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Dogs get along with social rules

Monday, January 19th, 2009

In the modern city, more and more people have a companion animal. In the street, always the eyes of passers-by can not help but be lovely dog attracted to, and some people even can not help but want to touch them; At the same time, many dogs also enjoy the family dog to bring the whole family infinite the fun.

People-to-people exchanges and communication have a certain social etiquette and rules of the exchange of people and dogs too. With people and dogs in their lives more and more contacts, more understanding of the behavior of some dog and master the habits of dogs to get along with the “social rules”, will help you more pleasant and harmonious with the dogs and exchange views.

How to approach an unfamiliar dog?

When people see a lively and lovely dogs, they tend to go straight to dogs and hand, tease it or to feed the food to it. The majority of dog bites is not easily, but the best, with the consent of the owner would not agree to random touching unfamiliar dog. If the dogs do not like to be touched by strangers, then the dogs will be on those who touch it to show fear or unfriendly.

When you want to close when an unfamiliar dog, first of all, the need for dogs, with the consent of the owner’s consent, and then make a fist with one hand to the back of a fist slowly into the bottom of dog’s nose in it are familiar with your smell, it I would have way to you that it has let down our guard, then you can close it.

Children and dogs, especially when they are in contact and unfamiliar dogs need a little careful because not all dogs like to play with children. Should educate the children, close to an unfamiliar dog must first agree with the consent of the dog owners. In addition, as far as possible not to let the child alone and dogs together.

How to judge and put an end to acts of dog bites?

Many dog bites are because people do not understand the dog’s “social rules” caused. Most dogs do not bite, but those without the training or very little contact with humans while the dog may bite. Dog is a strong awareness of animal territory, when the dog that strangers entering their territory belonging to it, they will protect their own territories for the purpose of a warning to humanity and even attacks.

Most dogs in the bite will be issued a warning before. When the dog up the back hair, forced to tread that deviates from the limbs and tail shaking slightly at the same time raised his head on the bark, then you will need to be careful, it this is to warn you. If you continue to close it, dogs will be issued a more severe warning. When the dog’s tail up, showing teeth, ears and will be issued roar affixed to the rear, this is the last warning, it immediately launched an attack.

How timely to withdraw from this dangerous situation? We recommend that you look the best to pretend as if nothing had happened, and slowly the distance gap, but in this process is best to avoid direct eye dogs for dogs, the eyes of its provocative as it is; In addition, do not because panic and run, because it would stimulate the hunting instinct of dogs you pursued it.

Sometimes, your dog with you to play, they may nibble your teeth. The need to immediately put an end to such acts, you have to train dogs from a young age can not use the teeth, even if it bites you play at the same time, to avoid bites after it developed a bad habit.

How to defuse and dogs licking?

When you open the door every day, your dog is likely to be the first “warm welcome” to your family members, it fell Some Like It Hot and you do not live in licking you, so you could be overwhelmed, loss.

Why do dogs in this way will you welcome them? Such conduct is that close to your dog a way similar to human beings to embrace and kiss. Do not let dogs with the best way to affectionate said, because some people afraid of dogs, and dogs the size of the potential of people down. To resolve this kind of “affectionate” approach is the right way: In the dog toward you and licking you, it is timely to issue a “get down” or “down” command, and give it a timely incentive. Gradually trained dogs will be used to “gentle” method for your welcome.

How to solve the problem of soil puppies anywhere?

Like puppies, like human infants, can not control their own soil. This is because in the first four months of the drainage as well as puppies brain nervous system has not yet fully developed. However, this problem can be through repeated training, so that puppies learn to work in a fixed place of soil: You can put one in the bathroom for a puppy to defecate in public areas in the above paper. When the puppy needs to defecate in public areas, make sure it can find this piece of paper. In this training process, the owner of a puppy to give sufficient encouragement and caressed. Adult in puppies, this problem will naturally be solved.

