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multiple expert

Monday, October 17th, 2011

Literary style and public service facilities   Entrusts well-known Dyde Liang Xing, world nation Wei Li Shi and thinks of source consultant to make the plan,pearl jewelry the localization work for this project. Also passed through the multiple expert to deliberate and to prove in every way achieved the mutual recognition finally.

Company board of directors after plan adjustment to 287,000 square meter commercial facilities determined in principle the commercial facilities the property shape and the function allocated proportion, and agreed in principle the commercial facilities and the literary style industry facility presses “L” the assembly drawing to carry on the arrangement. Its special details are: The office scale is 65,000 square meters,Special structure
the scale is the standard A-grade; The commercial size is 124,000 square meters, the scale is upscale; The hotel localization is four or the five-star, the scale is 40,000 square meters; The literary style industry facility scale is 58,000 square meters. The commercial facilities overall scale is 287,000 square meters. Stadium

The project superiority includes: Superior geographical position, convenient transportation way; Stable commercial expense community; Face populace’s cultural sports leisure center; In Chang’an Street production fifth big business circle; Constructs in the urban district the investment biggest Olympic Games facility, is also in four link’s only Olympic Games projects;

Potential of taking advantage of the Olympic Games, has the formidable propaganda background; Conforms to long-term plan which Beijing develops, is in “two axes, two belts, the multi-centers” on a hand-off point; In region and peripheral good humanities, science and technology,generation system
cultural superiority; Five shareholder unit Zhongguan Village construction group, the Haidian state asset Investment company, Beijing urban construction group, Beijing urban construction stock, the day great wild goose group strength is abundant.

The leisure takes vacation is goes out using the holiday take the leisure as the main purpose and the content, carries on leisure way which relaxes make the spirit and the body. Along with Chinese economy unceasing sustained development, people’s traveling idea has also had the significant change, more and more people had already been weary of the desultory sightseeing trip, transfers starts to fall in love with the leisure, the relaxation and the entertainment leisure primarily takes vacation the traveling.

The sightseeing trip is refers to appreciates the natural landscape and the cultural monument, understands the folk culture, and take grows the experience,detail nature to broaden one’s outlook with the joyful mood as the main purpose. But takes vacation the traveling is refers to take the whiling away the time entertainment, the robust fitness, to rest convalesces, the relaxation body and mind as the main purpose, carries on the few fluid to some specific destination traveling expense activity.

Is opposite says in the sightseeing trip, takes vacation the traveling is one kind of top level traveling form, stressed that safe, the tranquil exquisite environment, the richly colorful entertainment life, promotes the physical and moral integrity the recreation facility and the high quality service.

the interview once stopped

Saturday, October 15th, 2011

The apple united founder Wards to accept the interview recently, in talked about Qiaobusi to leave the world said: “when reporter telephoned with me saying that `you whether to hear…As soon as I sink suddenly at heart, brain all of a sudden on ignorant. This looked like the world to lose John · to arrange in order me. The establishment apple’s initial period, Steve is indeed very lucky has me,average rose
but my luckier this lives can have he such partner. I really thinks him very much.”Afterward because too excited, Wards is with flowing tears, the interview once stopped.

The second spot, is separated from Qiaobusi apple whether to be in the future problem-free? We just also once had said that although Qiaobusi already left the world, but he already helped the apple to plan a good future period of time new product direction, although still had the barrier which is unable to foresee, but apple incumbent CEO Cook also once indicated: “I hoped that you can have the confidence, the apple cannot have the change.”

The third spot,frequent business
is also about the apple regarding the American economy influence. We knew, in recent years, most made money as the whole world company’s apple to be in the economical winter the American economy to contribute the very major part, but this also difficult to cover the tendency which the American economy slid. Regarding not the booming American economy, takes in the world the biggest Technology corporation, the Apple Company market value surpasses the American economic output 2%, one year sales volume occupies the US GDP 0.5%, is one which of American Export Core Enterprises the Austria Pama has a high opinion. To a certain extent may say that Apple Company’s every action and every movement are symbolizing the American overall economy vigor.

