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The differential assessment

Friday, October 28th, 2011

Processing method

The differential assessment

The jade placed under fluorescent light, observe the color change, goods and C goods does not change, B goods with fluorescent, extensive white. C goods dyed, so its color along the crack distribution, uneven distribution, carefully observe the naked eye can see.


Color is the first element in evaluation of jade, the color of the standard is: positive, concentrated, Yang, are.

Positive: refers to the tonal range, according to the main color and color ratio and decide, is said to be pure green, not mixed with other colors.Pearl Jewelry
For example, oil green is often mixed with oil, can reduce the value of blue.

Concentrated: refers to the color depth, is emerald green, concentration of best in 70% — 80%, 90% has been too strong.

Yang: refers to the colour of jadeite jade fresh Yang brightness, emerald bright degree is mainly due to the emerald green and black or gray scale to decide. Green scale color bright, if containing black or grey, color is dark, experts often take the image method to represent the color of fresh yang. For example: green, green, green box parrot green peppers, green heart, refers to the color of fresh yang. Spinach green, green, green river oil, black green, refers to the color dull dark green.

More fresh Yang jade, natural value is high.

All: refers to the color of jade distribution uniformity. Jade color distribution is not uniform, if can obtain a homogeneous color distribution of jade is really not easy.

The best color: should be pure green, green concentration in 70%80%, Yan Yang bright, a homogeneous color distribution, this kind of high-grade jade, a habit is called old pit.

Quality identification

The texture. Natural jade texture transparent or translucent, surface, bright, careful observation, nearly circular slightly transparent” salt” and surrounding the fibrous material.

The hardness. Natural jade jadeite, Mohs hardness is 7 degrees, with a sharp characterization tool, will not leave traces; fake jade hardness is low,jewelry manufacturers
knife can be scratched marks.

The jade of. Natural jade to light observation, visible among other mineral particles in the green flash, known as the waiter or jade; glass, plastic, porcelain made no such fake” green ” features.

The relative density (specific gravity ). Natural jade hard compact structure, no bubbles, larger density, percussion sound is ringing; pseudo product structure is loose or air bubbles, the density is small, hoarseness of the voice is not clear.

The color. Genuine Emerald green rich pure. While some pseudo product is white, serpentine jade, Han Guoyu, Australia miscellaneous stone, marble and even, the decolorization, poured into the high hard plastic paste and color processing, or immersed in liquid.” Green color jade”, in the light of observation, visible green lines, messy and small; although some do not show lines, but turbid, gloss differential, the weight ratio of genuine light.

The fake goods into the boiling molten wax liquid, is poured into the paint will slowly precipitate. Such inspection, can not damage the detected sample,attraction landscape product but also can identify true and false.

With Searl West filter for the observation, to add color to green under the microscope is purplish red, natural authentic color invariant.

Some fake Emerald Glass artificial smelting and lax, structure, dark green uniform, some bubbles, with a hard hitting, hoarseness.

False emerald: Malay jade ( jade ), its good transparency green beautiful like a high-grade jade. But it is not difficult to identify, it is against the glare use a magnifying glass to look at, within a fishing net shaped pattern, net net line is green mesh is white, not within the emerald green is uneven and irregular size and shape.

LED transmitter

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

The infrared receiving diode generally has two kinds of circular and square.

Due to the infrared LED transmitter power is generally small ( about 15mW), so the infrared receiving diode receives the signal is very weak, so we should increase the high gain amplifier circuit.

A few years ago used PC1373H, CX20106A and infrared receiving special amplification circuit. In recent years, whether amateur production or formal products, mostly uses the finished infrared receiving head.

The finished product by the infrared receiving head package roughly two ways: using a metal shield; a plastic package. Both three pin, whereby the power supply is (VDD ), the power of negative (GND ) and data output ( VO or OUT ). The infrared receiving head pin arrangement for different models and different, can refer to the manufacturer’s instructions. The finished product by the infrared receiving head has the advantages of no need of complex debugging and shielding shell, is used as a three transistor, a very convenient.dvb t tuners
But the attention in the use of the finished product by the infrared receiving head carrier frequency.

Infrared remote control of the carrier frequency is 38kHz, which is composed of a transmitting terminal used by the 455kHz Tao Zhenlai decision.