To understand the habits of more than acts of dogs and dog get along with the “social rules” after, I believe that if you encountered a similar situation, they will not feel perplexed. We sincerely hope that you and your dog will be more happy to live together, but also hope that all human beings and our faithful friend – dogs live in harmony in a friendly manner.

How people treat animals

Monday, January 12th, 2009

Animal disease that since ancient times

In recent years, people have regular contact with animals in health benefits by showing increasing interest. Seen reports of this kind, for example, children with learning difficulties is that after swimming with dolphins has become smart, and adults after a heart attack in dogs help of rehabilitation. Such stories are usually based on personal narratives rather than written based on facts, but a growing number of scientific research but for those that provide a favorable environment for corroboration. Such studies are carried out in the last three decades, however, humans and animals has been in touch with each other for thousands of years, so the history of the treatment of some diseases related to animals is not surprising.

Dogs can help earliest description of patients seen in the ninth century BC Greek poet Homer’s works. In his poem referred to the health of the Greek god of horses, his extraordinary ability to saving lives through the Holy dogs and St. snake to reach the human body. It is said that blind dogs were licking saint can be resumed immediately after the vision, because the dog’s tongue was given sight. Historically, the Persian followers teach (the sixth century BC, the predecessor of the followers of Islam) is also regarded as gods to dogs. They believe that as long as the dogs looked at , his soul can enter into the afterlife. Not surprisingly, the dogs where they are respected, protected and love.

After after the ninth century AD, noted in Belgium ancient Seoul, animals have been used to treat people with disabilities. Gu noted that Seoul residents with disabilities to provide a wide range of family therapy, although the animal is not a primary means of treatment, but it does see it as an important complementary therapy.

Another use of animal therapy is recorded in history that took place in England Yorkshire York sanatorium. Sanatorium in the eighteenth century the nineties by the “Friends of society” was founded with the purpose of caring for a variety of mental patients. Patients in a caring atmosphere and understanding of access to treatment, which many other mental illness at the time the practice of different nursing homes. The nursing homes, certain types of treatment of animals used, the idea is to enable patients to the attachment with their biological show love, so learn to self-control. York Infirmary was successful in its attempt, other nursing homes also follow the example of some of its practices.

An important role in the treatment of pets is also recognized the nursing profession. 1859, Florence. Nightingale Nursing in her diary, wrote, pets often become the patient’s best partner, especially for long-term patients. She also wrote that for the trapped in the same room for several years for the paralyzed patients, sometimes raised in a cage of pet birds has become his only joy. Florence. Nightingale Perhaps some of the thinking ahead, she was on the view that if patients can feed and care of animals, it should encourage them to do, which benefit their rehabilitation, had distracted attention.

It is believed that the first use of animal therapy WA U.S. hospital is the city of St. Elizabeth Hospital, which was introduced in 1919 as a patient companion dogs. Try this treatment is based on France in the knowledge that occurred during the First World War taken. By artillery shells and shock of losing one’s sense of French soldiers in the establishment of friendship with the dogs was a consolation, the restoration of a stable mood. Forty years on behalf of the twentieth century, animal therapy to be used again. At that time, New York Army rehabilitation hospitals in coordination with the Red Cross, using animals to help the rehabilitation of World War II veterans. It is believed that injured patients and post-operative patients need to have some wholesome activities to relieve their pain. Hospital to formulate a positive way distract the attention of the experimental program. To encourage patients to treatment centers fed pig farms, cattle, horses and poultry, and with the local wild animal contact. The experiment was considered a success, unfortunately, was not continue.

It is said that the modern animal therapy is mainly through the United States in the sixties Boris psychologists. Levenson research work and the rise. Levenson occasionally found his dog with a mentally disordered harmonious scenes of children, the children do not want to talk with it directly, but is willing to work with the dog exchanges. This continuous exchange between the child eventually become the key to rehabilitation. Levenson continue successfully pets as part of his treatment program. He believed that the pets could play a guiding role, pediatric patients with pets first confidence-building, followed by confidence-building with a doctor. Levenson’s theory that the animal itself is not treatment, but can play a catalyst role in society, and lead to the promotion of social contacts, in order to open a problem with the patient to explore the channels.