Legendary life will make the movie to direct the actor personally before death   Everybody certainly has the more or less understanding to this technical rare talent, but concerned Qiaobusi and the Bill · Gates biography movie already moves big screen this matter not to know whether everybody does know? This screened named “the Silicon Valley Legend” in 1999 the movie narrated Gates and Qiaobusi first half of life gratitude and grudges, simultaneously were also the record movie which the personal computing birth recorded. Now, it has become the Qiaobusi first half of life’s commemoration movie. in 2009,the appearance
in the movie Qiaobusi actor Noa · Wayne once accepted the visit, discussed that acts Qiaobusi process, and he and Qiaobusi facing surface contact.

He narrated that Qiaobusi is a cup has the Shakespeare play color duty, when I am informed act the leading role fortunately about his movie is excited. The staff found about his material, the documentary film let me be more thorough regarding this time performance, he self-confident, he acted with constraint, his pathos principle color, all thorough has conquered me. But after the movie screens the second day, Qiaobusi then telephones to inquire, and invites me to meet. The second day invites me to imitate him to lecture, and carries on the direction personally to my performance.

In contacts with him in the entire process you may feel his individual charm, is unable to restrain formidable. At the present, Apple Company also arises at the historic moment thoroughly by the Qiaobusi biography movie primarily, the Sony phantom will attain the power Qiaobusi legend life to present on the silver screen, the movie “Steve Jobs” manufactures by producer Mark Gordon and the Management 360 companies through theirs MG360 movie-making company, estimated that will screen the time is next year.

television’s selecting

Friday, October 14th, 2011

Ordinary television’s selecting and purchasing

1. channel: Generally the choice prefabrication channel number should be bigger than above 50.

2. image: Generally television each second broadcast that 50 images, such speed, the naked eye looked like has the twinkle feeling,provide transmits
the time long eye has been able to be weary. But the 100Hz numerical code color television through the digital signal processing, broadcasts 100 images in one second, thus causes the image the twinkle degree to reduce greatly, the picture clear, is stable, is smooth, even if the long time watches the television, also will not think the eye strain, will belong to the environmental protection product, will have the current economic condition user to consider as far as possible.

3. picture: The pure even color television will be in short-term market another hot spot. Its merit is no matter you watch the program from any angle, the image distortion can reduce to the most mild degree, the image contrast gradient is high, the picture level is more distinct, the color is brighter, may reduce the ambient light on screen reflection greatly.

4. use: In the market condition promotes the multimedia color televisions, may be connected with the computer. In does not change the television existing working under the premise, it uses the digital storage and the scanning technique, transforms the computer image signal into the television image signal, demonstrated on the television screen, causes the television to become a large screen monitor.

5. sound: At present has the Li sound function color television type to be many, but only then conforms to the Chinese standard service pattern only then the quite suitable our country consumer. The effective Chinese Li sound service pattern has Hong Kong PAL and inland PAL-D.

The back throws television’s selecting and purchasing

1. selects and purchases the back to throw the color television to consider the first function and the cassette mechanism quality,Maintenance remote control
the cassette mechanism technology sophistication has the decisive influence to the picture quality.

2. the back throws television’s clarity to achieve 500 at least, selects and purchases the degree of illumination high projection television as far as possible.   3. the back throws the television to be smaller than the ordinary teletron television angle of view, therefore selects and purchases time its angle of view size and brightness are quite important.

4. the image, mainly divides into brightness, chirp the wave spot, chromaticity several items. Throws the back color television’s brightness to carry on first by the dark extension bright regulation, take does not present the obvious leaning color as good,nearsightedness’s child if has the leaning color to explain that color television’s negative pole is not balanced. Next is in the non-signal input situation looked that chirp the wave spot, chirp the wave spot are more, is smaller round, explained this back throws color television’s sensitivity to be higher.

5. the chromaticity,Stadium seating
transfers to the chromaticity when is smallest, the image should be black and white, transfers to is biggest when should the color be rich, when transfers to the appropriate position, the character skin color should be normal, the level should be obvious, not big color block accumulation.