At the transmitting end to the oscillator for integer frequency divider, frequency dividing coefficients generally take 12 / 12 = 37.9, 455kHz kHz = 38kHz. There are also some remote control system using 36kHz, 40kHz, 56kHz, generally by the transmitting end of crystal oscillation frequency to decide.

Infrared remote control feature does not affect the surrounding environment, do not interfere with other electrical equipment. Due to its inability to penetrate walls, so different rooms can use a common household remote controller without mutual interference; circuit debugging is simple, as long as the given circuit connection without error, without debugging can be put to work; codec easily, can carry out remote control.

Due to various manufacturers to produce large quantities of infrared remote control integrated circuits, need how to. Therefore,dvb t receivers
now the infrared remote control in household appliances, indoor distance ( less than 10 meters ) remote control has been widely used.

The multiplexer is controlled by the infrared remote control system to control the infrared transmitting portion generally has many keys, representing the different control functions. When the transmitting terminal press a key, corresponding ground at the receiving end has a different output state.

The receiving end of the output state can be divided into pulse, level, self-locking, interlocking, the five forms of data. ” Pulse” output is when the transmitter button, the receiving end corresponding to the output of an “effective pulse width”, generally about 100ms. ” Level” output refers to the transmitting terminal press key, the receiving end of the corresponding output” effective level”, transmitter release button, the receiving end of” effective level”.

Here the” pulse” and” effective level”, may be high, or they may be low, depending on the corresponding static state output pins, such as static as low,” high” effective; such as static as high,” low” effective. Most cases of” high” effective. “Locking” output refers to the transmitting end each time you press a key,cable supplier the receiving end of the corresponding output ends of a state change, namely the original for the high level to low level, the original low level to high level.

The output suitable for use as a power switch, a mute control. Sometimes called the output form is” reversed phase”. ” Interlocking” output refers to multiple output are clear, at the same time only one output effective. Television channel selection is such a situation, such as light, speed control, audio input selection.

” Data” refers to the number of output emissive key number, the receiving end of the output to form a binary number, to represent different key input.

In general, the receiving end except for a few bits of data output, there should be a” data output, so as to effectively” after class to fetch data. The output form is generally used with single chip processor or microcomputer interface. In addition to the above output form, and” latch” and” temporary” two forms. The so-called” latch” output refers to the transmitting end every time the signal receiving end, corresponding to the output to be” stored”, until it receives a new signal so far;” temporary” output and the output of similar” level”.

fireNew CCTV

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

The new fireNew CCTV building fire system caused by the illegal discharge of fireworksRelated suspects have been detained Beijing in February 9 ~ 10 – 9, twenty twenty-seven, Beijing City, Chaoyang District East sanhuan CCTV new site construction area on subsidiary culture center fire, the fire spread rapidly. 10 at 2 pm, a fire burning in the nearly 6 hours later by the firefighters, the building has seen the fire. Beijing City Fire Bureau relevant responsible person told the reporter, at present the building still has 200 firefighters to search, put out the fire prevent sporadic, smoldering afterburning. Xinhua News Agency reporters on the scene saw, the fourteen floor of the building above the fire still burns.
The fire is not under control is the main cause of fire extinguishing water to go up not to go, fire water gun can reach 60 meters, the building is still in construction, building is currently no fire water.A preliminary understanding of fire, burned area more than 10 square meters, more than 10 storey atrium building had collapsed, located in the building on the south side of the digital room studio hall burned.
It is understood, because the fire of the building and the new CCTV building is only 200 meters, the field command fire related to leadership and firefighters are trying to take measures to protect the main body of the building, from damage.
According to the Beijing City Hall news office bulletin, initially identified, the cause of the fire was caused by illegal discharge of fireworks, the specific reason still is in further investigation. The new site of CCTV Fire Incident investigation by the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau is directly responsible for, say people familiar with the matter, has including the CCTV new site construction office director of 12 suspects were detained by police, but police are incident on further investigation and treatment. Procuratorate anti malfeasance investigation of bureau of new CCTV building fire. In the CCTV Fire sacrifices firefighters memorial service held within three days.
Because spontaneous combustionCCTV new building roof film doubt due to the hot weather of spontaneous combustionIn August 10th 09 afternoon at five forty PM, Chaoyang District CCTV Main building roof, apron side glass adhesive film burning traces. Firefighters arrived, combustion property is automatically extinguished. At present, the accident is still under investigation.
According to insiders, and subsequently, in four vehicles rushed to the scene of fire squadron. Firefighters arrived at the scene, the fire had burnt itself out. The fire location is located next to the glass on the tarmac, scene has burn marks, burning material for glass on a gelatinous film, covering an area of about one square metre.
In confirmation of no security hidden danger, firefighters evacuated.The personage is analysed, the cause of the fire is hot weather, glass outside film spontaneous combustion. But this view has not been confirmed by the fire department.

