such as earthquakes

March 15th, 2012

Member of the CPPCC National Committee, party secretary of Carrier Rocket Technology Research Institute of China Aerospace Science and Technology, Liang Xiaohong, has revealed that the relevant departments are demonstrated and planning rocket reuse plan for the future period of time can come up with the program
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China’s current rocket is performance, but unlike the space shuttle.

CST consultant of the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, bef

and at affordable prices 19

March 12th, 2012

According to the Russian Navy , March 11, 2012 , according to the Russian defense industry representatives , Russia do not rely on the conventional air-independent propulsion (AIP) submarine tender.
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Ruby Design Bureau experts are on the future of Russian expectations of conventional Charney for the full-scale test of the AIP system . RIA Novosti reported , this type of AIP system in the submarine pressure hull has been the praise of the Navy Commander-in-Chief .

European EADS Group VII

February 28th, 2012

BEIJING , Feb. 28 , according to Singapore’s 2010 sold a total of $ 411 billion worth of arms and military services , an increase of 1% compared to 2009 .
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Jackson said:

U.S. companies are still the boss of the arms market , in which 44 U.S. arms manufacturers accounted for over 60 % market share , sales totaled $ 246.6 billion . 7 , the top 10 U.S. companies ranked first in the Lockheed Martin Group sales of $ 35.7 billion .

UK’s BAE Systems, Inc. in second place

researchers through computer aerodynamics simulation tests

February 24th, 2012

In early February, the U.S. Lockheed Martin Sandia National Laboratories announced the development of laser-guided bullets like darts. This laser-guided bullet 4 inches long (about 10.16 cm), point 50 caliber (referring to the cartridge case diameter of 0.5 inches, or about 12.7 mm) gun family weapons. The researchers said the laser-guided bullets during the flight can automatically adjust the direction, the same as mini-missiles hit one mile (about 1.6 km) outside the target. This bullet can be

the principle of win-win cooperation

February 23rd, 2012

(Correspondent Wu Qingmei ) Hafei Aviation Industry since 2011 , CATIC signed a 30 Z-9 Series purchase and sales contracts since continued to increase domestic and international market development efforts , straight 9 export a record Y12 areas of sales widened. January signed a total of six straight , nine and two transport contract for the sale of market ushered off to a good start .
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30 direct purchase and sale contract signed last year , Hafei Aviation Technology jointly es

the formation of timely foreign affairs discipline of officers and soldiers

February 22nd, 2012

The newspaper阿曼塞拉莱February 21 reporters fly correspondent PROJECTILES reports: Wednesday morning, the 10th batch of escort fleet of the navy days berthing rest . This is the tenth batch of escort formations the third round by Hong Kong supply the rest .
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Salalah in Southern Oman ‘s Dhofar region , is a historic city . During the rest rely on Hong Kong , in addition to equipment maintenance , logistical , will also carry out a variety of cultural activities , organization

do not put the card into your back pocket . The card is like a person’s face

February 20th, 2012

In order to welcome the visit of Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping , Iowa Des Moines Chronicle specifically published an article Weapon , the article said , in addition to laying the red carpet and prepare the food and wine , we can also in the following a to express the friendly on Xi Jinping :
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First of all, you want to find out the name of Xi Jinping , especially , in accordance with the order of the names of the Chinese people , his surname is the first place



February 17th, 2012

World Wide Web reporter Tan Julia reported that the British Reuters reported on February 15 , a Chinese trade delegation on the 15th local time in the United States , Iowa, with the United States signed a 8.62 million tons of soybean import agreement , worth a total of 4.3 billion dollars.
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According to reports, this agreement is the COFCO Group and the China Grain Reserves Corporation and several U.S. grain trading company , signed a trade conference in the capital of Iowa ha

Thailand and other countries initiatives in Russia

February 15th, 2012

Millions of hectares of land in the Far East, long-term leased to foreign investors. Okay? OK? Should? The Russian people are seriously and repeatedly weigh carefully.
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January 27, land in recent years has been market-oriented reforms of agricultural land. It is reported that this proposal is submitted to the federal government by the Russian Ministry of Economic Development on the use of Vladivostok, Russia in September this year in hosting the APEC leaders informal summit

radar stations used to destroy the air defense system

February 13th, 2012

Australia is developed at the regional competition with China and Russia F -20 to purchase 100 F-35 stealth fighters from the United States, T-50 ranking Five fighters against an important bargaining chip. However, according to U.S. Defence News website reported on January 31, Australian Defense Minister Smith said, due to delays in service time, Australia is re-evaluating procurement project.
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Reported that, according to production plan, Australia after 2014 can only be receiv