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the Iranian authorities should take responsibility

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

BRUSSELS, January 18 (Reporter Zhang ) NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said Thursday that NATO is not involved in the situation in the Strait of Hormuz plan , while calling on Iran to ensure that the Straits open.

Rasmussen at NATO headquarters in Brussels , told reporters , to ensure that the Strait of Hormuz vital for oil transportation , the Iranian authorities should take responsibility, to play a responsible role and to comply with international law . Rasmussen also stressed that NATO did not intervene in the situation in the Strait of Hormuz plan .

Since late last month , Iran has held several military exercises and warned oil exports suffer sanctions as it , Iran would block oil shipments worldwide strategic Strait of Hormuz throat . Strait of Hormuz connecting the Persian Gulf in southern Iran and the Gulf of Oman shipping hub, nearly 40 percent of the world’s oil and natural gas, which exports a significant number of the world, the global oil supply has a strategic impact .


which requires the maintenance of American power and a wide range of regional cooperation

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

According to the U.S., need to further increase the fleet size.

Reported that, at present, the U.S. fleet 313 ships, and now the budget cuts will further reduce this figure. Centre for New American Security (CNAS) in January of this year’s report that the U.S. needs more ships. The center said, , China and other countries with diplomatic and economic cooperation in order to just start. However, the growth of the U.S. Navy is the product of the future economic health – the U.S. strategic priority development projects.

This report summarizes the relevant areas of importance to the U.S. naval forces. The center said, coastal guidelines, and continued development of military power, and threatened the passage of its coastal areas, constantly challenging open.

CNAS Center report said: hub. 1.5 billion Chinese people, 1.3 billion people in Southeast Asia 600 million people in the Indian subcontinent where the transport critical resources, and exchange of goods with the world, which is a territorial dispute over the region in six countries, has proven oil 70 sea million barrels of natural gas 25 trillion cubic meters.

The just released report: But only a strong position in order to better promote the cooperation, which requires the maintenance of American power and a wide range of regional cooperation, with the concept can be summarized as’ the importance of cooperation’。


moved to tears over the phone. with the family

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

People ali, 17 May after seven hours of flight nearly 4100 km, at 11:15 on January 16th, one carrying 10 tons of materials condolences plateau Airbus 319 aircraft touched down the airport in Elikunsha. Looking at the white Plateau border officers connected plane home for the holiday, an hour later, the soldiers will take the military plane officially set foot on the plane to go home happy New Year of the road.

Ali is located in the northern Tibetan Plateau, with an average altitude of 4,500 or more, bad weather, road conditions complicated, inconvenient transportation, visited Ali’s men keep the road down the mountain to climb from an altitude of 5000 meters above several Daban, wind, snow, cold, hypoxia at any time threatening the officers and men safe. Since the winter, heavy snow-Tibet highway pavement thickness of more than 20 cm of snow, vehicles can not pass, the road traffic disruption, with strained civil capacity, for a time, New Year goods movement will not come down the mountain, the mountain men to be unable to leave the 62 down. Among them, three face his wife giving birth, two parents about surgery, as well as a much-needed down the treatment of people suffering from the disease. Urgency of the situation, Ali, Xinjiang two military report immediately to the Lanzhou Military Region, request air support capacity.

Lanzhou Military leaders know the circumstances to make instructions on delivery as soon as possible by all means stay plateau soldiers return home. Military Department of the Military Traffic immediately launched the emergency mechanism, submitted to Headquarters, decided to deploy civilian airliner, plane transporting soldiers went to Ali.

The flight is a temporary assignment, not previously established routes and flight data. To ensure safe and smooth transport task, with the civil aviation department of the Lanzhou Military Region, highland terrain and climate characteristics, repeated study route, the elaboration of the flight plan, flight aviation specialist has extensive experience in deployment of staff compiled unit.

From headquarters to the air, at all levels all the way to the green light, we have only one objective: to keep the plateau against the officers and men to go home early.

