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Wu Jianmin recommended by the China Appraisal Society

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

Xinhua Beijing on December 1 (Reporter Tao Junjie , Zhao Xiaohui ) , today announced China Securities Regulatory Commission , the third M & A Committee member , Beijing Pan Wu Jianmin , general manager of Societe Generale Asset assess the implementation of the decision of dismissal , which is the Commission on the Main Board , GEM , and M & A members out of the first ticket.

investigation , Wu Jianmin account holders in the use of borrowed stock ST St. circumstances , failure to apply for the withdrawal provisions , on March 3, 2010 in Heilongjiang reviewed Saint Technology Co., Ltd. M & A restructuring plan. Wu Jianmin of the violation of the

It is understood , Wu Jianmin recommended by the China Appraisal Society , through the outside public notice , will be within the verification, M & A Committee Nomination Committee meeting , after December 25, 2007 was appointed as M & A China Securities Regulatory Commission Committee members , after the re-appointment due to mergers and acquisitions committee as a whole , continues to this day .

concerned departments of the Commission , said the incident to every member sounded the alarm , the next step , the Commission will increase the implementation of relevant provisions of the members and the work discipline of periodic inspection and as a member of its annual evaluation of the important content.

present, the Commission is fully revised The newly revised registration, and clean up within a certain period to be sold .