6. the sound, carries on the volume potentiometer the size regulation, is obvious by the sound size change, sound gentle, loudly and clearly for good, should not have hoarse and the AC hum.

after being pregnant

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

Is also certainly higher along with the people quality of life’s enhancement US body demand. Now in the market condition the best US body method uses the medicine US body. The effect is very good, it in society’s influence is very big, so long as is the effect which the use is may achieve you to want. He is the pure natural plant formula, does not contain any medicine and the hormone, to bodily physiology birth not any side effect. The US body method has the movement US body, the pharmacological treatment,hong kong attractions
the plant US body law and so on

Improves looks a word to be possible to understand from two angles. The first choice is “accommodates” this character, next is “US”.

“accommodates” including the face, the deportment, and decorates three meanings. “US” has the adjective and the verb two meanings. What the adjective indicated is the cosmetology result and the goal is beautiful attractive; What the verb indicated is the cosmetology process, namely beautified and change meaning. Therefore simply speaking the cosmetology is one kind of change original has the good behavior and disease (face), causes it to become the civilization, the high quality, to have may the outward appearance image which is accepted by the human have the activity and the process, or to achieve the product which and the method this goal uses.

9 kind of cosmetology are pregnant mother not to be able to do    1st, after being pregnant, on outside face’s smallpox smallpox either eczema, do not want blind to choose scratch or other functionality cosmetics.

After being pregnant, on the face presents the small smallpox smallpox, should pay attention cleanly. This time do not replace formerly the commonly used skin appliances, in order to avoid the skin does not adapt.   If after being pregnant, on face’s smallpox smallpox or eczema are very serious, outside does not want blind to choose scratches or other functionality cosmetics, should go to ask dermatology department’s doctor to seek   Help.   2nd, the anti-senile product does not suit in the gestation period use.

3rd, do not choose the spot product blindly.   Allows nature to take its course, maintains the happy mood, do not too believe in the advertisement to go to the spot product effect the exaggerating view, if chooses the spot product not to again the gestation period and nurses

In the young time uses.Elderly fitness equipment 4th, the gestation period is forbid includes vitamin K, the vitamin A acid and other Vitamin A derivative cosmetics.   5th, accurate mother should not use the US armor thing and the cuticle cream, as far as possible little uses the lipstick.

The US armor thing and the cuticle cream belong to the chemical, includes one kind is called “tai the diethylene glycol dinitrate” the material generally, this is one kind of achromatic color tasteless oily liquid, can cause the nail oil material   Is evener, is durable. However this material, if is absorbed by the human, is not only harmful to person’s health, moreover easy to cause the pregnant woman miscarriage and the fetal anomaly.

The lipstick is by many kinds of ingredients and so on fat, waxiness dye and spice is composed. And the fat usually uses the lanolin, is one kind from washes in the wool fluid the recycling and the refinement becomes   Transparent paste body. The lanolin both can adsorb in the air each kind to the human body harmful filthy heavy metal trace element, and can the adsorptive power enter embryo in vivo the backwoods coli and so on micro   Biology.

Enters in the human body along with the saliva, causes in the pregnant woman abdomen’s embryo to suffer injury.   If you have been pregnant, please certainly must believe that oneself is an attractive pregnant woman. Certainly the gestation period your skin and the body can have some changes, lets you feel helpless, can be very heavy

eats sweets

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

Erroneous zone 20: After the movement, eats the candy massively.   Some people after strenuous exercise thought that eats sweets or the syrup is very comfortable, thought after the movement, eats the sweets to have the advantage, after actually movement, will excessively eat the sweets to be able to make in vivo the Vitamin B1 mass consumptions, the human to feel that tired, will have a poor appetite and so on,blood sugar
will affect the creatine the elimination, the time which extension organism will restore.

Because of Vitamin B1 participation sugar metabolism, but can also help the liver to decompose the creatine, causes it to discharge in vitro rapidly. Therefore, after strenuous exercise, should better eat some to contain Vitamin B1 food, like thick miscellaneous grains, vegetables, liver, egg and so on.

