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such as earthquakes

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

Member of the CPPCC National Committee, party secretary of Carrier Rocket Technology Research Institute of China Aerospace Science and Technology, Liang Xiaohong, has revealed that the relevant departments are demonstrated and planning rocket reuse plan for the future period of time can come up with the program
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China’s current rocket is performance, but unlike the space shuttle.

CST consultant of the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, before the academicians of the first chief designer of the Shenzhou spacecraft Qi Faren, said the space shuttle is very advanced, but too complex, Touxiao, than the poor. renovated, to spend the money to build a launch vehicle is more expensive.

The quick launch is rocket practical needs, such as earthquakes, the existing meteorological and environmental monitoring satellites may not be able to meet the needs have to quickly launch a new satellite network rapidly to direct disaster relief, which has also been started to plan and promote.

The current generation of large rocket Liang Xiaohong said that compared to the take-off thrust of 600 tons of the

Liang Xiaohong also introduced heavy rocket (with more than 3000 tons thrust) project last year to complete the demonstration, is now sent to the relevant departments to review. He said that the United States and Russia have a heavy rocket, the organization demonstrated the new program. Heavy rocket turns 100 tons of payload into the near-Earth orbit, carrying capacity, performance, overall technical, not only to meet the manned lunar landing, but also to meet the next ten years, decades space activities needs.


and at affordable prices 19

Monday, March 12th, 2012

According to the Russian Navy , March 11, 2012 , according to the Russian defense industry representatives , Russia do not rely on the conventional air-independent propulsion (AIP) submarine tender.
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Ruby Design Bureau experts are on the future of Russian expectations of conventional Charney for the full-scale test of the AIP system . RIA Novosti reported , this type of AIP system in the submarine pressure hull has been the praise of the Navy Commander-in-Chief .

Air-independent propulsion (AIP) system has become the decisive factor of the tender in India , so the plan has a very important significance . Russia to develop air-independent propulsion (AIP) system is particularly important . We will create a power plant or to become the world’s conventional submarines leaders , or lose its user base in the global submarine market .

According to the needs of the Russian Navy , the submarine displacement of about 2000 tons , and equipped with tactical assault weapons , 4 – 6 launch tube , the AIP system , and at affordable prices 19 , the underwater speed and endurance of 45 days , the crew of 35 , equipped with 533mm torpedo tubes , and 18 no missile / torpedo / mine . (