Through the joint efforts of the military and eventually fly the aircraft from the Xian Kashgar, Kashgar for materials in the fuel supply after loading and straight Fei Ali. At 4:00 on January 16, aircraft in the night from Xi’an Xianyang Airport, whistling to the West … …

Levels of care, so is the snow-capped plateau becomes warm surge Ali. Tashi Gang Liu Shaojun Military border with the expected date of birth of love in the end, ready to go home when the father thought he could not go back to his wife for a long time to do its work and leave postponed to April, in his worried about, I get the message, the higher will send a plane to ensure that every time down the New Year holiday soldiers, talked about where he choked and said: moved to tears over the phone. with the family, leave the end of a more high spirits, perform their duties responsibly, defending the frontier, the border guard loyal to the harmony of peace

13:40, with a huge roar, all the plane carrying soldiers returning on leave, bid farewell to the presence of Ali Military Commander Liu Geping pleased to say: auspicious years!


the United Arab Emirates will sell 96 sets of air defense missiles and related technologies

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

BEIJING, Dec. 31 (Xinhua) according to Kyodo News, 30, announced the U.S. Department of Defense , the United Arab Emirates will sell 96 sets of air defense missiles and related technologies , the total price of approximately $ 3.5 billion. U.S. Defense Department said the UAE ‘s missile defense capabilities will therefore increase .

Reported that the move aims to curb the formation of Iran’s military threat . America has just announced that it will sell Saudi Arabia $ 29.4 billion worth of F-15 fighters and other weapons.

U.S. Defense Department spokesman said that the Gulf region’s security and stability in the common interests of the United Arab Emirates and the United States


many Veterans are arranged into the police and fire departments.

Monday, January 16th, 2012

The peak of the war, the U.S. military stationed in Iraq, a total of 170,000 soldiers. War of nine years, there have been more than 1.5 million U.S. troops in Iraq.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, October, 18 to 24-year-old Veterans of the unemployment rate was 30.4%. 18 to 24-year-old black veteran’s unemployment rate hit a staggering 48%. 18 to 24-year-old veteran currently has 32 million people. According to White House estimates, the next five years there will be one million Veterans into the job force.

Former battlefield heroes living by selling blood

In Afghanistan, Corporal Clayton Roden’s task is to search for the helicopter on a suspected improvised explosive device or to verify underground bomb factory, the monthly income of about $ 2,500; and now, who has excellent performance on the battlefield heroes can only squeeze In the parents’ home in Columbus, Ohio, in exchange for $ 80 a week by selling blood, and occasionally for the Marine Corps reserve forces to play some odd jobs.

25-year-old Roden love a soldier, polite but some slow. As the war Veterans, Roden than their peers in the encounter more difficult to find a job. U.S. officials said that with the complete withdrawal of U.S. troops in Iraq, the situation will worsen, because, according to White House estimates, the next five years there will be one million Veterans join the job force.

Young Veterans and National Guard or Reserve military service among young people, according to U.S. Department of Labor statistics, in October this year, the youngest veterans aged 18 to 24 the number of 32 million, the unemployment rate was 30.4%, than other people the same age more than double, while 18 to 24-year-old black veteran of the unemployment rate is a staggering 48%. Veterans 25 to 34 years old although the unemployment rate and people with similar age, but like Roden such reservists employment prospects remain bleak. July 2010, their unemployment rate is 21%.

Why Veterans find a job more difficult? Veterans are a young high school, low educational level, lack the necessary job skills is one of the reasons. Employment and George Mason University economics professor, said Stephen Fuller, and even some professional army are due to software or electronics technician rapid development of the industry, not qualified retired after working in the new Silicon Valley, not to mention those who do not have the professional skills of ordinary soldiers the. Seemingly the military and civilian integration jobs, such as emergency medical workers or truck drivers, does not mean you can direct the transition to civilian jobs – even earlier in the army is open armored vehicles, and retired after driving examination required by state , can be employed to drive a truck.

He said that now the work is suitable for young Veterans security, but the market is nearly saturated and competition is very fierce.