Erroneous zone 21: After the movement, eats meal immediately.   Many person of movements eat meal immediately, particularly just the dashing guys who came out from the gymnasium, felt that specially was this time hungry, ate meal immediately. Is actually like this is not good, because just fitness, the body is also at the emotional state, the vasodilatation, immediately the diet to the bodily very major injury. Should in exercise 30 to 90 minutes between diets is best, particularly practices the muscle,shape gymnastics
this time should supplement the enough protein. Supplies the bodily absorption.

The men and women fitness have what difference   The bodily practice is each kind of sports method concrete movement, is mainly healthy, the healthy strength movement and each type body-building exercises.

Generally speaking, male many by strength practice primarily, undertakes the big physiological load of exercise, enables bodily various part of muscles to obtain coordinated, symmetrical, the balanced development.

After passing excessively,spots muscle’s
extends, the anteflexion, the lateral neck to expand and contract and so on to practice to serve the development neck myo- purpose. May lie for the developed chest muscle pushes the barbell, pulls the spring, the push-up; In order to form “the beautiful delta”, the back, abdomen training especially important, uses the pike bent rowing, sidewise, lies backward pulls the chest developer;

After the width grasps the neck, (high bar) the chin-ups practice develops the musculus latissimus dorsi; Uses the foot to carry a heavy load receives the abdomen to lift the leg, the sit-ups and swivel these movements, carries on the musculi abdominis practice; Before using the straight-arm, to lift barbell and to raise (barbell, dumb bells) evenly; Straight-arm upper arm encirclement (barbell, dumb bells); Two arms hold the bell front to lift curved; Instead grasps the high bar chin-ups and so on trains arm’s department main method. The thigh muscle’s training may use lies face downward on the straight leg to suspend; After standing,DVB-T MPEG 4 suspends the leg and shoulders squats deeply and so on methods. The above is the developed whole body six spot muscle’s practice.

Is different with masculine line US, the female must take the chest, the abdomen, the back muscle’s practice specially. The fitness uses the popular body-building exercises union suitable strength practice, may serve the healthy purpose. For example joint’s and so on empty-handed exercises prominent neck, hip, knee trainings; The solid exercizes with a ball to the wrist, refers to, joint’s and so on spinal column function number of times many; The dance body-building exercises pays great attention the thigh, waist’s training.

In addition, the strength practice uses much pulls each kind of chest developer and shoulders squats deeply and so on methods.   In brief, only then according to human body’s law of development, unifies own characteristic, uses the correct effective scientific method, can mold own coordinated harmonious physical beauty.

apple continues

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

Recently Taiwan “Electronic Times” reported said that according to the upstream module supplier’s news, the iPod production line earning only occupies apple this year the total earning 7%, this will urge Taiwan iPod supply chain manufacturer to produce changed product spare parts with emphasis and so on iPhone, iPad. Although the apple continues to promote its iPod product, iPod the Shuffle selling price maintains as before 49 US dollars, promoted version iPod nano and iPod touch already reduced prices 30 US dollars to 199 US dollars,
two letters
but the news said that present’s iPod order volume compared several years ago already to reduce many.

Will change products with emphasis gradually and so on iPhone, iPad along with the apple, Taiwan iPod product upstream module supplier jade crystal electro-optic (Genius Electronic Optical), sends extends the science and technology (Primax Electronics), Fuji Kang, Guang Da, to reach (Inventec Appliance) beautifully, and large already adjusted produced goods the proportion, obtains a bigger profit.

Earlier time, the most iPhone fitting manufacturer already one after another had issued is suitable in the iPhone 4/4S restricting, but ended after October 4 apple new product release conference, numerous iPhone fitting business is several likes several to worry.environmental protection
European and American well-known handset fitting brand wheat Kiek Si (Megix) has made the explanation reminder through the media in view of the iPhone 4S outward appearance design. On the side push position, iPhone 4S roughly with CDMA iPhone 4 same, i.e. the static sound adjusts switch’s position and GSM version iPhone 4 has a difference, therefore when selects and purchases the restricting fitting needs to pay attention appropriate specially.

Basically, picks the side open style design the restricting to be able roughly to be suitable for iPhone 4S.

