you make a vegetable to come out, what big gear’s skilled worker makes is the big gear’s level, five-star hotel skilled worker makes is the saloon bar level, but we are the chef level specialization degrees,

colleague’s chip the seal not necessarily will have that good lumen for others.”Zhou Tanyu said that this service is quite stable, moreover the income is also good, because these years LED the module “did not worry that marries”.