Involved in pet therapy program

Boris. Levenson eccentric character of a children’s research work has not only pushed forward on the relationship between pet and human health research, but also facilitated the treatment of animals functions to explore. Levenson encourage exchanges with companion animals to achieve treatment goals. He advocated an active pet therapy study, but also to draw attention to the appropriate selection and training of animals for therapeutic purposes.

Levenson initial evaluation of the affirmative view is that the United States, Ohio, a psychiatric hospital. The hospital was keeping a number of dogs used for research work. However, the negative effects brought about by a dog barking sound is caused by the hospital staff complained. However, patients have been barking voice heard, and had refused to exchange with the staff of some patients are required to allow them with dogs with or care for these animals. In this way, patients and the initial exchanges between the dog has led to “the role of pet therapy” studies. Some hospitals refused to talk with the patients the opportunity to get along with pets. The initial goal was to build relationships with their pets and then extended to the establishment of the relationship between people and the establishment of a choice of different behavioral characteristics of dogs with different needs to match the patient procedures.

Choice of research subjects to the original patients are more traditional forms of treatment without any reaction. Carried out in selected pet psychotherapy experiment 30 target species of two refused to accept pets, but the remaining 28 patients have improved the situation. Would have looked indifferent, unwilling to communication and self-centered to assume the care of patients in the process of pet species gradually develop an independent attitude of self-esteem. Hospital patients who initially worried about getting along with the pet will be excluded from the process of establishing relations with others. But later found that patients in the first to get along with the dog alone for some time, dogs have become wards of a social catalyst. On the other patients also play an active role so that they can also become infected. Although the experiment in the absence of reference conducted, but also in contact with animals, while still a combination of traditional treatment, but it is very clear that animals do have a potential therapeutic effect, because the original object of these studies a refusal to adopt the single traditional forms of treatment.

Pets in the treatment of the environment a major role in communication between doctor and patient relationship. Some do not want to talk with a doctor close to or patients in contact with pets often face when the show exciting and lively expression. With pets to play and conversation, some can not get along with patients and society began to chat with people. There is the presence of pets, regardless of conversation for pets or for another person, people will talk easier. Because animals can not speak, even if unable to communicate with patients can also get along with animals and have a sense of security. Once they feel that the establishment of intimate relationships with animals, they will feel secure enough to feel with others. In many similar circumstances, animals can play a tremendous help, often play a complementary treatment. Although the animal is not a panacea, does not necessarily work every time, but they will undoubtedly occupy an important place in the treatment of the field.

Winter dog flu prevention

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

Winter cold weather, this period should focus on the management of the cold insulation to prevent the breathing. Attention to the cold heat, wind and rain as well as the movement was Kennel tide can be caused by cold temperature, etc., may also be secondary to severe bronchitis, pneumonia, respiratory diseases, and so on pidiaoshencai pet transportation.

Effective measures to prevent the common cold is cold insulation, thicker mattresses, and the replacement of attention in a timely manner and maintain the dry, cold wind to prevent; warm day in fine weather, outdoor dogs to strengthen the movement to enhance the dog’s body to improve the anti-dog Ability to disease.

So that dogs can be not only the sun heating, the sun’s ultraviolet disinfection also the effectiveness of disinfection, and to promote the absorption of calcium, especially in favor of a puppy’s bone growth and development, to prevent the occurrence of rickets puppies.