each step vicissitude

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

Shao Yifu has written down in the Chinese movie history many “first” and “”. The Shao family may say that is China motion picture industry is worthy of the reputation opens up virgin soil the hero. To has the sound from the silent film, from black and white to colored, Chinese movie’s each step vicissitude has the painstaking care which Shao Yifu and the family member offers. Was engaged in the silver spoon from the 20s to the present, Shao Yifu has experienced the movie different time evolution, witnessed the Chinese movie’s growth and the prosperity and decline, being possible be called movie history witness.

Shao Yifu’s success not only lies in him to know one’s subordinates and assign them properly, has a large quantities of various aspects talented person, for its uses, lies in him to have the intense dedication to work and the professional dedication.

He is a familiar service movie entrepreneur. Although he is educated the degree is not high, but he does is the same, studies is the same, ever does not idle. He starts from the basest and lowest position, one struggles, to end in movie company’s boss step by step. He is familiar with the movie to manufacture nearly each aspect and link’s work. From the script, photographs to the direction, actor’s selection as well as puts on make-up, the editing, he every kind is an expert to good expert, but the movie promotion, the release, the theater management are experts. Shao Yifu works is assiduous, the energy is excellent. Young when once some 1 day looked that 9 flat and thin pieces, 1 year look at 700 flat and thin pieces the records. He said: “I evening only rest for 1 hour, other time are work”.

In order to set up the Shao positive image, he checks strictly to the movie quality. Presents the poor piece, often personally burns down,dvb t tuners
is not lenient. He said: “in the early time, I burns the piece all day long, does not have the good play, I rather burn.”

Disperses completely daughter Jinan all living things. For many years, although Shao Yifu has wished luck on moving to a new home in Hong Kong super rich and powerful people ranking, but he regards the money is the things, enjoys doing charitable things, the warm-hearted public welfare, is the Hong Kong Island very few big philanthropist.   “my wealth takes from the people the audiences, the application returns to the populace”.

This take “real man expensive concurrently Jinan, how can it be that alone friendly body” as life creed film and television great master, was not only said like this, was does this. As early as he set up the Shao foundation in 1973, devoted in each work for the public good,dvb t receivers
for this reason he has received the widespread high praise. in 1977. Queen of England confers rank and title him is knight, becomes Hong Kong entertainment world to win this great honor the first person. The American San Francisco to commend Shao Yifu to this city welfare contribution, every year’s on September 8 will name as “Shao Yifu the date”.

The root has also poured into the very big compassion in Ningbo’s Shao Yifu to the hometown. after 1987, he not only many times returns to home village the visiting relatives visit, but also contributes money successively more than 4000 ten thousand Yuan help promote education, the cultural establishment. These projects including located at Ningbo University west area Shao Yifu library, leisurely husband classroom building, leisurely husband theater as well as its ancestral place Kang Leyuan and so on.

He also has the large amount donation in Zhejiang other areas, like he for Hangzhou leisurely husband hospital donation nearly hundred million Yuan. As early as in the early 90s, the province, the municipal government awarded him “to love the township model”, “the honor resident” the title, commended him the significant contributions which made for the hometown development.

Home background    Shao Yifu (left one) sends wife Huang Meizhen before the knot () and so on everybody to be accustomed to is being crowded around by Miss Hong Kong Shao Yifu, because he serves under somebody’s banner the beautiful woman like cloud, but in fact,cable supplier Shao Yifu only has experienced two sections of marriages.

He and old he 5 year-old Huang Mei the treasure married in 1937 in Singapore, two people had two sub-two females, eldest son Shao Weiming, second daughter Shao Suwen, three female Shao Suyun and youngest son Shao Weizhong. This section of marriages have maintained for 50 years, until 1987 Huang Meizhen when 85 years old died of illness in the American Los Angeles.