Long from the community, leaving Veterans lack a competitive edge, even if they are disciplined, well-trained. Some employers believe that the army is not 8 years of experience in 8 years. House Foreign War Veterans Affairs Committee and deputy director 赖恩加卢奇 said in September they held a job summit, many companies are complaining about, Veterans difficult to adapt to corporate culture.

Veterans employers as Many Veterans also said that the most critical is that they feel a loss of transformation.

29-year-old Veterans Hutchinson said: br />

In addition to the lack of skills and work experience, Veterans mental health is a significant cause of employment difficulties. Many have experienced the front-line soldiers fire smoke have a But in the interview, some of the Veterans that employers overestimated these problems. The Nairn said.

But it was also acknowledged, PTSD does affect their work. Hutchinson battle with their own disability payments funded a project called Brooks was wounded in Iraq, the Army psychologist diagnosed him suffering from PTSD, but he has no money for treatment. Brooks said he had the Department of Veterans Affairs for assistance, but did not receive a response. Now he can not find full-time job, only to live in their parents cars tents along the banks, the construction site to play once a week to odd jobs. Hutchinson said he would help Brooks get medical benefits.

Although Brooks has a high school diploma, but can find other work is still a sense of loss. He said that if he would prefer to re-join the army.

Parties are working hard, but the outlook is not optimistic

For the placement of veterans issues, the Obama administration has pledged to give priority to be addressed, since the 2008 fiscal year, the U.S. government has hired 85,000 Veterans. Obama will increase federal agencies hire veterans as top priority in fiscal year 2010, all federal civilian workers employed 25% of veterans. At the state and local levels, many Veterans are arranged into the police and fire departments.

However, despite a higher proportion of government employment Veterans also are of very little, but the government is tightening spending, only in the past two months, federal, state, and local jobs on the reduction of 5.7 million.

To help veterans employment, the U.S. Senate on November 10 voted a tax incentives bill. The bill stipulates that enterprises employing at least 4 weeks unemployed veterans receive $ 2,400 tax incentives; hire unemployed veterans of more than six months, receive $ 5,600 in tax credits; employ unemployed for more than six months and wounded during service disabled veterans, get $ 9,600 tax breaks. Act also provides that unemployment veterans qualify for education and job training services. The U.S. government is also developing a Response to the call of some employers, such as JP Morgan Chase and Verizon Communications and other large companies have signed the undertaking, employing 100 000 2020 Veterans.

Within the armed forces are also trying to help soldiers out of barracks to better adapt to life. U.S. military base at Fort Bliss officials, since 1991, based on the launch of the Soldiers from the U.S. Department of Labor will participate in the organization of workshops, learning such as writing resumes, dress, interviewing, salary negotiation skills.

But even if the parties are working hard, the outlook is still not optimistic, Ted Walter on behalf of Georgia opened a He said that after 10 years of war, bosses are worried that employees who have experienced military service will no longer be sent to the front at any time to go.


10 -22 file

Saturday, January 14th, 2012

(Reporter Liu Chunrui ) Reporters learned yesterday from the railway sector , following last year’s salary increase for the railway line workers , the Ministry of Railways issued enterprise wages . It is understood , including the Beijing Railway Bureau , including the Ministry of Railways is a business unit is to develop specific implementation plans.

Positions in broad based wage workers is

According to To increase staff wages range of positions : Railway companies of workers is , the collective output of Railway Bureau organized laborers out by the organization to leave the job to the original school workers in the post .

Increase the wage standard for the job : jobs job sequence 1-9 file wage increase 360 yuan , 22 -26 file wage jobs increased 490 yuan , 10 -22 file , respectively, according to the standard 10 yuan increase.

Wage tilt front-line workers

Who introduced a railway , the main railway line from the monthly income of workers basic wages, salary, seniority pay , operational efficiency awards , etc., and Beijing Normal monthly income of two or three thousand front-line workers .


research the economy

Friday, January 13th, 2012

BEIJING, Jan. 3 (Xinhua) network news, according to the Chinese government, Hu Jintao, Premier Wen Jiabao visited the Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Co., Ltd., said, The development of China’s railway industry should pay attention to source management, every aspect, and each technology are not allowed to go wrong, because human life.