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Nine of the dog training rules

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

1. Come
The training course is designed so that dogs under any circumstances, according to the master’s hand and password, successfully came down the left side of the master. Training, the first call dogs were attracted to the attention of the dogs, and then issued orders “to” do the right hand to gesture (right hand forward Ping Shen, immediately lay down their natural), while left-handed pull back to the ropes training, so that the dogs before , When the dogs came to the owner of the former should be rewarded in a timely manner, so that after several training dogs to come by password.
It should be noted, and some dogs often hear or see the password and not to sign, at this time, the owner must be patient, thinking enough to take all the dogs excited movements, such as back, hands and squatted in the opposite direction, and so anxious to run , To come to dogs, not all of a sudden movements or catching dogs to catch up, or dogs will be affected. Some dogs by the novel stimulus, not only to run it everywhere. Training should seize this moment to justice, and the threat of a password, do come to the right position, so that dogs come when the dogs come around, should be rewarded in a timely manner.

2. Entourage
The training aims to develop a dog under the command of the masters, side by side near the left side of the master’s ability to move forward and keep moving forward no, not backward in the right position. Training, the first in the clean and flat on the ground, so that while canine San Yu, hand-pulled with traction, the dogs were caused by dogs call attention to issue orders “by” At the same time, with his left hand to pull traction with forward to a faster Pace, each running less than 100 meters. When the dogs appeared ahead or behind, immediately sent “by” giving the correct password, and to pull traction with 1, to provide a stimulus to the dogs. In order to form a sign of a conditioned reflex that can be used with the right hand drawing good traction and take longer, when the dog out once in the right position, the issue of the “on” the password at the same time, with his left hand to shoot my left thigh, so that repeated many times Training, to form a conditioned reflex. When the dogs do not have to be able to take traction under when accompanied by a password correctly, can transform the speed, direction and training to more complex training environment, when the dog by the novel does not stimulate the implementation of the password, threatening to pitch the password, and in line with Pluck the use of traction with the correct stimulus.

3. Take the title
The title is taken using a variety of subjects on the basis of training, and appreciation is also a regular dog training action with the aim of training the dog to the owner of the title of goods. Take the title of the training is a more complex movements, including the “title” and “spit” and “come” and “identify” and so on, step-by-step training to be gradually formed, can not be hurried.
First of all, should be trained to cultivate the “title” and “spit” conditioned reflex of a password. Training should be based on the dog’s nerves were special circumstances and the type of treatment, and the general use of forced induction. Used in the induction training should be easy to choose a quiet environment caused by the excited dogs items. Right hand holding the items quickly in the face of dog shaking, caused by the excited dogs, and then dished out 1 to 2 meters away, immediately issued a “title” of the password in the dog to reach the title of the goods before taking the title, and then re-out “Title” of the password, such as dogs goods Xianzhu, should be given to “good” touch and password incentives, so that dogs mouth for a while (about 30 seconds), which issued a “spit” password, the master took over after the items should be Give food incentives. After repeated several times to form a conditioned reflex.
Some dogs to be used to force training. At this point, so that dogs in the master sitting on the left side of the issue of “Street” Password, holding his right hand-left hand Bakai mouth dog, dog items into the mouth, and then the lower right hand to hold dogs. Initial training, Xian Zhu dogs in a few seconds to issue a “spit” the password to remove the items and give incentives. Training repeated many times, the password can be carried out by “title” and “spit” training. On this basis, and then check out the title object and the ability to send items, as well as dogs trained to identify with rank-and-take cover. Check out the title of the training materials, should sign (right hand to point to take the title of the article), when the dogs goods Xianzhu, may issue “to” Password, spit it out after the goods have to be rewarded. If the dog instead of the title, should be trained to use rope to master so that the dogs come.

4. Bark
Shilling dog to sit down, the traction belt fastened one end of solid objects, issued a “call” sign and password (and a half stretch his right hand, palm down, grasping action against dogs do three or four times) and at the same time with food In the dog in front of the lure, as the stimulation of food caused by the excited dogs, but to eat less food, the dogs barking. Early in the bark should later to the food reward in the future should be reduced gradually until the complete abolition of incentives to develop and password just listen to see gestures can bark.
In addition, training dogs should be on the title or the title could not fixed the items sent to bark that way. To this end, the dogs can make use of the most exciting items on the title less than a dog, so dogs to take the title, and issued a “call” the password, such as the call to give an immediate reward, and articles so that produce dogs take title . This repeated several times, you can train a dog to the title or the title could not fixed the articles in the form of bark said.