Shao Yifu’s incumbent Ms. Fang Yihua was born in 1931 in Shanghai, grew up along with the mother, was a red singing star long ago, area southern coastal provinces popular. Two people met unexpectedly in 1952, hereafter 40 remaining years of life, Fang Yihua has helped him in the Shao Yifu side to handle Shao and the wireless day-to-day business. Until 1997, two talented people in American Las Vegas official registration marriage, at that time Shao Yifu 90 years old, Fang Yihua 61 years old.

After sending wife Huang Meizhen passed away, Shao Yifu’s several children then one after another fade out the Shao management. Shao Yifu’s two sons live Singapore, handles under the Shao family nomen in there the commercial building and the housing, not takes over the interest to father’s film and television empire.

complete program

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

Television program

In accordance with the choreographer and television scripts ( or shooting script ) requirements, the earlier recorded program material data editing, making” head” and” tail”, with the caption superposition, voiceover art processing, in order to achieve the broadcast request process.

Post-production was completed in production center. Production center computer room technical equipment including video switching machines, video effects generator, video recorders ( generally 2 to 3 above ), the caption machine, editor, monitor, synchronous machine, a video signal splitter and audio equipment. The use of these devices can be a combination of footage and pictures of special art processing.

Television footage combined into VCR simple editing combination and use video switcher for special combinations of two types. Video editor is the most simple post-production process, its work process is: in the earlier recording of a segment of material according to the shooting script for editing together, forming a continuous complete program. Completion of this process, with only 1 machines and 2 sets of video editing. 2 VCRs by editing a book on the machine: Machine General Editor in memory to a lens is placed; machine, editing in memory to below need to be connected to the beginning of the lens. Editing machine automatic memory book, on the editing switching point, and at the same time, put the machine to complete the program start recorded combination.

Insert edit is to show some unwanted lens replacement. It with a combination of editing is different, in the back to keep the picture memory before edit point out,dvb t tuners
this mode is often used for the completed program modify.

By the VCR directly screen combination production method for universal access to applications, without the need for art processing and production time is short news coverage and news programmes mostly using this method. Because of its easy operation, high work efficiency, so the art processing requirements higher, more picture transform large cultural program or programs, are also commonly used this method to coarse editing, then the final art processing.

Art is the use of video switcher to the picture to carry out various forms of transformation, caption superposition and characters such as matting. When the general need 2 player and 1 video. The video switcher is a multiple function equipment, it can in the input video signal between two arbitrary to some transformation, the transformation can be paintings stacked (i.e., fade ), brush painting, can also be a picture of” pull” to another picture. The video switcher of another function is to pull like a combination of picture.

Matting combination divided into subtitle matting and characters cutout 2, which in the use of the technology is called” luma keys” and” chroma key”. The cutout is superimposed to show on the screen, character matting is the figures will be superimposed onto the program background picture. In the course of stacking, superimposed at the background picture was eliminated.

Along with the modern industry and electronic technology’s development, later period manufactures the equipment unceasingly renewal which uses.dvb t receivers
In order to cause the program to manufacture conveniently effective, has produced can simultaneously remember over a hundred editor remote control automatic collector, and using when code technology to earlier period record program source material insertion when code signal.

When the later period manufacture, directs only need act according to the combination picture the time code position to remember separately the edition spot, the use has when the code display control function videocorder, one time may complete the entire program’s edition combination work. In addition, some countries also produce can simultaneously control remotely, stunt generator and videocorder equipment’s and so on video frequency cut automatic control collectors. Uses this kind of collector, may save the manpower and the time greatly.

The electronic stunt can enhance the television program the manufacture quality, is the modernized method. In the television program later period manufactures often must carry on each stunt processing to the image, all stunt processing uses the electronic control processing system. In the electronic stunt’s video frequency cut, itself contained has carried on to the video image folds the picture,cable supplier to sweep the picture and to dig out the alike electronic control processing unit. Various units have the different function, also has the relation mutually.

Folds the picture process is between two video signals the linear mix adding together transition. Sweeps the picture process is by each kind of impulse modulation signal control electron cut switch, carries on transition which cuts alternately. The impulse modulation signal is undergoes each kind of combination by several kind of basic pulse signals to become, therefore sweeps the picture the design type to be possible many to several dozens to over a hundred kinds.