1 to 2 January, Premier Wen Jiabao came to the Xiangtan City, Hunan Province, Zhuzhou City, enterprises, construction sites, local communities and the farmers market, research the economy, visit condolences cadres and the masses, extended New Year greetings to everyone.

A few days ago, the State Council executive meeting to listen to the 2 morning, Premier Wen Jiabao arrived in China motorcycle industry’s leading enterprise Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Co., Ltd. visited cadres and workers to understand the situation of the enterprise.

Business leaders and engineering staff to Premier Wen introduced the Wen then said the accident taught us so that we know better how to make painstaking efforts to establish a more firm confidence and a stronger sense of responsibility, in order to make the cause of China’s high-speed rail access to safe healthy and sustainable development. After the accident, and everyone else I was very sad. However, there is hope of a nation will not be overwhelmed accidents and setbacks, but should be inspired, with indomitable courage, to continue to work hard.

Wen said the task before us is still arduous, China’s railway industry to develop China’s high-speed rail industry to develop. This task relies on scientific and technical personnel in the majority of cadres and workers and the body. I am with you, like him a great responsibility.

- To attach importance to management at source. This requires strengthening the scientific design, meticulous, each link, each technology should not be a problem, does not allow a problem, because human life.

- Should pay attention to process management. Throughout the R & D and manufacturing process is always the safety and quality in the first place.

- Should pay attention to people management. Because design is a human production, is a human-made components, inspection is a human gatekeeper, the technology is one master, safety and quality about people. As you said, the products such as character, what kind of character what kind of product, but the most critical character is highly responsible, excellence, meticulous.

- To focus on service management. Train after leaving the factory, after-sales service to keep up, closely tracking the performance and safety checks of various components of the quality problems are discovered, immediate correction. These aspects are interrelated, the credibility of the whole system relationships, the relationship to human security. I believe that the Chinese technicians and workers will be through the unremitting efforts, re-innovation performance, as the benefit of the people, to win honor for the country.


investigation and management of risks remain in place

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

December 12, 2011 afternoon, a number plate private passenger car for the Su CR1836 (core containing 52) from Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province, Xian Feng County Town Central Primary School, the first pick 49 students to go home, they will have two students off. 17:45, when traffic from south to north town line to the first sheet after the Tuncun envy a village near the road, the rollover slide roadside ditch, causing the vehicle 15 people were killed and eight injured. After preliminary investigation and analysis, the direct cause of the accident was speeding bus, coming in the opposite avoid a manpower tricycle to take inappropriate measures. In addition, there are bus drivers for driving with a driver’s license does not match the offense.

The occurrence of the accident, fully exposed in some areas in primary and secondary schools (nursery) school bus safety management, investigation and management of risks remain in place, the road does not control the order in place, the source of supervision and administration and other outstanding issues. Accordance with relevant provisions of the State Security Committee has been implemented supervise the handling of the accident investigation, investigation result will be announced to the public. To conscientiously draw lessons from the accident, to further strengthen the school bus traffic safety work effectively prevent and resolutely curb such incidents, the following requirements are proposed:

First, to further improve the management of school bus safety emphasis. The region should conscientiously implement the high sense of responsibility, sense of mission and urgency, and always put safety work in economic and social development of the most important position, put the safety of school bus traffic safety work in an important position, make great efforts to strengthen the management of school bus traffic safety . Must fulfill the school bus traffic safety management functions, a careful analysis of the local road traffic safety, law student travel, school bus, etc. Development of the overall situation, in-depth analysis of school bus traffic safety in the management of the outstanding problems and weak links, take appropriate and operable, the effect is obvious measures to resolutely curb the school bus traffic safety momentum of frequent accidents.