While iPhone 4S issue, but also some good news spreads quietly, the apple must cash them finally the handset battery charger connection standardization which promises to European Union to pledge, in hug industry standard Micro-USB connection. Certainly,pollution sample this do not give up itself on behalf of the apple painstakingly planning many year iPod the dock connection platform. Both sides like the plan is under this section of extension attachment.

At present official iPhone Micro-USB transferred the attachment already to sell in the apple Britain Official Net Online Store business. Uses this extension attachment, the user may through standard Micro-USB to the USB data line, is iPhone carries on the data synchronization or the charge.

The homepage labels this extension attachment the estimate to produce goods the date for October 14, is precisely the iPhone 4S going on the market date. A bold guess is, perhaps in the future iPhone which will sell in the European Union scope matches the direct sign this extension attachment. As for was shouting similarly the standardized Chinese market, who knows.

pay attention

Monday, October 10th, 2011

5th, website test and improvement   The test in fact is simulates the user to inquire that the website the process, with found the problem and improves the design. Must pay attention lets the user participate in the website test.   6th, content renewal and communication

After website establishment, must renew the stand unceasingly the content, lets browsing understanding information and so on enterprise’s development tendency and product, simultaneously is also helpful to the promotion enterprise image. Must reply the user earnestly the email. Letter.a concentrator
The telephone consults the facsimile, carries on the full communication with the user.

7th, utilizes the new technology reasonably   Must utilize the website manufacture reasonably the new technology, prohibited that becomes one website to manufacture the website the technical booth, forever remembers the information which the user convenience quick obtains needs is most important. Regarding the website designer, the study tracks the website design the new technology is necessary, but must according to the actual situation need, apply reasonably it in the website construction.

1. full use network resource:   Internet is the powerful tool, can actually very convenient ships by the low price the product or the service information the world each corner. World all customers can through the website, the understanding enterprise. Internet had already connected quite many web cams, the enterprise, the organization and the government, moreover turns toward the broader scope

development. Internet in China by geometric series speed development, therefore, any enterprise, should not place oneself outside Internet, that will be separated from the enterprise development most basic resources and the environment: Human society.

2. development electronic commerce:   Electronic commerce (EC, is also the E-Commerce abbreviation), has wide divided opinions about electronic commerce’s definition common people, has the different definition from different angle embarking. May understand that for take Internet as the backing, with the aid of certain credit payment means that carries on the product in the network the buying and selling,present’s degree
the expense payment and other commercial activity and so on.

Carries on the classification differently according to the transaction object, may divide into: BtoB (often Jian Chengwei B2B, business organization to business organization electronic commerce), BtoC (often Jian Chengwei B2C, business organization to consumer’s electronic commerce), CtoC (often Jian Chengwei C2C, namely consumer to consumer’s electronic commerce), CtoB (often Jian Chengwei C2B, namely consumer to business’s electronic commerce) and so on.

Electronic commerce will be the futures economy form development general trend, the goal is realizes the transaction information network and the computerization, like the use electron currency, will open on-line store, will carry in-line commercial negotiations and the use electron signs name tag contract and so on. The enterprise surfer usually can join to on-line some profession association website or the commercial website, becomes the member or the net.

Issues the supply and demand information in the profession association website or the commercial website, the gain related policy and the market information,development obvious enjoys other services. The enterprise establishes the website, looked from the sales viewpoint, may reduce the transaction the middle link, reduces the cost. The enterprise website may also expand into on-line sales and the pre-sale post-sale advisory service center.

breakfast expense

Saturday, October 8th, 2011

This hotel’s breakfast expense is 41 US dollars, on the other hand 10% service charge as well as other 10% “the municipal authorities charge” also helps a hotel leap to advance into the global apex charge hotel the ranks.

Visits the honored guest who anchors the porcelain just likes hits “Arabian Nights” “the Aladdin cavern”, hides the moral nature the fairy tale and the dream, is activated all of a sudden. Tastes the seafood hall the big lobster and the fresh oyster,barber shop
may ride the mini-submarine. From the airplane circular newel stairs to the bedroom elevator, “Rolls Royce” may ride instead of walking; Or one step steps the hotel dispatch the helicopter, flies hot tea time, descends slowly in 28 building aircraft parking areas.