In addition, htpc Keyboards the high grade videocorder, the replay program belt’s speed may change at will, therefore it has frames (static frame), to put, to put and puts upside down this kind of simple trick effects quickly slowly. Can manufacture the animation trick effects the videocorder to be also published.

signal transmission

Monday, October 24th, 2011

The set-top box full title named “the digital television set-top box”, it is one kind the digital television signal conversion simulated signal transformation equipment, it to carries on the decoding after the digitized compression’s image and the sound signal to return to original state,dvb t tuners
has the simulation video frequency and the sound signal, provides the high grade television program through the television display and the acoustic equipment to the audience. It has used the compatible means that has continued in China the present.

Radio and TV cable TV set top box STB of digital TV is a digital television signal is converted to analog signal conversion device, the digital TV set top box has become a kind of embedded computing equipment, has improved the real-time operating system, provide a powerful CPU computing power, used to control the set-top box hardware facilities, and provide easy-to-use graphical user interface, such as enhanced television electronic program guide, to provide users with the program introduction and background information. At the same time, the set-top box with” fool computer” ability, so through the internal function of software and Network Bidirectional Transformation of little, very easy to achieve such as Internet browsing,dvb t receivers
video on demand, domestic e-commerce, telephone communications and other services, is a network world.

Television from television to color television transition, used a compatible approach, PAL-D business in China has continued to the present.

From analog TV to digital TV transition to high definition, is a leap transition, can not directly compatible, that is to say all the current analog television is not used, so one step is not realistic, the present various countries adopted a hybrid approach – digital set-top boxes, the use of the digital set-top box will be digital signal into analog signal input to the analog TV sets now display information, which can effectively avoid the television signal transmission in the process leading to interference and loss,cable supplier television receiving signal quality has been improved greatly. This is only a transition, as a result of the analog television scan line has been fixed, so it is with high definition digital television, there is still a considerable distance.

High definition digital television ( HDTV ) is the development direction in the future, then now analog television were all eliminated, television radio, record, editing equipment also changed accordingly, people on the TV screen will be seen in high definition television pictures and more features, HDTV will turn the TV into a new era.

Someone asked the digital set-top box to receive signal is high definition digital television? Instead, use the digital set-top box will be digital signal into analog signal input to the analog TV sets now display information, such as television receiving signal quality has been greatly improved, as a result of the analog television scan line has been fixed, so it is with high definition digital television, there is still a considerable distance. This is only a transition.

fashion academy

Friday, October 21st, 2011

Women should not only is a wedding!

In 2009, Lan Yu returned from New York fashion academy, from spinning in the hands of high-priced buy studio, Lan By Lan development of clothing series, and will focus on the high order In Love.InLan. In order to refine on risk, she signed a European brand silk and lace contract, in order to have the top material. When the bride into Shangri-La store, shop immediately offer seasonal snack. Like to operate the first shop, Lan Yu insisted on emotional marketing –” in addition to the design and quality, must understand the customer’s heart.

On special occasions, women are very sensitive.” She spent a lot of time to chat with the guest, to know what they like fragrance, color, understanding of love, and then determine the details. In the modification process, even after more than 10 fitting. ” Teachers are old artisan, each responsible for a large number of small and medium. Don’t look down on this point,
twentieth Century
each master sewing different habits, do out contours are also different.” Until the wedding, Lan Yu will specifically requested manual master with two assistants shadowed, in order to prevent various status.

Dress for different occasions, I believe that everyone can easily choose the travel clothing. But in the clothing of details on the taboos with, you know? Some taboos are consistent with common sense, and some of it is misleading to dress factors, let us work together to learn, to break these dressing taboo!

Break taboos: Geometric stripe must be unified?

The width of a straight stripes, spacing of a horizontal stripe, have a slimming effect, instead of black and white straight style too much like” the suit”, should be avoided. Diagonal stripe, the seams are aligned, highlight clipping skill, wedding style
but the left-right asymmetry, can try the” offbeat art”. The upper body straight, lower body stripes, handsome and very sharp to collage. Straight stripes, even with plaid patterns, tips are pale pale grain straight shirt, cover Short Sleeve Plaid jacket.

Breaking the taboo two: color must match?

Eileen Chang’s” green push plate is a little ” argument, only for Ang Lee’s movies, in real life, with too consistent color, but because of the deliberate and seem old-fashioned. Only the main color is a color, no matter how complex patterns, pattern, no problem. Today the popular colour, but if the clothes belong to the” uniform” of bright color, shoes, bags, necklaces and other” small”, should to the dotting pattern, with a slightly dark or slightly brighter hit color,婚紗照預算的建議 such as yellow dress with purple bag.