Second, to further increase the safety of school bus traffic source management efforts. The region should further investigation of school bus traffic safety problems, increase transfer students vehicle safety inspection, in particular, to strengthen the primary and secondary schools (kindergarten) self, social nature of individual and private vehicles, the daily supervision and inspection, determined to stop does not meet the safety requirements and potential safety hazard for vehicles to shuttle students. Should be conducted to the school bus driver safety education and training, to further strengthen the management measures, strict qualification examination, assessment and supervision of certification evaluation to continuously improve the safety of school bus drivers ethics, safety awareness and safety skills, and enhance school bus driver in sudden emergency to protect the safety of students to maximize emergency response capabilities. To strengthen the school bus traffic safety propaganda, education and the students, parents and raise awareness of safety awareness and protection, determined not to take the assembled vehicles, scrap vehicles, agricultural vehicles, cargo trucks and other vehicles and overcrowded vehicles of illegal operators to school. To further enhance public participation and public opinion, in all sectors of society concerned about school bus safety for all, and everyone concerned about school bus safety, school bus safety oversight for all the good atmosphere.

Third, to further expand the road traffic inspection and control of the depth of the order. The region should take to rectify the school bus traffic safety focus on further strengthening the inspection and traffic order and road traffic control. Police are deployed to optimize and improve the service deployment, improve service methods to further improve road see alarm rate, the rate steward, to crack down on school bus drivers driving without a license, driver’s license for driving does not match well with the school bus speeding, overloading, failure to driving violations and other key provisions, efforts to strengthen the rural areas, schools around the road traffic order management. To regularly publish the school bus driver’s traffic violations and traffic accidents situation, the school bus overloading, speeding and other serious violations must be promptly informed of the driver education authorities and their subordinate units and dealt with severely.

Fourth, further investigation of serious accidents, and increase accountability efforts. The region should strictly follow the investigation of primary and secondary schools (kindergarten) school bus traffic safety hazard, identify the cause of the accident, identified on the basis of the nature of the accident, serious treatment-related units and personnel responsibilities. To earnestly implement supervise the handling of the accident investigation system to ensure that accident closed on schedule, and timely investigation results to the public, and the responsibility to track incidents and urge the implementation of corrective measures.


or with grassroots Internet users

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

Interest is power: the rule of law in China,

Luolan Lan Li Tiezhu

From the China is also the rule of law with this kind of

Dissatisfied with the rule of law: the

Recently published 2011 is the real

320 million, accounting for the number of Internet users in China (485 million) of 66%. This 320 million people form a huge China once again to promote the rule of law process.

Microblogging questioned the credibility of the test industry. A self-proclaimed the crisis. China has a centuries-old industry and charity of the Red Cross began to reflect the existing charitable institutions and organizations. Charity legislation once again into public view.

Microblogging spread the truth the first time the accident arrived in the audience. forwarded 17 million times … … many Internet users search for truth through microblogging, pass sorrow and concern. Internet users questioning the truth of the accident, caused a national leader’s attention. State Department accident investigation team was formed, the cause of the accident and design, manufacturing, management, and the source of the problem in-depth investigation.

Microblogging concerned to promote the relevant system. Gansu nursery school car accident, the immediate safety of school buses on the microblogging fermentation. With the cause of the accident investigation deepens, public attention from the school bus accident cases in Gansu turn attention to China’s system of building up the school bus, and eventually to the relevant departments to intensify the development of school bus safety regulations.

Review these hot events the rule of law, precisely because of the presence of micro-Bo, the rule of law provides for public participation in an open platform, and thus greatly enhance the public’s enthusiasm for participatory democracy and the rule of law degree. Those who have been on the microblogging rapid spread and amplification of the events or characters, after users comments, forwarded, inadvertently opened their wisdom, to promote the progress of the rule of law in China.

Politics and microblogging: a new platform to build innovative social management

Inventory in the media highlights the political and legal work in 2011, political and legal microblogging impressively.

September 27, 2009, Mudan District, Heze City, Shandong Province, the official opening of the Court of microblogging, which has taken law enforcement authorities use microblogging to interact close to the people first.