Most luxurious “president the anteroom” has 780 square meters fully, is as usual the golden sofa, the golden fireplace, Jin Chuangta, the golden bathtub ……In supposes two groups of big bedrooms, two lobbies, an independent dining room, a high clear digital movie theater, the elevator is special-purpose, goes directly to 25 from the underground garage “president the anteroom”, if is putting on the night clothes, does not need to replace the clothing to be able to ride “Rolls Royce” or the helicopter.

The visitor may dial the international call, the tentacle to be possible at will and the place, altogether installed 17 to prevent the interception the special line telephone, on the wall oil painting is the famous expert authentic work, casual auction,ancient times’s
then might pass great half a lifetime free.   Certainly, other anterooms are more materially beneficial some, the smallest guest room the approximately 170 square meters, “Rolls Royce”, the helicopter must seperately do accounts probably, lowest 900 US dollars.

Every year an about in February China lunar calendar celebrates the new year, is Dubai’s winter (probably 30 degrees). Is also every year liveliest shopping season, each shopping center is famous vehicle one meets one to deliver. The world’s the rich man gets together in the Dubai hibernation concurrently shopping. At this time the hotel house price is with the list price. Before on-line Zha Dao sailing ship hotel house price as follows (high):

In desert ski field   United Arab Emirates, in this world one of climate burning hottest areas to attract more tourists, contributes 272,000,000 US dollars, promotes the global indoor biggest ski field, hoped that in all hot state, strengthens its sightseeing throughout the year depending on “the snow” the attraction. This may supply the location which 1500 people simultaneously ski,ancient times’s is away from Dubai’s beach approximately 5 minute remote. The area 22,500 square meters, are equal to 3 soccer fields, the landslide total length are 400 meters, plans lays down half meter thick snowy area with 600 tons white snows, the indoor temperature for the Celsius 1 degree below zero, night falls to below zero 9℃, the worker will also use the reforger in the night 30 ton white snow heavy shop landslide.

The indoor is equipped with 5 differently with the angle of tilt snow road, the indoor installment rope way may deliver highly the tourist a these snow peak. The inside plant also includes a 4 star-level hotel, the cable car and the child skis the facility. This constructs in the desert the snow and ice world, may enable the tourist also to be engaged in the winter activity in the burning hot place, enjoys affective tone which the snowflake flutters about.

 Resident service

Friday, October 7th, 2011

Ninth, luxurious anteroom and key room reception procedure    Receives a guest the preparation: 1st, after receiving the housing written notice, must understand the visitor nationality, to the room time, the population, the sex, the status, the reception unit and so on; 2nd, requests the prepare room according to the visitor, and inspects the room facility equipment to be whether complete, each kind of switch, push button, illumination, sound to be whether complete, each kind of goods place to be whether neat, be appropriate;

3rd, places the bar drink and the wines according to the stipulation; 4th, places the fruit (fruit basket, to wash the hands cup, fruit knife, fruit fork,Discount costume jewellery table napkin and so on), the fresh flower, makes a night of bed to lay aside the night of bed complimentary gift, places general manager the name card and welcome card; 5th, before the visitor arrives, should also inspect the room temperature whether appropriate (basis season adjustment), visitor after presses the visitor to request the adjustment again;

Greets the visitor: 1st, the visitor arrives when before the floor manager and the service person must arrive at the elevator to greet, when the visitor steps forward the elevator, with English or standard spoken Chinese welcome visitor, if knows the visitor duty, by the position title visitor, makes the visitor to feel kind; 2nd, eagerly anticipates the visitor to enter Fang Shiyao the graceful introduction guest room situation,Catering Service
causes the visitor to be familiar with the housing, has the home away from home feeling; 3rd, delivers the hot towel, to receive a guest as soon as possible the tea; 4th, the service person for does not disturb the visitor to rest, must leave the room as soon as possible, to Fang Qianyao said that “please rest, if has the matter please to make ×× the phone call.”