Breaking the taboo three: half skirt and blouse length of relationship

Old pedant elegant women care than coat, skirt not long coat, but since MarilynMonroe then had in the trench coat to expose the skirt. In addition, most innovative, probably following a long skirt and long. In the middle is a miniskirt, hem exposed, or coat!

Breaking the taboo four: daytime can not wear dresses?

In the past, the day wearing a long dress, is considered the last night of prostitution woman all through the night. In fact, elegant fabrics of dress ( English name is MaxiDress ) is already a romantic word, British afternoon tea type, water pink floral most famous Hollywood summer, with no shoulder cotton cartoon flower tubetop dress most charming. The length of the lower leg, with short heels; just show ankle, with flats; too long, can be equipped with slope with satin sandals, anyway not drag and ground line.

scenic spot

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

AAA national tourism scenic spot in Shandong Province, the tourism product development base — the Zhaoyuan gold jewelry limited company takes a variety of forms, in order to carry out the” Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving Thanksgiving education enterprise ” as the theme of the series of activities.

Strengthen the gratitude education is the 2011 Zhaoyuan Gold Jewelry City staff training education important content. To this end, the company developed a detailed implementation plan of thanksgiving education activities: one is through electronic screen, publicity column,processing fees
publicity, daily through the chorus” kneeling sheep map”, doing signs language” grateful heart”, to create a public opinion atmosphere of Thanksgiving and. Two is to read a Thanksgiving book. The company specializes in traditional moral books purchased hand book, in order to promote the culture of gratitude, instilling gratitude idea; three is the Thanksgiving Education training. Regularly invited professional lecturer by class on-site training, at the same time the organization is entire concentrated viewing training expert Li Qiang” for his work on” big discussion activity, and thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving education activities, so that the majority of employees learn gratitude and gratitude, love of family, really establish the loyalty to the enterprise,quite expensive
the cause of loyalty and faith, so that employees and enterprises make joint efforts, promote enterprise harmonious development.

” Ensure that goods are genuine goods at a fair price, not high price; sell jewelry three security (durability, security, and quality ) … …” In yesterday hold Shanxi province of user satisfaction with the jewelry business commends on the meeting, 39 enterprises to entire industry issued the initiative.

Gold and silver jewelry jade quality association responsible person said, consumers of jewelry jade preferences and growing demand, but the market on the existence of shoddy, with pretend to be true, false discounts and other illegal acts disrupting the market order, affecting the consumers of jewelry products consumer confidence. In order to promote me to save the jewellery industry health development, gold and silver jewelry jade quality association and the provincial quality and brand association to carry out user satisfaction jewelry enterprises selected activities.

Hongyi, five one inferior show gold and other 39 enterprises access to user satisfaction jewelry enterprise title. Yesterday,JADE MANSION in recognition of the 39 companies at the same time, to the whole industry self-regulation initiatives: a false discount, not shoddy, with pretend to be true; establish and improve after-sales service system etc..

Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau relevant responsible person said, recently on 50 batches of precious metal jewelry undertook supervisory selectiving examination, sampling rate of 94% qualified; on 59 batches of jewelry jade jewelry undertook supervisory selectiving examination, product quality sampling rate of 93.22% qualified. The main quality problems including jade annotation of physical discrepancies as well as the tags do not meet standard requirements, quality supervision departments will increase quality inspection supervision, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

soaring prices

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

Editor’s note: since September, gold platinum price inversion phenomenon” normalization”, and” upside down” was the trend to enlarge the difference. ” Upside down” phenomenon is the result of what? This” upside down” phenomenon will continue? In addition, recent media reports pointed out that since this year the international price of gold out of the soaring prices of big market, 100 times leverage underground gold crazy behead guest. On the market all sorts of gold investment information is also come in a throng, investors how to open their eyes to prevent deceived?

Gold platinum gold” upside down”" gold fever” is down

According to statistics, in September, September 1st and September 7th, only the two trading days less than the spot price spot price of gold platinum, remaining transactions occur daily average gold platinum closing price” upside down” phenomenon. moderate decline
In September 26th can become gold and platinum price has expanded “watershed”. Enter after October six trading days (October 3rd to October 10th), gold and platinum price “upside down” phenomenon still exists, but the price broke through 100 dollars, close to 200 dollars. On October 4th, two the price for $144.98, October 10th, spot gold price than the spot platinum closing price of $153.94.