As of now, just two years, public security, procuratorial, judicial, law enforcement authorities and law enforcement officials only in the official opening of Tencent microblogging platform reached 7101, released 132 million of microblogging, more than over 210 million fans. Political micro-Bo presents a ascendant trend.

These law enforcement authorities, the political officials or law enforcement investigators use microblogging clues, or through new media tools to enhance the public image of law enforcement authorities of the network, or with grassroots Internet users, the social elite in the heated debates on new media platforms, equal dialogue, open communication, lay out the full range of interactive Web3.0 era officials and the public, political consensus picture of the new network. Microblogging social management innovation for the law enforcement authorities provide a new platform.

Fuyang City, Anhui Province Public Security Bureau to imitate Since then, the local public security organs have wanted to make microblogging a Law enforcement authorities in the microblogging platform with the release of information forms, a change in the rigid, traditional image of seriousness.

Surrendered microblogging event is also a very typical example. Zhongshan Public Security Bureau official microblogging information from the surrender of microblogging attaches great importance to and actively mobilizing their surrender as soon as possible. In the get

In resolving social conflicts, to calm public opinion in the network, microblogging is playing an increasingly important role. Public Security Bureau in Jinan City, Shandong Province, the August 2011, Jinan, Shandong, with female officers occurred wounding, Jinan police quickly released through the official microblogging site a lot of detail, and hands-on beating of female officers were promptly punished. Situation quickly subsided.


In addition, law enforcement authorities in the use of micro-Bo public sector information, people’s livelihood and to promote the public image, legal, law enforcement investigators, etc., for a valuable exploration. These will explore the experience accumulated observe social conditions and public law enforcement authorities, to promote the network of political, social management to provide a steady stream of innovation and support.

Kin said.

Public opinion through governance: Reconstructing the interaction officials and the public law governing the new eco-

If the micro-Bo is bringing to the law enforcement authorities new enforcement tools, the concept of law enforcement, then again when we sight a little deeper, perhaps microblogging is changing the ruler of the concept of governance, is to re-build a new interactive officials and the public the form.

At present, the Central Party School, National School of Administration of the curriculum, the more and more attention of government officials.

Indeed, a growing number of government departments with the micro-Bo information, provide services, microblogging has become a convenient platform for open government information. Meanwhile, microblogging for public scrutiny the government’s legal power to provide a new way. The public can exercise their microblogging

November 17, 2011, .

Since then, the Shanghai Municipal Government Press Office accredited real name .

For government departments and officials have opened to it, users will respond with warm, with the microblogging platform, interaction between officials and the people increasing. Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Party Secretary Zhang Chunxian become due to open microblogging network Reds, with tens of millions of fans. Microblogging officials and the public dialogue in the flow channel, officials and the public closer to the distance, close to the people shaping the image of government agencies generated tremendous intangible benefits are obvious.

In the eyes of many, perhaps microblogging brings innovation and not just means of communication, more important is to promote the administration’s concept of change, will not only open to the public after seeing the contents of the computer, will the government for the public service model is a huge change, we wait and see.

It is gratifying, objective, impartial, rational voices are increasingly in microblogging. More and more people began to accept the microblogging real names. Public dissemination of information to speak of courage and responsibility, which has been a good uniform. More and more people began to send a constructive voice, propelled the government to improve governance.

Micro-power test of the government scientific and democratic governance and level of ability, also, of according to law will penetrate deeper influence.

Micro-Bo, is a rational attitude, for everyone in the hustle and bustle to provide an objective and impartial perspective, according to suggestions of a gesture. This, perhaps for the moment the rule of law is the micro-Bo, the most valuable contribution to contemporary politics.


and the following provisions

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

Qianlong News Beijing Municipal Government Information Office (microblogging), the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau (microblogging), the Beijing Communications Administration, the Beijing Internet Information Office developed a announced on December 16, and since the publication date of implementation.