Resident service: 1st, thorough, serves on own initiative for the guest. 2nd, the visitor leaves the room one time, with room one time (standard: Requests restores the visitor to enter when the room condition, but do not move the goods which the visitor lays aside voluntarily). 3rd, the visitor washes clothes which irons to want the specialist to be responsible. 4th, gives visitor’s telegram, the letter, the goods to use the tray to deliver. 5th, records the visitor to move in the date.   The visitor leaves the shop: 1st, when to shop, the floor manager, the service person want on the scene to see off, and sends leaves the wish. 2nd,Google TV remote visitor to shop when takes inventory the liquor water consumption situation, the newspaper to main station paying up. 3rd, whether there is inspects the room to leave behind the goods, the prompt restore, and finishes the record.

Tenth, rents the thing service to the guest    Receives the notice: 1st, the telephone makes a sound in three according to standard answering; 2nd, the inquire closely visitor rents the thing the name, to request as well as to rent the time and so on;

Delivers the thing to the room: 1st, receives to the service center rents the thing; 2nd, rapid or the time which agrees in the visitor delivers the thing to the visitor room, explains the matters needing attention to the visitor, and invites the visitor, in “Rents Thing Registration List” on signs;

Record: In connection record detailed record, so that the next class of service person continues to serve;   Restore: 1st, works as the visitor to the shop, whether there is should inspect the visitor to rent the thing and whether there is to return and so on specially; 2nd, when the visitor returns the thing, the service person should make the detailed record; 3rd, promptly thing restore service center;

world president

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

President the anteroom is the high star-level hotel uses for to receive the foreign state head or high-level commercial representative and so on important distinguished guest’s luxurious guest room, big, the files its style are next high, expensive house price, also goes without saying. Is precisely because of its unattainable localization, is called it president the level anteroom by the human.

In room primary and secondary bedroom two, contains the bathroom respectively, leisure amusement hall, reception room, in the room safe comfortable, the function is complete,
personnel place
is equipped with the central air conditioning, the close up and the satellite TV, the domestic/inter-national direct dialing, but may also provide the wide band surfer as well as other entertainment, the servicing facility.

In the anteroom has each president in world president the anteroom from the exaggeration. In any event, what president the anteroom represents is one keeps aloof the world, a small number of people’s world. It no longer is the authority kingdom symbol, but is a gold dollar empire symbol.

The Hong Kong intercontinental hotel (InterContinentalHongKong) recently appeared on the market president the anteroom, has it may be said that made the Asian luxurious anteroom. This set has 5 bedrooms, total area 7,000 square feet presidents the anteroom construction cost reaches as high as 2,500,000 US dollars, one late asks a price amounts to 87,000 Yuan.

Although the initial price makes one be flabbergasted, but luxury its facility, the construction elegant still sufficiently let the hotel operator be confident. As early as is completed in the room the first half of the year, its first resident then has the subordinate.ANCIENT TIMES
The Hong Kong intercontinental hotel enjoys the favor because of its magnificent scenery, and enjoys of a fine reputation world top hotels. President in the anteroom is installing the double-decked plate glass board multiple living room, as soon as among them may look at Victoria the port and Hong Kong Island’s panoram.

The anteroom design and the needed materials are scrupulous about every detail, the list on the living room sofa value 63,580 Yuan,barber shop
8 landing automatic window blinds has amounted to 348,740 Yuan. Besides 5 bedrooms, in the anteroom is also equipped with the movement room, the conference room and the area reaches 2500 foot personal platform gardens, in the platform grasps the land sector and the landscape superiority, provided has been possible to see to the full the Uygur port entire seascape the outdoors swimming pool and the massage pond.

You may also an approximately yoga or primal chaos teacher, in the city which makes noise enjoy with the natural fusion. The anteroom has provided most intimate and the honored service, 24 hour personal steward, the visitor may also choose the Rolls Royce illusory imageⅣ(PhantomVIRollsRoyce),ancient times’s Bingley (Bentley) or plum side Si (Mercedes) took the luxurious private car service which back and forth the airport sent and picked up, the expense already contained in the rent. What is worth mentioning is at the same time the anteroom may also do entertains guests at a banquet, may hold holds 60 person of cocktail parties, this kind of ability, in Hong Kong is unique. But the banquet studio rent gold and the dining lowest expense needs 250,000 Yuan.