Brilliant futures analyst Liu Mingliang said, the platinum price decline was mainly affected by gold slump dragged down. And” upside down” phenomenon is, in this wave collapse, or less than gold platinum. Recent debt problems in Europe that make gold hedge attributes to display, hedging needs of short-term limit the decline in gold.

HNA Topwin futures business department of Nanning investment analyst Zhang Xiaojin that, the reason for such a situation, because gold as the traditional value goods,pressure position
Wednesday morning
easily by hedge funds favor. The platinum gold higher than the hardness, the processing difficulty is better than gold, is mainly used in automobile manufacturing industry, its financial properties than gold.

Especially some time ago appeared beautiful debt crisis and the debt crisis, gold by the hedge demand to drive prices rise, and platinum it maintained the oscillation range. This is the price of gold platinum price exceeds the important reason.

It is reported, gold platinum and other precious metal there is nothing comparable to this advantage. During the economic downturn, gold remains the investors or the central bank to hold assets. The expert says, this” upside down” or will continue, in the macroscopical environment of uncertainty, gold from the hedge attributes, its more platinum and other precious metal more vulnerable to investor preference.

Platinum price drops,Playground equipment it indicates the investment opportunity coming?

Platinum price drops, it indicates the investment opportunity coming? HNA Topwin futures business department of Nanning investment analyst Zhang Xiaojin believes, gold is a precious metal in the circulation the largest species, the market is now very high liquidity premium. In contrast, platinum trading volume is too small, yield is low, and is unlikely to become a reserve currency to central bank. Therefore, the currency attribute too weak, hedging function cannot be compared with the gold. In addition, because platinum jewelry dressed up, easily mistaken for silver, platinum is not easy and popular reason. Therefore, platinum collection of investment value is not high.

New Century Futures Research Centre Manager Wu Ling think platinum is more suitable for the economic boom was the icing on the cake, but apparently now the opportunity to enter the market is not mature.

gold fold prediction

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

Asia Pacific time Friday (October 14th ) at midday, the international spot gold rose above $1670, market attention later today to the parliament of Italy held a vote of no confidence and the weekend of the group of twenty ( G20 ) central bankers and finance ministers meeting.

Beijing time is 14: 40, spot gold was reported 1671.30 U.S. dollars / ounce, spot silver reported 32.05 U.S. dollars / oz..

Although the standard & Poor’s ( Standard and s Poor” ) announced that Spain will long-term credit rating of a range of commodities, but has not affected.

From Singapore said a trader,The special plastic
that lasts for the eurozone sovereign debt crisis, the market ‘s psychological line of defense has built very high.

The trader said, the market has been credited to a large number of around the European debt crisis risk factors, risk premium has been consumed, investors have been hoarding cash.

Investors are concerned about this weekend in France at the Paris G20 central bankers and finance ministers meeting. Then the officials will explore how the rapid resolution of sovereign debt crises.

UBS ( UBS ) announced the change 2011 gold fold prediction, from $1665 down to $1615, but maintained 2012 estimated at $2075.

Its core idea is, the macroscopical economic situation is disappointing, eurozone sovereign debt crisis will inevitably worsen, enterprise, consumer and investor confidence slump, will lead to gold increasingly as resistance market line.

Recently there are gold in gold, Shandong gold and other companies through additional directional way to raise funds for the acquisition of mineral rights, the brokerage said this is conducive to the improvement of the competitive advantages of enterprises, ester plastic
their second half performance may exceed expectations.

In addition, gold has a plate in the other precious metals dilute mineral resources advantage company also favors. The country gold negotiable securities issued 10 non-ferrous metals industry research that continues to look at space, nonferrous metal, believed that the short-term still down space is greater than the upward space, to circumvent the proposed including basic metal, metal, the choice of macro effect of lesser metals and new materials, may be concerned about the recent price of tin rapid rebound,setting plastic so the investors are advised to focus on mining stocks.

Another broker studies the analysis thinks, as the mining of antimony products business in the integration of upstream and downstream, breed and expand, at present its antimony goods business on growth performance has been beyond the gold business, may become the future of the company ‘s biggest anticipation.