Beijing Municipal Administration of certain provisions of the development of micro-blog

The first micro-blog service in order to regulate the development of management, maintenance, network communication order, information security, protection of Internet information services unit and micro-blog user’s legal rights, meet the public demand for information on the Internet, to promote healthy and orderly development of the Internet, according to PRC Telecommunications Regulations

The second city administrative area of ​​the site to carry out micro-blog service and micro-blog user should comply with the regulations.

Third of the city insist on micro-management of active use of blog development, scientific development, according to management, to ensure that the principles of safety, to promote the construction of micro-blog, use micro-blog service to the community to play a positive role.

Article web sites to promote micro-blog service, should abide by the Constitution, laws, regulations, rules, uphold the integrity office network, join their fan network, and to spread the socialist core value system, dissemination of socialist advanced culture, and building a socialist harmonious society.

Article 5 This Municipality to develop micro-blog service development plan, carry out the provisions of the total micro-blog service site, structure and layout.

Article city administrative area of ​​web sites to promote micro-blog service, should be in the telecommunications business license application or the performance of non-commercial Internet information service for the record before, according to the municipal department in charge of information content of the Internet application, and after examination and approval.

Article VII to carry out micro-blog service site shall comply with the relevant laws, regulations, rules, and the following provisions:

(A) establish and improve the micro-blog information security management system;

(B) micro blog based on the number of users and amount of information, determine the agency responsible for information security, with professional knowledge and skills with appropriate personnel;

(C) implementing technical security control measures;

(D) establish user information security management system to protect user information security, non-disclosure of user information;

(E) to establish a sound system of false information disclosure, timely publication of truthful information;

(F) not to permit or without the telecommunications business fails to perform non-commercial Internet information service website provides information on the record the interface;

(G) shall not create false micro-blog users;

(H) of the spread of harmful information of users to stop, limit, that act constitutes a violation of public order, or find the suspect, report to public security organs;

(Ix) assist, cooperate with relevant departments to carry out management.

Article VIII to carry out micro-blog service site, the information content of audit should establish a sound system for the production of micro-blog content, copy, publish, transmit supervision.

Article 9 Any organization or individual micro-blog account registration, production, copy, publish, transmit the information content should be the true identity using the information, not false, fraudulent use of identity information of residents, business registration information, organization code information to register.

Web sites to promote micro-blog service, to ensure that the preceding paragraph shall be a registered user information is true.

Article 10 Any organization or individual shall make unlawful the use of micro-blog, reproduce, publish, transmit the information with the following contents:

(A) violation of the Constitution established the basic principles;

(B) jeopardize national security, leaking state secrets, subverts the government, undermining national unity;

(C) harm national honor and interests;

(D) incitement to ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination, undermining national unity;

(E) violate the state religion policies or propagate cult and feudal superstition;

(6) spread rumors, disturbs social order or undermines social stability;

(7) spreading obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, terror or instigate crimes;

(H) insult, libel against others and infringe other people’s legitimate rights and interests;

(I) incitement to illegal assembly, of association, of procession and of demonstration, a mob to disturb social order;

(J) of illegal activities on behalf of civil society organizations;

(K) contains the laws and administrative regulations prohibit the other content.

Article 11 The Municipal People’s Government Information Management department, city police, city traffic management department, the city department in charge of Internet content according to their respective duties, the development of micro-blog management related work.

Article XII of Association of Online Media, Internet Industry Association, Communications Industry Association and other industry organizations should establish and improve the micro-blog industry self-regulation system, establish and improve the micro-blog site guide service standards, training and education of employees and sites.

Article XIII of the violation of the provisions of the act, any organization or individual can apply to the Municipal People’s Government Information Management department, city police, city traffic management department, the city authorities report Internet content, the department shall promptly upon receiving the report according to law .

Article 14 violation of the provisions of the sites and micro-blog user, the municipal people’s government news management departments, city police, city traffic management department, the city department in charge of Internet content in accordance with relevant laws, regulations and rules for processing.

The provisions of Article XV of this announcement prior to the site to carry out micro-blog service, this provision shall within three months from the date of publication in accordance with the provisions of the municipal department in charge of hosting Internet content relevant procedures, standards and existing users.