5. Quiet
The training action, the first person to another Guisui dogs close to the action, when the dogs want to call, the owner should be given a “static” password, at the same time signal (to be placed in the mouth right hand, index finger extended, with the nose line ), And light attack dogs mouth to prohibit dog called out to keep quiet.

6. Prohibited
The training action is aimed at correcting Luanyao dogs, livestock (poultry) and to stop eating dogs found anywhere and do not eat the food given to strangers, to prevent accidents.
1. Training dogs found no fresh way of training, food on the obvious first place, and then led to this tour, scattered dog, the dog close to the performance of the food to eat, with an immediate threat to the tone of the issue of “non” Password And traction with pluck to take in order to put an end to the stimulation. When the dogs seized to stop drinking, will be awarded. Training can be repeated many times.
2. Antifeedant training training, aides close to the natural dog and the dog food, to feed dogs, the owner of the issuance of a “no” password, and light attack dogs mouth. At this point, aides to give to eat dogs, dogs still want to eat when the performance, and then to give a strong stimulus. Then the owner issued a “call” the password and leave aide to fight, to boost the morale of dogs in order to arouse the initiative of the dogs defense react. Assistant to the issue of dogs barking, the assistant should take the opportunity to escape, the owner of dogs should be rewarded. Assistant will also be taken into dog food before the dogs in Pa to get food or prosecution, the owner should immediately issue a “no” password, and stimulation given to pluck with traction. If the dogs do not pick food, will be awarded.
3. Luanyao ban on dogs, animal behavior, such as the training of dogs will be taken to the vehicles, pedestrians, livestock, poultry activities, places, with traction to relax and let dogs freely, but closely monitored by their actions. If a dog bites head, the animal’s performance should be issued immediately to the threat of tone “,” password, and to pluck with traction with the mechanical stimulation, when the dog to stop bad behavior, on the “good” password Be rewarded. After repeated training, the training would be able to grasp the rope until the rope so far training canceled.
4. Title cut other items out of training for training, a first assistant will be in the hands of the items out, such as dogs want to recover the title, the owner should immediately issue a “no” password, at the same time with urgency in order to pull traction with them To stop, when the dogs should be given incentives to stop. Then another assistant threw out items, if the dog chasing the title should be repeated in order to put an end to the above-mentioned method, which at the same time with a 3 to 4 times. When the dog no longer chasing the title of the article out to others, that can be achieved training.

7. Jump
Training the dogs jump, jumping from 30 to 40 cm high wall to start small. Led by the owner of a small dog away from the wall 5 to 6 step-by-step, before the wall went to the small, issued a “jump” the password, at the same time to the small wall traction with the direction of Latifiya, when the dogs jump when the reward. Such training at the same time can be repeated two or three times. In addition, the food can also be used Douyin methods. When such a skilled training, can use a password and step by step approach to gesture, and gradually increase the height, or jump the fence as required training, dancing overhead, the loop, such as soil ditch action.

8. Boarding up and down down
Training, the dogs will be led to the ladder before the ladder at all levels, or at the highest level of food placed on the platform, the master (trainer) to issue “,” password, so that dogs on the ladder, as the dog food can inspire excitement , Dogs can be successfully onto the platform. Can also be issued in the “” password, the master together with the dogs on the ladder and then training dogs alone, the next step.

9. Prostrate
This action is in the form dogs have been “sit” and “lying” after the capacity. Training so that the dogs lying under a “crawl” password, to sign the crawl (hands reach, palm down, right-hand man Yishen reduction for a see-saw action), such as the dog required stolonifera creeping forward, Rewarded. If the dogs do not stand up and lie prostrate creeping, it should be under the bed and used his left hand down the back command Dogs continue to crawl through repeated training on many occasions, to develop a creeping creeping forward.